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  1. Another amazing Sheffield photograph here showing years gone by in the Steel City! On this occasion it's a photo showing a Campo Coffee advertisement billboard on Campo Lane Question is whereabouts on Campo Lane is this?
  2. I am looking into my family history. One of my ancestors, Joseph Turton, lived at 120 Dam Lane in 1861. Does anyone know whereabouts this was please? I imagined it to be around the Crooksmoor area but I can't find it. Many thanks for looking.
  3. That was my understanding too, when I made a one hour programme for BBC Radio Sheffield in 1980 called "Up The Pole, Down Memory Lane," in which I revisited Jimmy Jewel's childhood haunts with him, knocking on the door of his old home, going to see his name in the school register at Western Road Juniors and walking with him on The Bolehills where he showed me where he smoked his first cigarette, and then going on to the stage of the then-derelict Lyceum Theatre where he recalled his upbringing in a "showbiz" family on the Music Hall circuit. I don't recall him talking about Andover St. My interest in the pair was sparked by recalling the people of Crookes talking about them when I was visiting Western Road with my mate John whose grandparents lived there....and, of course, listening to them on The Light Programme at Sunday dinner time when they were as much a part of Sunday as Yorkshire Pudding. In his later years, when he was doing quite well as a straight actor, Jimmy had a very serious side to him which I would have liked to have seen developed by the BBC as a living history of a part of the nation's fabric that was called Music Hall. It would have sat well along Suzy Klein's recent programmes recalling people like George Formby. Sadly my career took me away from the City before it could be developed and then, suddenly, it was too late, Jimmy Jewel was no more. Sheffield should celebrate two of its sons who were as famous in their time as Morecambe and Wise...and in my view actually funnier, especially since they wrote all their own material. A statue on The Bolehills would be appropriate! Or slap in the Middle of the Lyceum/Crucible complex. But somebody's bound to find a political incorrectness about them. My favourite recollection of Jimmy is of him tenderly looking after his long-suffering wife in their luxury apartment in Kensington, surrounded by the memorabilia of a lifetime of comedy. He was a lovely man.
  4. Plan of The Bramall Lane Ground. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 24 May 1906
  5. Many thanks everyone for all the information! Southside's 1853 map certainly shows Bramall Lane Bridge clearly, as does boginspro's from a similar time. It does seem that Vulcan Works Bridge was off to the side over the goit. So my title is wrong but I'll leave it to show the work done here by others I need to narrow down the date of construction now and next time I go through the culvert I'll look closer at the work as the current culvert is clearly longer than the original bridge and the joins should be clear (also the goit exit from the river may still be visible). I'll try and light the tunnel up enough to take photos.
  6. A visit to Green Lane Works and Eagle Works in Kelham just after the site had been cleared of the ancillary buildings. January and February 2012. Please do get in touch in you have any more old photos, or history of the sites. I am trying to compile a historic timeline from the early days of Kelham.
  7. I had a nosey along the current Jew Lane the other day, walked past it loads of times but never along it. Im wondering if it used to be more of a thoroughfare than it is now? Anyone know anything of its history? From other threads there was a Jehu Lane which was where Fitzalan Sq is now, which currently contains all the bookmakers. Im referring to the current Jew Lane that has an entrance on Fitzalan Sq that runs between what is now the Coral bookmakers and the building that used to be the Blue Bel pub, and an entrance on Commercial St.. Heres a view from Commercial St.. From Fitzalan Sq, Looking down Jew Lane from Fitzalan Sq.. Looking back up Jew Lane towards Fitzalan Sq.. Having walked down Jew Lane from Commercial St, here it turns 90 degs right up to Fitzalan Sq. I wonder what this white brick building used to be?..
  8. I know Brunswick Road. Pitsmoor, (AKA localy "Champs Hill") was once called "Tom Cross Lane", But who was Tom Cross, and when / why was the name changed to Brunswick Road.? Does any one know ?
