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  1. When I was a young lad growing up in Sheffield there were lots of sayings or remarks which at the time I just took for granted but when I think back I never heard them outside the Sheffield area or later in life. The remarks were mainly directed at children and I can't remember many now but a couple spring to mind. "Frame Yourself," one of my mothers regular comments directed at me and probably meaning smarten up or stand straight. Another was "you little buggeroo" needs no interpretation! Anyway, there are I am sure plenty of Sheffield History members who can add to this and I look forward to having my memory jogged with a walk down memory lane.
  2. A few shots from the pit scene but I've no idea where this one is - can you help? Do you recognise this pit? If so post below and let me know! 👇
  3. Does anyone know whereabouts on Claywheels Lane they were located?
  4. fentonvillain

    E.Friedrich & Son Ltd, German Butcher on the Wicker

    Friedrichs was one of the "must have" shops that were on our family's list of places to go for special treats and even the ordinary weekly shop. Bacon was always from King's in Dixon Lane, Cream cakes from Philliskirk's on the corner of Summerfield St and Ecclesall Road. So much more fun that supermarkets.
  5. DWSSC

    Doesn't happen often

    William Whikaker was the Landlord of the Stannary Inn, 2 Green Lane / Stannary Lane, Halifax in 1881. see http://www.calderdalecompanion.co.uk/p200_s.html#492
  6. Digger

    Local sayings from yesteryear!

    Eh By Gum. Realising local sayings may just be a corruption of plain English it is easy to put anything in the vernacular ( whats vernacular Harry ? Dunno, summat in dictionharry) I once asked a Doncaster worthy directions to a sports shop. Sithee; reet down street, turn reet at leets and it's on tha reet All reet ? Absolutely the cats whiskers. We're reet dahn in coal ole whe'r muck spats on winners; we've used all our coal and we're reet dahn to sinders; If yon bailiff cums he'll never findus; 'cos we're reet dahn.......
  7. I've heard of most, even just from Directories, A Pub on every Corner etc etc. So, it's usually slogging through piles of old data looking for people to associate with their correct Pub. I've just found the following : Stannary Inn, 2 Green Lane, William Whittaker (1881) and I'm happy as a pig in muck ! Probably just "The Ball" renamed, I'll look into it further ...
  8. Yes, Hollings Lane, Thrybergh, Rotherham S65 4LQ, The pit was halfway up the road towards Ravenfield. A memorial wheel now stands there.
  9. I would like to see the Kelly directory information for the following streets from 1965, 1968, or any dates around these years (1965-1969). Bernard Road, Blast Lane, Effingham Street and Lane, Furnival Road, Lumley Street, Maltravers Street, Sussex Street, The Wicker and Woodbourn Road. It's needed as part of the Sheffield Victoria to Woodbourn Road model.
  10. Transportphil

    Hanwell's Coal Delivery

    Does anyone remember this firm, based in the East of the City, but I'm not cerrtain where. This photograph is the only clue to the existence of tjhe firm, taken, by the looks of it, in the 1920s or 1930s
  11. South Yorkshire Transport 1974-1995 by D. S. Hellewell gives the date as 5th September 1976. Prior to that date the 17 did a loop from the bottom of Millhouses Lane via Abbeydale Road South, Abbey Lane, Hutcliffe Wood Road and Archer Road.
  12. RLongden

    Kelly Directory information please

    I’ve looked at the area that you’re working with and also added a couple that I thought might be if use also. Malting Lane and the section of Worthing Road from Sussex Street to Chelmsford Street. No reference to Effingham Lane I’m afraid, but looking at the map from 1965-72, everything seems to back on to it, so hopefully all the businesses (e.g. Thomas Turton’s) will be captured in surrounding street listings? Here are the street listings from Kelly’s 1970. Hope they are of use to you and let me know if you need anything further from the book…
  13. Finally I have a few minutes to report on the latest Sharrow Lane School Reunion held on Wednesday 26th June. Altogether 29 former pupils and Sharrow residents turned up, the youngest aged 71 and the eldest, I think, 85. We had a terrific two hour session of exchanging memories and revelling in the atmosphere of the old Junior School Hall. With their permission, here is a list of those present: (The ladies consented to using their maiden names) Valerie Shaw; Christine France; Brian Milner; Tony Ford; Denis Anson; Mick Glossop; Jack wade; Alan Barnett; Tony Faulds MBE; Dave Holmes; Dave Storf; Ian Brelsford; Malcolm Gladwin; Ralph Holmes; Frank Turner; keith Spooner; John Beatson; Tony Hardwick; Roger Walker; John Smith; Phil Smith; Roger Stevenson; Graham Whitham; Darrell Whitham; Pauline Mackreal; Diane Goodwin; Ronald Hibbert and myself, David France. It was soon agreed that there should be another reunion later this year and so it has been decided there will be a special Christmas Lunch event at 1pm on Wednesday 27th November 2019 but places MUST be pre-booked through me. A price for the lunch will be published nearer the date. Watch this space! The photographs here show what a cordial and relaxed event it was. Book your space for November now by sending me a personal message.
  14. History dude

