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  1. I was saddened to read the letter. I was never a member of Shiregreen Club but back in the 80s was a fairly regular visitor...not for the Bingo but for the "Turn". I enjoyed the cheap beer; the crowds out of an evening determined to have some live entertainment and a good laugh with friends. The Committee ran the place like clockwork and with several other clubs within walking distance they had to be on their toes to keep members "happy" ( free beer in the New Year which repaid the membership fees as an example) Club life started to die ( as did Publife) with the increase in police
  2. RLongden

    Photo of old Norton?

    original photo with answer in the caption: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18424&pos=49&action=zoom&id=21002 looking from the opposite direction: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18414&pos=48&action=zoom&id=20993 Cross Scythes now in shot on the left: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14868&pos=47&action=zoom&id=17666 Cross Scythes now centre of shot, with original view up the lane, behind the
  3. Edmund

    Photo of old Norton?

    Junction of Norton Lees Lane and Derbyshire Lane, looking east. This map even shows the lamp post.
  4. jackanne

    Mystery Location

    Mickley lane Baslow Road junction.
  5. RLongden

    The Mill, Woodhouse

    Hi Neil, I think you are almost certainly correct with your reading of ‘ironworker’ and the marriage certificate appears to show their residence as ‘The Fence’. They would have possibly lived in one of the terraced cottages on Sheffield Road, Fence, (circled) known locally as ‘Fence Hill’ and stretches between the end of Falconer Lane and Swallownest. I would also hazard a guess that Joseph worked at the Rotherwood Iron and Steelworks (also circled) - previously Rothervale Joinery, Carr’s and now Jeld-Wen. There has been a forge, foundry and Iron/Steelworks on that site for many years and
  6. Georgiana Sanderson died at 29 Christ Church Road, Doncaster, on 29th December 1936. A spinster, she left a tidy sum (for the time) of £8648 12s 9d to a number of relatives, many of whom lived in or around Sheffield. Her will was dated 5th January 1935 and proved at the Principal Registry, London, on 5th January 1937. Georgiana was born on 7th November 1851 so she lived to be a good age. She was the youngest child born to George Sanderson and Mary Mirfin, also of Doncaster[1]. It was a brother of Georgiana’s, William Sanderson, that came to Sheffield and settled there. Those loc
  7. John Birkett

    Thrift House

    Hello Rosie !! I was so pleased to read your message and I'm glad you enjoyed the photographs etc. I have not been to Thryft House since last summer, but would normally I visit around 4 times a year. I usually just drive around the lane and park in the little car park and look out over the gardens, reminiscing, so the idea of meeting you and maybe having a proper look at the garden and the pond (is the pond still there I wonder?) would be really great. I have so many memories of playing in the fields, and going on our ponies to Whirlow Brook, Forge Dam and Ringinglow etc.
  8. Calvin72

    C. Ross Of Sheffield

    Just back from one of my regular walks in the General Cemetery where I unexpectedly found the grave of Charles Ross. I'm interested in him as his name appears all over Sheffield's pavements. The firm made coal hole covers, tramway features, and more. Strangely I've found only one drain cover of his (just off Thompson Road at the bottom of the Botanical Gardens) which is in the c.1900-10 style.
  9. neddy

    Lily Lawless

    Births Dec 1920 Lawless Lily --mmn-Barker Sheffield 9c1069 possible father Arnold Lawless from Sheffield Indexers, LAWLESS, Ada (Spinster, age 18, ~, residing at 70 Harvest Lane). Married George ELLIOTT, on December 19, 1936, by H Atherton (Banns) at St Philips Church, Shalesmoor. Father's name is Arnold Lawless (Furnace Worker). Married in the presence of Horace Thorpe,Eva Elliott. Notes: ~. Page No: 38 Reg No: 75
  10. Dave Milner

    Tom Cross Lane..