  9. Fanfare of Trumpets announcing the commencement of Empire Day ( I think it says 24th May 1906 ) at Bramall Lane. There is also a picture of the City of Sheffield Pipe Band at Sheffield’s Coronation pageant on Empire Day 24th May 1906 on this link to their page. https://cityofsheffieldpipe.band/p-m-george-urquhart/
  10. Hello Sheffield History Friends, I thought some of you would be interested in this project that has started recently the site explains itself. https://www.facebook.com/groups/435104566849685/
  11. At the bottom of Twenty Well Lane on the opposite side to Dore and Totley Station is Mercia Motors which deal in quality second hand cars. Prior to this it was Jeep main dealers which I think was part of the Hadfield's group. I've no idea who it belonged to prior to Jeep. Wazzie Worrall
  12. According to the tiny bit of information given in Grace`s guide to British Industrial History, the Vulcan Works in 1797 was in the ownership of Ebenezer Berdikin, Anvil Maker. So i guess it was foundry of some description? httsearch=Vulcan+ps://www.gracesguide.co.Works+Sheffield&fulltext=uk/Special:Search? A couple of maps of the area in 1853 showing the location of Bramall Lane Bridge and a couple of the other bridges over the Porter in 1853. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/435500/38750 Also a Picture Sheffield Photograph of the Porter Brook in 1956, you can just about make out the name Yorkshire on the wall of the building in the background, anyone any idea where we are looking towards? http://www.picturesheffield.com/s41973
  13. I’m researching Sheffield United's Bramall Lane and would like to explore the history and folklore of the area around the ground. Are there any interesting stories (people, families, companies, works, pubs, local legend etc.) that have emanated from the area over the last few centuries? The history of the Bramall Lane ground itself is well documented but the lesser known past of the surrounding neighbourhoods might be better illuminated by the collective knowledge of local historians, researchers, enthusiasts and residents. Thanks in advance for your time and any responses. Incidentally, I am using the following reference books for my ground research. If there are other recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Before and After Bramall Lane: Sheffield United Cricket Club and Yorkshire Cricket in Sheffield The story of cricket at Bramall Lane : The end of an era 1855-1973 Bombs Over Bramall Lane: Growing Up in 1940s Sheffield 150 years of Bramall Lane Football Grounds of Britain (Simon Inglis) I’ve also tried to find Bramall Lane, 1855-1955 by C. M Marston, with no luck.
  14. Many thanks boginspro! The first photo I had seen before but not got the location right - the area could not have changed much more. I'll get photos over the next couple of days of the site. The map is really interesting. I was wondering if Vulcan Works and Bramall Lane bridges were one and the same, but clearly not. The current culvert may well incorporate some of both. It certainly goes under Hereford St whereas the map shows the two as not joined up.
  15. I think this is the bridge I referred to above looking from the St Mary's Lane end in 1949. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s17137&pos=50&action=zoom&id=19810
  16. I think you are in the same place boginspro. I've never seen reference to a Bramall Lane Bridge so I'm back to Square One! Either way it's old, nice, hidden, and I'd love to find out more
  17. I may be wrong here as I have never seen the Decathlon car park or the former Staples car park, but your description sounds like the Bramall Lane Bridge over the Porter. I just wondered if the Vulcan Works Bridge may have been over the goit from the dam shown on your map.. EDIT - I have found this map showing what I think is the Bramall Lane Bridge, you could perhaps use the slider on the web page to overlay a modern map to see if I am in the right place. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=53.3738&lon=-1.4740&layers=168&b=1
  18. Well spotted, I missed the sign, so perhaps not a very temporary thing like site entrance. I am sure the name of the arcade is related to Cambridge Street (previously Coal Pit Lane) but have never seen any evidence of an earlier road just where the arcade was. Pinstone Street as we know it didn't appear until after 1880 and I think the arcade was built soon after that. Up to 1960 Cambridge Street lined up just about directly with the top of the Moorhead triangle that surrounded the Crimea Monument and I may be wrong but think the addresses on that bit were Moorhead. This photo' from an earlier post probably explains better what I mean ---------------- https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16570-a-birds-eye-view-of-old-sheffield/?tab=comments#comment-139917 ------------------ and this other early post has some good information about the general area --------------------- https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/15327-68-pinstone-street-in-1881/?tab=comments#comment-131019
  19. There can't be many people of a certain age who lives weren't touched by the Co-operative movement. I remember having a Christmas job at the B&C on Nethershire Lane, Shiregreen when I was at school. Here's a portrait of the B&C from 1905.
  20. Sharrow Lane School is closing this month. A new building has been constructed at the side of Sitwell Road. There is an initiative beginning to enable former pupils to visit the school and hopefully discover long lost friends ! I attended between 1951 and 1958. My teacher for 1957/8 was Mr Foster. Headmaster was Mr Davis. First started in the infants with Mrs Woodger, then Mrs Goodfellow and Miss Hare. Into the juniors with Mr Furniss, Mrs Pearson, Mr Self and Mr Wild. Does any one know of any plans already made for a visit by ex pupils. If so let us know please. Whose names do you remember ? Here's a list of some I can remember. Barry Brown, Gerald Kersh, Christine Charlesworth, Nina Heathfield, Elaine Joynes, Maureen Emily, Elizabeth Brownhill, Linda Firth, Christine Broadhurst, Margaret Coffey, Patrick Solway, Pauline Allen, Jennifer Ellis, Mike O'Sullivan, David Morley, John Warrington, Ian Dean, Stan Rowbotham, Ann Dale, Barbara Childs, Carol Titterton, Jaqueline Foxcroft, Linda Beecroft, Andrew Barson, Trevor Briggs, Graham Carpendale, Lawrence Bellinger, John Gascoigne, David Jones and Susan Pitts. Not a bad recollection after 50 years.