    Kelly Directory information please

    I have been looking at these directories and I have come across a slight problem. It all centres on the Wicker at the top end. Between numbers 85 and 93 the maps all show this to be a bank. But the directories all show other occupants. Both the 1965 and 1970 say that 85 was Roberts Office Equipment and 93 was The Sheffield Bookshop, you then get Andrew Lane and then 95 Station Hotel. But no bank in-between 85 and 93. But were the bank should be.... Well in the 1970 it lists the Communist Party!! A strange place for them to be 🤑 Numbers 88 to 91 are listed for where the bank should be. Directly opposite on the other side of the road was the National Provincial Back (126) which didn't change hands. Number 122 was empty in 1970. Weston was there in both years at 120, 118 empty in 1970, Fowler at 116 (both). 114 going from a cafe in 1965 to the Madrid Restaurant in 1970. I'm assuming that if the building number was not listed in the directory there was nobody in the building. Also mentioned is a pet store around the steps to the station, was it the building at the back of the N P bank?
  15. Does anyone have any information about the so called 'Dry Cottages' on Trap Lane. We walk quite frequently down Trap Lane and have noticed what appear to be well built steps and wall remains. We were once informed by passers by that there were a number of cottages just up from the Meadow Farm on Whitely Wood Road. They were supposedly not connected to a water supply and so got their name. I tried to find an early map but was unsuccessful. Any ideas?
  16. Guest

    Davison Family

    I wonder if anyone has any information on my ancesters...DAVISON They lived around Sheffield town center and then Burngrave From at least 1800s to 1901.. I have particular interest in George Davison aged 50 on 1841 census living with wife Mary two sons William and Henry at 65 Coal Pit lane.Any Information would be very helpful.....andyd
  17. Retirement brings on many extramural activities and having nearly completed my bucket list before the next bucket I see is the one I kick, I thought it prudent to see who's left out of my old class and where and WHO they are now ( many of the girls will obviously have a change of name ).. See link below http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;m00003 A few of our motley crew, I have sincerely missed since I left and I curiously would like to see how we all did after Smiley's J4 class and the ensuing 11+ dispersal.
  18. Retirement brings on many extramural activities and having nearly completed my bucket list before the next bucket I see is the one I kick, I thought it prudent to see who's left out of my old class and where and WHO they are now ( many of the girls will obviously have a change of name ).. See link below http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;m00003 A few of our motley crew, I have sincerely missed since I left and I curiously would like to see how we all did after Smiley's J4 class and the ensuing 11+ dispersal. If you haven't sussed yet which one I am in the group,,, go top row and remember the one that went off to Canada at an early age from Fairthorn road.. Came back a few times too but never really got to be in contact with the old class.. I know about Beryl thanks and was recently chatting to Chris ( who hasn't changed a bit and is still a grumpy old bugger and I luv him to bits ) .. Particularly would like to hear from Gwenda who lived on the corner of Rolleston road and Sicey avenue. ( Last time our eyes met was when I came past the house, with my parents in tow, aged then? About 14 /15 ).. Look forward to your responses.
  19. Tuesday I went searching for relatives graves at Abbey Lane Cemetery. I went via Graves Park. The first thing I noticed was a lot of dead trees in the park. Also there were workmen in the woods felling a lot of them as well as taking a lot branches off, back to the trunk. Now if this is to do with the spate of tree killing bugs that are around I don't know. Or it could be to do with general woodland maintenance, creating more light etc for new trees to grow, or a combination of the two! The first image however shows I think wind action, with some afterwards pruning. The chap isn't a woodman, but he does add scale to the picture. Not far away from this fallen tree is the Pack Horse Bridge. Meanwhile the water fowl on the ponds are enjoying the warm weather! The first picture shows a Swan on the island in the lake. While I was taking the Swan a whole bunch of them came up close. so I could get these shots including the youngsters! Ok now to Abbey Lane... As the Sheffield Indexers have the location records for the graves. I marked the ones that I was interested on a map. In section G were 3 Benton's and 1 Appleyard (my Great-Grandfather). And just my luck not one could be found! The reason is that those left have suffered damage and the vast majority in that section are suffered the worse than any other part of the cemetery. C section next to it is better in comparison, but the one Appleyard grave located in is typical of those in G section. The photo below is a good example, it is a distant cousin, of mine, the death of a young child called Sally. As the grave dates to only 1962 I was surprised at the state of it. Clearly too painful an event for my other relatives to keep visiting the grave and correct the damage. So if you have a relative in G section if the grave has survived you will be very lucky! It seems that most of the Appleyard graves (in Sheffield) of my family have been destroyed by either the Council or the elements I was a bit lucky with some of my Benton relations. Clearly the edition of more recent burials has help preserve the grave. And adds some new relations to my tree I did not know about And another grave in fantastic condition and at 103 perhaps one of the oldest people to be buried there Now to some stones that I found interesting, which I know Sheffield History Members will add lots of facts too. Sadly I spent around two hours searching G section that I didn't have time to have a full look around for more! The first came up whilst searching another section for ancestors. Some of the stones are laid flat in the grass, clearing one away I found this little musical gem! Lastly another a family grave recording the loss of a son killed in the First World War. Of course the body is still over there! It's remarkable how these older stones last much better than more recent memorials.
  20. Does anyone remember this shop on the corner of Priory Road, and Sharrow Lane?
  21. Ken Loach film - filmed in Sheffield - starring Bobby Knutt I need to find this on video or dvd Does anyone know where I can get a copy from ?
  22. I cannot find evidence of drift mines or old pitheads but can north side of High Storrs RD
  23. Alastair

    Picture Sheffield website redesigned

    The search option has never been great in Picture Sheffield and the best way to search it remains via google. Do a google image search of the place name plus picturesheffield (as one word) For instance "broad lane picturesheffield" gives this - https://www.google.com/search?q=broad+lane+picturesheffield&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwihp6TIssTyAhWjgM4BHVrBAqUQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=broad+lane+picturesheffield&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQA1CjQFijQGCNRGgAcAB4AIABRYgBRZIBATGYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ8ABAQ&sclient=img&ei=bCMiYaHBKaOBur4P2oKLqAo&bih=587&biw=1280&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB801GB801
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