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Some Suggestions

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Very enjoyable site and has been of great use to me.

A couple of ideas-

I wonder if perhaps we could have a separate section for local traditional music? I have just posted a Spence Broughton song and it occcured to me there may be a niche. There seems to be a very welcome resurgence of English music, with Sheffield becoming something of a recognised "Hotbed"

Not forgeting the world famous local Sheffield carols.

What about a local Dialect dictionary. Highlighted by the recent, Charabanc- Charabang- chara debate. Its another part of our fast disappearing history?

Theres been a few local authers, I wonder if they would mind the use of their work. I dont suppose you can copywrite dialect?

Is the B.Ronald Dyson, "Trade Words",one still under copywrite I wonder? reprinted 1979, so probably yes?


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