  21. Old Rider you are a star. When our kids were growing up we used to call the stone built cottage 'the Farm', the kids had stories about it being haunted and that witches lived there. (At that time the biggest witch lived at No.10 Downing Street!). I never knew it had been a shop, however that would make sense. People didn't have cars to take them to supermarkets, which were also very much in the future. Basics were bought from small traders whose profit margins must have been tiny. Before we moved to Archer Lane we lived on Buttermere Road - part of the Abbeydale Lake District! If you look at any pre-1960's Kelly's Directory the number of small traders listed on Buttermere/Crumock/Conistone/Windermere etc. is mind boggling, as it is all over the working class areas of Sheffield. Buttermere Road Abortionist - When we lived on Buttermere Road, part of the Abbeydale Road ‘Lake District’ in the 1970’s, several of the older residents told us of the famous case of the ‘Buttermere Road Abortionist’, who was imprisoned for the illegal services she performed. However, I have no idea of the person’s name or when these crimes took place. Can anybody help please? Wazzie Worrall
  22. Some of the things you may remember: Shops, Bars And Cafe's The Smugglers Den - coffee bar opposite Hillsborough Park (it had a pinball machine and jukebox) that served fluffy coffee's and parkdrive cigarettes. They served coffee in glass cups and saucers. David Layne's New Squirrel cafe on Middlewood Road opposite the library in Hillsborough park Mitchells Cafe - top of Leppings Lane Pauls Pantry was on a road off Holme Lane near the Middlewood Rd traffic lights. The road that goes up to Walkley. Near a bridge over the river. (1960/62) You could get beefburgers, chips, peas, gravy, apple pie and custard, and a cup of tea for 4/6 Jack's - on Langsett Road not far up from the Barracks. (sasperella bar) - you could go in and see David, Peter Swan and Tony Kay hunched over the jukebox discussing tactics. That would be about 1961 when, the Owls finished 2nd in the top division just behind Spurs Snooker hall at the side of the Park Cinema Choices Video shop used to be the YEB shop Legends Bar was a Timpsons Shoe Shop Where the cafe is now, next to La Vida Loca (corner of Rudyard Road) used to be the first Tates Gallery shop On the opposite corner or Rudyard Road was Langtons Shoe shop Langtons also had another shoe shop in what is now the clothes shop next to Wilkinsons Wilkinsons was a Tescos in the 70's, before that it was a Church ? The corner of Taplin Road/Middlewood Road where the now empty Hairdresser is, was a butchers shop Parkers the Jewelers used to sell school uniform upstairs The shops did half day closing on a thursday afternooon In the late '60s early '70s there was a car or motor bike showroom on the right hand side (going towards Middlewood) - it was one of the last stores before you got to the park. it occupied the site of the former Howard's dairy (best ice cream in Sheffield). Before the Bond Bug came out (in June 1970) they sold the little NSU "Prinz" cars The pork butcher at the corner of Taplin Road was Kelsey's - old Frank Kelsey retired and handed over to his nephew but the business went downhill There was a dentist - V.Hilton Tapp. He was the dentist opposite the Park entrance on Hawksley Ave. Vincent H. Tapp, born 14 May 1899, died in Sheffield in the first quarter of 1970 The Yorkshire bank used to be on the corner of Rudyard road, opposite Timpsons shoe shop The post office was just along Hillsborough Road; it was built in 1961 - before that the (much smaller) P.O. was on the other side of Middlewood Road, near Kay's newsagents. The petrol station (where Maplins is now) replaced the Phoenix cinema, which must have closed in the 1960s. The flower cart at the end of Roselle Street was owned by Mrs Windley who had the flower shop on Proctor Place - her daughter Victoria took over, and still has the flower shop as well as "Flowers by Victoria" in the arcade. Cinema's The Pheonix Cinema - opposite Hillsborough Barracks Hillsborough Park Cinema Kinema
  23. Hi Old Rider, I think your Grandfather may well be right. However I don't remember Mr Jennings or any other shops around that part of Archer Lane. We moved into Archer Lane in 1979 and left in 1988. Our neighbour for the first few years was Mrs Vaugh, who together with her late husband had lived in the house since it was built in the 1930's. Mrs Vaugh once told me that before the council houses where Cllr Lambert and his wife lived were built, there was a large water tank which took a direct hit during the blitz. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  24. Hi, I realised after I sent the posting that the picture was Cllr Lambert. For many years he lived opposite us on Archer Lane. He has the block of flats in the Park complex named after him, Harold Lambert Court. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
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