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Found 250 results

  1. Does anyone have any memories or pictures of the Corner Shop on Derbyshire Lane in Meersbrook. I have looked on Picture Sheffield and found one picture but any extra info or pictures would be great. I am Assistant Producer for Wall to Wall media and we are filming the next back in Time series for the BBC in Sheffield this summer. Thanks!
  2. Came across this list on this site : http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancest...0.htm#YORKSHIRE Not sure if it has been posted before. My Great Grandad worked at the Brightside pit which he walked into rather than travelling down a shaft - and interesting see no 40 Benjamin Huntsman is down as a mine owner- I assume it is the same one? 1 Aston Main, Sheffield, W. H. Stone. 2 Alumnia, Sheffield, Brooke and Son. 3 Beighton, Sheffield, Skinner and Holford. 4 Birkin, Sheffield, Jos. Bramall and Sons. 5 Bracken Moor, Sheffield, Executors of Jas. Grayson. 6 Brightside, Sheffield, John Denton and Co. 7 Bromley Main, Sheffield, Bromley Silkstone Coal Co. 8 Busk Flat, Sheffield, J. Helliwell. 9 Chapeltown, Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co. 10 Clay Works, Sheffield, C. S. and H. W. Tinker. 11 Clough, Sheffield, Jas. Grayson. 12 Clough, Sheffield, John Gregory. 13 Deepcar, Sheffield, John Armitage and Son. 14 Deepcar, Sheffield, John Grayson, Lowood, and Co. 15 Dungworth, Sheffield, Haigh and Co. 16 Ecclesfield, Sheffield, Haigh and Co. 17 Gleadles, Sheffield, Thos. Ward. 18 Gateshead, Sheffield, Hepworth Fire-Clay Works. 19 Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, John Denton and Co. 20 Hall Park, Sheffield, Charles Marsden. 21 Henholmes(Deepcar), Sheffield, John Armitage and Son. 22 Holly Bush, Sheffield, Joseph Hattersley. 23 Hurlford, Sheffield, John Gregory and Son. 24 Kiveton Park, Sheffield, Kiveton Park Coal Co. 25 Low Ash, Sheffield, Geo. Siddon. 26 Lower Wincobank, Sheffield, J. Johnson. 27 Lowood Wharncliffe, Sheffield, Grayson, Lowood, and Co. 28 Loxey, Sheffield, T. Wragg. 29 Malin Bridge, Sheffield, Grsyson, Lowood, and Co. 30 Manor, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co. 31 Meadow Fire Clay, Sheffield, T. W. Roome. 32 Meadow Hall, Sheffield, Mark Davy. 33 Myers Lane, Sheffield, George Longden and Son. 34 New Winning, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co. 35 North Staveley, Sheffield, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Limited. 36 Nunnery, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co. 37 Orgreave, Sheffield, Rother Vale Collieries Limited. 38 Potter Hill, Sheffield, H. Law. 39 Shaw House, Sheffield, Benjamin Jackson. 40 Sheffield, Sheffield, Benjamin Huntsman. 41 Stannington Wood, Sheffield, Nichols and Jackson. 42 Starr's Bridge, Sheffield, Marshall and Crapper. 43 Spink Hall, Sheffield, Mrs. Grayson. 44 Spring Wood (Ecclesfield), Sheffield, John Mallison. 45 Stannington, Sheffield, Grayson, Lowood and Co. 46 Stocksbridge (Deepear), Sheffield, Samuel Fox aud Co., Limited. 47 St. Davids (Oughtibridge), Sheffield, Russell and Co. 48 Tankersley, Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co. 49 Thorncliffe,Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co. 50 Unstone Main, Sheffield, Unstone Coal and Coke Co. 51 Unstone, Sheffield, Houdall Coal Co. 52 Vernon Silkstone, Sheffield, Edward Swift. 53 Wharncliffe (Oughtibridge), Sheffield, J. Beaumont. 54 Wharncliffe Wood, Sheffield, Silica Fire Brick Co. 55 Wood, Sheffield, C. S. and H. W. Tinker. 55 Woodthorpe, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co. 57 Wortley Silkstone, Sheffield, Thomas Andrews and Co.
