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  1. I remember that back in the mid/late1950s the line was still operational... mainly with freight but I once went on a seaside day trip catching the train at the Grange Lane station....the goods yard of which, for many years, became W&F Smith's scrap yard. ( it was rumoured that one buffer stop on the site was partially in Sheffield. Rotherham and Wortley RDC....not sure how true this was.)
  2. Jane Hanwell Ferguson

    Hanwell's Coal Delivery

    Edwin Hanwell who ran the coal dealing business was my gt gt uncle. He lived in Botham Street. My father knew him as Uncle Ted. He used to take the family to Blackpool on holiday in his coal lorry, and judging by the passengers in the back, this could be one of those outings. Thank you so much for the photo, it is great to see the actual lorry spoken about by my father.
  3. tozzin

    Rock Tavern, Castlegate

    That’s in Dixon Lane, I’m not certain but when it was sold it went for over £30,000 a fortune at the time, the butchers just down bought it.
  4. Lysanderix

    Sheffield co-op's

    I live near Eckington and during the "lockdown" started to shop at their Co -o P.... which is a friendly place , was less "threatening" and I got my divi! It might be a bit more expensive but I continue to shop there and find its civility worth every penny!!! It reminds me of how shopping used to be at B and C's Lane Top branch,☺️
  5. Millhouses

    The Roman Room Restaurant

    It was a slightly “up market” restaurant/bar on Orchard Lane. When it was a thoroughfare, you could park outside (‘60s cars were a lot narrower). Very nice, dimly lit decor, I seem to remember.
  6. skelton

    Willoughby Family

    1939 register - 63 Aisthorpe Road, Sheffield. Lucy Willoughby, born 3 Feb 1895, domestic duties, Widowed. Leslie Willoughby, born 5 July 1917, Steel works engineer machinist, single. Joan Willoughby (Schinzil), born 21 Feb 1922, Bakers assistant, single. Three records closed. Death registration: Frank Willoughby Q4 1927 aged 35 years. Frank Willoughby, grinder age 35, died at 12 Herries Rd (Northern General Hospital), buried 20 December 1927 Abbey Lane Cemetery. Grave no. 11759 Section Q. In the same grave: Lucy Bradshaw age 86, died at St Georges Hospital, bur 7 May 1981. William Bradshaw age 84, died at N.G. Hosp. buried 7 Dec 1977. The above burials from the Sheffield Indexers Site. Lucy Willoughby married William Bradshaw Q4 1957, Sheffield. Joan Willoughby = Stanley E. Schinzil Q1 1942, Sheffield. Ann L. Schinzil, birth registration, Q4 1946, MMN Willoughby.
  7. the story of the inspector hiding in the door way reminds of an early morning encounter with an Inspector, me and My conductor nickname Strijo were doing an early morning run to the steel works we then had to run light and pick up route 17 from parsons cross I had done a detour dropped him at lane end where he would collect teas and bacon butties it was very early and not many people would be gettng on we were on one of the old side loaders with seperate cab Strijo would leave the ticket machine and I would take the few fares that got on, all went well for a couple of days till the inspector boarded just behind my conductor OOPS happy days
  8. I am pretty sure they were in operation in the late 70s I worked out of Leadmill rd and remember them being on route 60 and I left the Buses before 1980 route 60 ran from the Railway station to Crimicar lane it was used by many first time visitors to the City who were attending University or one of the many Hospitals and clinics on its route plus it went through the Hgh street and past the Museum by the time you reached the Cathedral you would have been asked a million questions IE does this bus take me to ?????
  9. westmoors

    Sharrow Lane school Reunion 2019

    I would love to have been at the reunion but would not have known a soul I am afraid. I was a pupil at Sharrow Lane for a short period during the war and lived in Priory Place, the Luftwaffe wrecked our house and put a bomb right through my classroom, at the time i was delighted because I was supposed to have learnt my lines for a school play and I had not even bothered to read the script but after the first night's bomboming I was whisked away as a refugee into Derbyshire, now aged 89 I am widowed and living in Dorset.
  10. ian s

    Martin Strret/Upperthorpe Road

    I came from Martin Lane and my family from Martin street. The name Machen is familiar but I remember the Lees Martin and Vincent .The eldest Brothers name escapes me. Post edited, SHB
  11. I know Daffodil Road and I reckon the nearest gasholders would be some distance away on Upwell Street / Brightside Lane and Tyler Street/ Lower Wincobank.....but ,no doubt, someone will find a map showing their actual position. The Luftwaffe used a beam system to identify targets... but early night time bombing, by both sides, was often inaccurate.... A few years into the War and the RAF investigated the results of its bombing and found only a small percentage of the bombs dropped fell within 5 miles of the intended target....so they went in for area bombing!
  12. LeadFarmer