    I was looking at something about Tom Cross lane & came across your reply. Thanks very much. Hope you are well Ted 🙂
  11. Stunmon

    Lily Lawless

    The discovery of an old family bible of my fathers threw up no surprises and it actually fell to pieces. However written in the back was the name LILY LAWLESS at an address on HARVEST LANE, SHEFFIELD. This meant nothing to us but given the mystery surrounding my father and his family which my sister and I only discovered long after his death, it was just another! Anyone on here had a relative called Lily Lawless who might have had any connection with Ernest Morton. my father? Bit of a long shot I know!! Thanks!!!
  12. Jim2000

    Surgical Instrument Makers

    William Hutchinson certainly owned a lot of property: the 1864 Sheffield Flood damaged nineteen of his houses in Green Lane and Acorn Street! He was granted over £16 in compensation - quite generous compared to the paltry amounts some received. See https://www2.shu.ac.uk/sfca/claimDetails.cfm?claim=4-3865
  13. Hi all, I am new to join here, but have looked around the site at old photos for ages and I've found quite a lot of my questions answered regarding old Sheffield. I have a couple of questions about the area I have lived all my life. The area in the title that is. 1. Did a Bomb fall on Gloucester Street during WW2? This image from 1950 I've produced from Britain from Above shows a cleared area on each side of the road of Gloucester Street. The maps I have looked at on National Library of Scotland show that the side of the road on Gloucester Street that's closest to Havelock had a full
  14. neddy

    The Old Spa Well on Cuthbert Bank Road

    I remember the fella building this and some of the stone was delivered by us he was a shop owner from next door to the pub built as a potato store as I remember. Here's a bit of history for Robert Hales I took some years ago, Robert Hales - 7 feet 6 inches (228.6 cm) Robert Hales was born to William and Anne Hales on 2 May 1820, in the village of West Somerton near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He was one of 9 children. Both his mother and his father were over 6 feet tall. His 5 sisters averaged about 6 feet 3 inches and his brothers averaged 6 feet 5 inches. However, o
  15. fentonvillain

    Strangest pub names in Sheffield

    The Prospect View in Gleadless Road overlooking what was Cat Lane allotments was always better known as "The Cuckoo", possibly because the landlady was renowned for short measure but more likely because in the Spring, i.e. now, it was always possible to hear a cuckoo sounding across the valley. But it was only when I learned proper grammar (at a proper grammar school) I realised that the name Prospect View is actually tautology...a Prospect IS a view! I was sad when I discovered the pub had been sacrificed for road widening. A lot of my dad's and Uncle Jim's hard earned cash went into that ti
  16. Paul Worrall

    Shop on Corner of Priory Road and Sharrow Lane

    Hi Again, Thinking about the newspaper shop on Sharrow Lane, I believe the 'steel toe capped' owner's name was either Betty Hill or possibly Betty Hall - any ideas? Dennis Barham would know but he's not been seen in the area since the late 80's! Wazzie Worrall
  17. While walking along Myers Lane near Worrall I noticed what looks like a marker stone on the north side of the road at 53.24.56 North x 1.33.10 West, it appears to have ODC 1868 No1 engraved on it. Although I'm from Worrall originally and must have walked past it many times this is the first time I've noticed it. Can anyone tell me what it is for? Also, on all the old maps there is a building called Larch Hall close to this marker. As a child I always knew the area as Larch Hall but there was nothing to see even back then [1960's]. Can anyone tell me anything about Larch Hall? Pete
  18. WestTinsley

    Sheffield in 1966 - Film Footage

    Yes, I looked it up earlier. This is an indepth report on it , plus SY Fire Brigade images: December 14 1984 https://www.ife.org.uk/Firefighter-Safety-Incidents/1984-brightside-lane/38953
  19. Lemmy117

    Sheffield in 1966 - Film Footage

    I remember when it caught fire, I was out doing some road survey work in Brightside and got diverted on my way back to Manor Lane depot, really bad fire, loads of smoke. By that time I think the depot was run by National Carriers.
  20. madannie77

    Football stadium 1930's identification

    I am not sure that Bramall Lane had a stand like that one in the 1930s. I am wondering if it is a greyhound track, the white posts being the upright parts of the fence separating the track from the field. Not that I know much about dog tracks, and I can't find any images of the local ones from the right period.
  21. Edmund

    Andrews stationers Holly Lane

    G.D. Andrews, Commercial and Scholastic Stationers, were at 4 Holly Lane in 1931.
  22. I seem to think mistakenly that Andrews was there when I was at school in the 1950s. But I think it was much later! Where would we have bought our stationery before Andrews?
  23. Looks like Bramall Lane with the posts protecting the cricket square. Mind, it's about 50 year since I was last there so my recollection may be a bit faulty!
  24. SteveHB

    Sheffield Midland Train Station

    Howard Street, corner of Eyre Lane, looking down to Midland Station Hotel Date Period:1900-1919 https://www.picturesheffield.com/s17707
  25. 1911 Malvina Ashley 57 widow, 24 Harvest Lane Beerhouse Keeper Licenced Victualler own account.
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