  3. I attach a screen shot of the 1849 Ordnance Survey map of part of the city centre. I'm looking at the history of the Porter Brook in the area. I've walked through the culverted parts a few times and there is a lovely stone arch bridge/tunnel between the Decathlon car park and the former Staples car park. The latter entrance is visible through a clump of trees. I think from the 1849 map that this is the two centuries old, and still intact, Vulcan Works Bridge (Vulcan Works was certainly on the site at the old Staples car park end). It is best part of 100 yards long and the Ordnance survey map shows it to be of some length (Hereford St did, and still does, run over the top). Any info/dates of Vulcan works and/or better map links greatly appreciated
  4. From the reverse: THIS WOMAN IS NOT AFRAID TO WORK Mrs. P.G. Woodfield is Sheffield's only woman coal dealer. She delivers the bags of coal herself, as well as driving the lorry, and doing the necessary repairs. Some of the sacks of coal she delivers weigh 75 Kilogramms. Mrs Woodfield unloading sacks of coal from her lorry during her daily round at Sheffield.
  5. Some adverts for Sheffield based businesses from "A Technical Survey of the Iron & Steel Works of Appleby-Frodingham Steel Company", published by Iron & Coal Trades Review, 1955. Some are to be expected, as the companies are part of The United Steel Companies Limited, but plenty are not. Abrafact Brightside Foundry& Engineering Cooper & Turner Darwins Group Davy United (this advert was across two pages) The Sheffield Twist Drill & Steel Company
  6. © Sharrow C.C.

  7. I had a walk on Broad Lane today, to take a photo of what was the house that the Duke Of Norfolk had built for his eldest son in 1704, its listed and its great little house. I had a chat with the present owner who furnished me with the info. Its also great to see the cobbles of the livestock market still in situ, unfortunately cars spoilt the full view of them.
  8. Does anyone know anything about what looks (on Google Earth) like a derelict Pavillion on playing fields behind the Mount Pleasant Inn between Derbyshire Lane, Warminster Road, Gordon Avenue and the new new houses where the Dairy used to be off Hemsworth Road?
  9. Could this be 'Empire Day' celebrations ?
  10. See the entry under SCHOOLS to find details of the latest Reunion event at Sharrow Lane School. Edit: Link ..
  11. Details of the much-requested next reunion of pupils from the years 1948-1958 are now available. It will take place at noon on Wednesday 27 November in the school hall cafe. Numbers will be strictly limited to 30 but if demand is sufficient then an additional date can be arranged. THIS WILL BE A CHRISTMAS LUNCH EVENT with turkey, pigs in blankets and all the trimmings, and an attractive seasonal vegetarian option. A hot drink, cracker and mints is included in the price. Dessert will be a choice of a mincemeat crumble or a chocolate pudding. One course £10.95, two courses £11.95. A decision is yet to be made on whether to make wine available or to accept corkage. A deposit of £5 will be required. Closing date for the deposit will be 12 November. I am happy to arrange for table reservations for groups who notify me of numbers in advance. I will also seek permission to have music to accompany carols etc if we get a good crowd. To participate in this event please respond to this notice as soon as possible. I will be monitoring responses. Or send me a personal message through this Forum. DO NOT SEND MONEY JUST YET! I will give details of how this will be done in the course of the next couple of weeks. But it is essential that, if this event is to happen and be successful, you tell all your peer group and get them to respond quickly. I shall also be posting this notice on the Sheffield Forum and will be contacting all those whose email addresses I already have. If you don't get an email from me it will be because I don't have your email address listed. David France (1946-53)
  12. As most of my family appear to have lived around what is now Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe, through to the town centre along Solly Street and Townhead Street, I was hoping to find Coalpit Lane near there as I have a branch of my family living there. I know roads ‘disappear’ over time and wondered which map I should look at to see if there ever existed Coalpit Lane in this area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Does anyone remember the people in this photo? One is Big Ada from the old market on Dixon Lane Any memories of these people at all?