    Norton Aerodrome

    All down pulled down. I walked along the dual carriageway yesterday and took a few snaps, couldn't get any decent photos due to having to take photos through the green metal fencing. The building in the photo above now looks like this.. And the building that acted as the reception when entering from the Lightwood Lane entrance now looks like this..
  13. Bruce Springsteen at Bramall Lane wasn't there but everybody heard it for miles. Def Leppard at Don Valley, similar reason. Jimi Hendrix at the City Hall 17th November 1967. Front row seat 10/6d. Including The Move, Amen Corner, Outer Limits and a little known band called Pink Floyd. The Small Faces 5th Nov 1966 City Hall 6/- on Tour with the The Hollies Walker Brothers and Roy Orbison 16th April 1966 7/6d plus supporting acts including Lulu
  14. Minnie

    Coach Maker in 1851

    Thanks for your reply. The census doesn't give a number on Pond Street, but really they lived in a few houses in that area. In 1841 he lived in Pond Street , but was only aged 10, so not working. In the 1851 census it says they were living at 52 Pond Hill and he was a Spring Maker In the 1861 census the family were living at 14 Harmer Lane and he was still a Spring Maker, but by 1871 he was down as a railway Spring Fitter. (still at Harmer Lane) Does this cast any light?
  15. Incidentally I did make a video of the section from Upperthorpe and Killamarsh, past Boiley Lane to Spinkhill recently I'm fascinated to see those guys laying sleepers in the same spot I stood in.
  16. Apologies for quoting myself, but I have more info. From Railway Magazine, Issue 1070, June 1990. Information about the Rother Valley Railway starts at the bottom of the first page. I assume that when the article mentions Boiler Lane it should be Boiley Lane. The old line certainly crossed Boiley Lane en route for Spinkhill. The only mention I have found about the end of the scheme is in the Wikipedia article on the other Rother Valley Railway! "From 1988 until the early 1990s, another "Rother Valley Railway" had a brief existence on the site of Upperthorpe and Killamarsh station near the River Rother in South Yorkshire. The line had three locomotives on loan, a five-ton steam crane and a membership of over eighty. Although the line featured in a two-page article in The Railway Magazine in 1990, little seems to have happened and the society faded away. After many years details have been published stating that the society was unable to gain agreement with the necessary local authorities, so was unable to proceed. They sought another opportunity elsewhere, which they found by taking over Cleethorpes Council's struggling miniature railway, turning it into the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway in 1991. That "Rother Valley Railway Limited" was formally dissolved on 9 June 1992. And two references are given, neither of which I have had a chance to look at: · Booth, Chris (2013). The Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway A pictorial view of the "Dukeries Route" and branches. Blurb. 06715029. · Booth, Chris (2017). The Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Chesterfield to Langwith Junction, The Beighton Branch and Sheffield District Railway. Fonthill. ISBN 978-1-78155-628-3.
  17. Have no recollection of Fess Parker visiting the Abbeydale , Dave. We were regular patrons but for some reason I remember seeing the Alamo at Woodseats Palace resplendent in my mums homemade Davy Crockett hat. This resembled a sheepskin tea cosy with a tail. Incidentally, I remember vividly, collecting labels from Armor Star tinned products such as corned beef and peaches , sending them off and getting Davy Crockett memorabilia ,which in our case amounted to a few badges and balloons. i think if you ate the equivalent of a cow in tinned corned beef you got a free hat. A further recollection of that period is of my next door neighbour turning up with a Davy Crockett pistol which was like a flintlock replica. Totally uselss in army games or cowboy games where silver six shooters or black Lugers were the essential authentic kit. The only time he used it again was when he was sat on top of our coal house playing Capt Dan Tempest from the Buccaneers.
  18. storico

    Fruit and veg shop

    The row of shops in the photograph look like they were on the steep bit of Derbyshire Lane between Cliffe Field Road & Norton Lees Road. I would guess the photo was taken around 1900.
  19. Jack Russell1867

    Fruit and veg shop

    I remember Hobsons fruit and veg shop, it was the end shop of a row of terraced houses on Derbyshire Lane it was opposite Mundella place where Mundella school is. I remember going in here with my Mum, all the fruit and veg were loose, and you ordered per pound, nothing was pre packed and once weighed it was placed in to your shopping bag. Fruit such as apples and oranges were placed in brown paper bags, I remember loose leaf tea which was weighed and packed in bags, also slabs of butter which was shaped and wrapped in greaseproof paper. I'm sure the houses were knocked down late 1970's and the flats built early 1980's. Hobsons fruit and veg then moved just up the road to no 258 Derbyshire lane.
  20. SteveHB

    Fruit and veg shop

    William Henry Hobson, shopkeeper, 188 Derbyshire Lane. 1925 directory.
  21. SteveHB

    Fruit and veg shop

    William H Hobson, 188 Derbyshire Lane. 1957 directory.
  22. LeadFarmer

    Fruit and veg shop

    Derbyshire Lane, not sure of the date..
  23. Hi I’m looking for any old photos of the buildings that used to stand on Derbyshire lane, they were wher the flats now stand, my relative’s own a fruit and veg shop in one of them, they stated off with a horse and cart. I’m not sure which side of the family it was so the surnames are Hobson, Tilly or Benton. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Nita
  24. Hedgepig

    Dry Cottages, Trap Lane

    Thanks everyone, These may be pre 1800 so not likely to have maps and so forth. The gates and wall bases can be seen on the right of trap lane 150 yards uphill from the farm at the very bottom.
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