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Famous Sheffield Residents

Sheffield History

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Guest synthman

This is a list of notable people who were born in or near, or have been residents of the City of Sheffield, England.

Arts and Humanities

* Samuel Bailey, philosopher and author

* John Balguy, philosopher

* A. S. Byatt, novelist

* Edward Carpenter, poet and activist

* Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey, sculptor

* Bruce Chatwin, writer

* Paul Conneally, poet and artist

* Thomas Creswick, painter

* Margaret Drabble, novelist

* Ebenezer Elliott, poet

* William Empson, literary critic and Professor of English at the University of Sheffield

* William Flockton, architect

* Charles Harding Firth, historian

* Joanne Harris, author (most famously of Chocolat), born in Barnsley, studied and taught at the University of Sheffield

* Joseph Hunter, antiquarian and historian

* Marina Lewycka, author

* Arthur Lismer, artist

* Steve McCaffery, poet

* James Montgomery, editor and poet

* John Parkin, architect

* John Ruskin, artist and designer

* Frederick Varley, artist

* Joe Scarborough, Artist

* Terry Gorman, Artist

* Ernest Hall, Grandfather of Ernest Hemingway


* Derek Bailey, musician, writer

* Nick Banks, musician, drummer for Pulp

* Arthur Baynes, aka Stainless Stephen, Music hall comedian

* Sean Bean, actor

* J. Stuart Blackton, film producer

* Gavin Bryars, musician

* Marti Caine, comedienne

* Tony Capstick, comedian, actor, musician and broadcaster

* Paul Carrack, musician, formerly of Ace and Squeeze

* Steve Clark, musician, late Def Leppard guitarist]]

* Jarvis Cocker, musician, lead singer of Pulp

* Joe Cocker, singer

* Maurice Colbourne, actor

* Christopher Colquhoun, actor

* Jamie Cook, musician, guitarist for the Arctic Monkeys

* Richard Coyle, actor and comedian

* Bruce Dickinson, musician, lead singer of Iron Maiden

* Steve Edwards, singer.

* Joe Elliott, musician, lead singer of Def Leppard

* Graham Fellows, comedian, actor, best known as "John Shuttleworth"

* Richard Hawley, musician, formerly of The Longpigs

* Matthew Helders, musician, drummer for the Arctic Monkeys

* Charlotte Hudson, television presenter

* Stephen Jones, musician and novelist, formerly of Babybird

* Patricia Maynard, actor

* James McCourt, television presenter

* Richard McCourt, television presenter

* Patrick McGoohan, actor

* R�is�n Murphy, musician, formerly lead singer of Moloko

* Phil Oakey, musician, lead singer of the Human League

* Tony Oxley, musician

* Judy Parfitt, actor

* Michael Palin, comedian, actor, and travel presenter

* Martin Powell, former keyboardist of heavy metal band Cradle of Filth

* Rick Savage, musician, bassist of Def Leppard

* Russell Senior, musician, former guitarist for Pulp

* David Slade, film director

* Alex Turner, musician, vocalist and songwriter for the Arctic Monkeys

* Anna Walker, television presenter

* Martyn Ware, musician Heaven 17

* Paul Heaton of The Housemartins/Beautiful South.

* Margaret Tyzack, actress

* Pete Willis, Def Leppard

* Judy Lowe actress

* Ian Reddington, Corrie/Enders Actor

* Dave Berry, Singer. (Cryin Game)


* Nick Ainger, politician

* Clive Betts

* David Blunkett, former Cabinet minister (Education Secretary, Home Secretary, and Work and Pensions Secretary)

* William Broadhead, early trade unionist

* Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport

* John Christopher Cutler, second governor of the State of Utah

* William Dronfield, early trade unionist

* George Hadfield, 19th century politician

* Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat politician

* Roy Hattersley, politician

* Samuel Holberry, Chartist

* Oona King, politician

* Helen Jackson

* J. Batty Langley, politician and trade unionist

* Frederick Mappin, cutler and politician

* J. T. Murphy, leader of the Shops' Stewards Movement and the Communist Party of Great Britain