  14. Finally I have a few minutes to report on the latest Sharrow Lane School Reunion held on Wednesday 26th June. Altogether 29 former pupils and Sharrow residents turned up, the youngest aged 71 and the eldest, I think, 85. We had a terrific two hour session of exchanging memories and revelling in the atmosphere of the old Junior School Hall. With their permission, here is a list of those present: (The ladies consented to using their maiden names) Valerie Shaw; Christine France; Brian Milner; Tony Ford; Denis Anson; Mick Glossop; Jack wade; Alan Barnett; Tony Faulds MBE; Dave Holmes; Dave Storf; Ian Brelsford; Malcolm Gladwin; Ralph Holmes; Frank Turner; keith Spooner; John Beatson; Tony Hardwick; Roger Walker; John Smith; Phil Smith; Roger Stevenson; Graham Whitham; Darrell Whitham; Pauline Mackreal; Diane Goodwin; Ronald Hibbert and myself, David France. It was soon agreed that there should be another reunion later this year and so it has been decided there will be a special Christmas Lunch event at 1pm on Wednesday 27th November 2019 but places MUST be pre-booked through me. A price for the lunch will be published nearer the date. Watch this space! The photographs here show what a cordial and relaxed event it was. Book your space for November now by sending me a personal message.
  15. I think this must be part of Camping Lane that has now gone. Looking at old and modern maps my best guess as to the modern location is near the bottom of Periwood Lane. I am probably miles off so would anyone knowing the area and contours of the land have a better idea. I think there was a stream in the valley bottom, I wonder if that is still open? EDIT - I have just found it on Picture Sheffield, "Date Period:1900-1919" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303159027009?ul_noapp=true
  16. I am trying to determine if there was anything left of the Park Goods station after 1966 to 1969. I understand that it was supposed to have closed in 1963. Due to the Tinsley marshalling yard being opened in 1965. There is a picture of it still in operation captured with a photo of the Canal Basin, but the photo implies late 60's rather than earlier. I have tried to search for large scale maps from the late 60's, but had no results. I don't know if you can buy them. The O.S. site has no indication of maps, at least down to street level size, on their website. I have seen a picture dated to 1969 of the Flying Scotsman passing through Victoria, which shows some carriages parked up on the lines to the station. So that could mean that the tracks were still there at that time.
  17. Has anyone got any information etc on when the housing in that area of Sheffield was built, and by who. The area is private housing and a combination of detached, semi-detached and bungalows. It is quite a large area stretching from Abbey Lane upto the borders with Bradway, inc Westwick Road, Crescent. Old Park Road, Avenue, Cockshutt Road, Crescent etc. Any info would be welcome
  18. I have been given a photograpic reproduction of a postcard of Shiregreen Road no 1172 on the back of it. I have looked at an old map of the area 1850ish and it does look as if it could be Shiregreen Lane towards the end where it leads to Wincobank Hall. Has anyone else seen a similar photo at all?
  19. I have just been looking through this interesting site. ----------- http://ceegee-viewfromahill.blogspot.com/2015/02/a-walk-through-crookes-crosspool-and.html Information about Mount Zion has been asked for before, but a long time ago, not much came of it unless I missed something so I will try again. Does anyone know the detailed history of Mount Zion Please? And perhaps an easier question, is that thing on the top of the tower just an early lightning conductor, if so someone may know why it is that shape? It wasn't there in later years.
  20. As you travel down the lane toward the bottom of the slope and just before the right hand bend in the field there is a rectangular brick single storey building with a concrete slab as a roof ....It looks very second world war( ish) and I wonder if anyone knows what it was?
  21. Dixon Lane in Sheffield City Centre in the early 1960s showing Burton's clothes shop is it?
  22. Heppenstall Lane in Attercliffe, Sheffield 1952