* John Parker, 19th century politician

* Samuel Plimsoll, politician and advocate of the Plimsoll line

* Joseph Pointer, politician and trade unionist

* Angela Smith

* Mark Serwotka, trade unionist

* Derek Simpson, trade unionist

* Samuel Danks Waddy

* Hugo Young, journalist and political commentator

Science and Engineering

* Richard Bentall, clinical psychologist

* Sir Henry Bessemer, engineer

* Thomas Boulsover, inventor of Sheffield Plate

* Harry Brearley, inventor of Stainless steel

* Mark Firth, steel manufacturer

* Sir John Fowler, railway engineer and co-designer of the Forth Railway Bridge

* Benjamin Huntsman, inventor and steel manufacturer

* Hans Adolf Krebs, biochemist, winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

* Joseph Locke, railway engineer

* David Mellor, cutler

* Juda Hirsch Quastel, biochemist

* Frederick Brian Pickering, metallurgist

* Helen Sharman, astronaut

* Henry Clifton Sorby, microscopist and geologist

* Ian G Walker, electrical engineer

* John Paul Wild, astronomer

*John Stringfellow, Pioneer in Aviation


* Gordon Banks, footballer

* Steven Bellamy, British Karate Team

* Gary Cahill, footballer

* Charles Clegg, footballer

* William Clegg, footballer and politician

* Sebastian Coe, athlete

* Derek Dooley, footballer

* Malcolm Elliott, Professional cyclist

* Jessica Ennis, athlete

* David Ford, Footballer, scored in 1966 F.A. Cup Final

* Herol 'Bomber' Graham, boxer

* Andrew Griffiths, field hockey forward

* Naseem Hamed, boxer

* David Hirst (footballer), former England footballer

* Emlyn Hughes, footballer

* Ben Moon, rock climber

* Johnny Nelson, boxer

* Carlton Palmer, former England footballer

* Tony Parkes, assistant football manager

* Steve Peat, Professional cyclist. Three time UCI downhill world cup overall series champion

* Billy Sharp, Footbaler

* John Sherwood, International 400 metre Hurdler.

* Sheila Sherwood, International Long Jumper 1962 - 1974.

* David Sherwood, tennis player

* Joe Simpson, mountaineer

* Roger Taylor, tennis player, Wimbledon semi-finalist 1973

* James Toseland, motorcycle racer, winner of the 2004 World Superbike championship

* Michael Vaughan, Captain of the England cricket team

* Chris Waddle, former England footballer

* Neil Warnock, footballer and football manager

* Howard Wilkinson,ex England football manager

* Justin Wilson, motor-racing driver

* Chris Woods, former England goalkeeper

* Clinton Woods, boxer

* Harry Wright, major league baseball player[1]

* Albert Quixall - former England Footballer

* Keith Hackett - football referee.

* George Littlewood - World's Champion Long Distance Runner and Walker.

* George Ulyett - Cricketer


* John Brown, industrialist

* John George Graves, entrepreneur and philanthropist

* Alexander Kilham, founder of the Methodist New Connexion church

* Charles Peace, notorious murderer

* Peter Stringfellow, multi-millionaire businessman

let us know if you can add to this list..

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Sir John Fowler,

Famous Railway Engineer, responsible for the building of The ForthBridge, and also Wicker Arches & Victoria Station in Sheffield.

Born in Wadsley

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Guest dingdong

This is a list of notable people who were born in or near, or have been residents of the City of Sheffield, England.

let us know if you can add to the list.


Wesley Mason, Cyclist and Cycle designer/manufacturer - he lived in Hillsborough - Harrison Road, I think

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Bobby Knutt - Comedian

Sir Alistair Burnet - ITN Newsreader

Paul Heiney - "That's Life" & "Watchdog"

Chloe Newsome - "Vicky McDonald" in Coronation Street

From today's Star

Sir Alastair Burnet has died at the age of 84, I never new he was born in Sheffield

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