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  1. southside

    Eyre Street

    Remember walking along Eyre Street to pick up some copper tube from Arnold Carters and coming across this scene! Can anyone tell me what was under construction at the site where the crane was working? also the building on Duke Lane marked with a circle, I repaired a burst pipe there, can`t for the life of me remember what the building was? seem to think the building was empty at the time.
  2. lysandernovo

    Which school and which era?

    They all seem to be girls....isn't that unusual if it was either All Saints or Owler Lane.? My Great aunt, Ethel, was one of the first ladies to graduate from The Sheffield Teacher Training College and taught at All Saints for most of her long career.
  3. Hi Stu, I've sent you this separate message because there is absolutely heaps of stuff on the Namarian (Millstone Grit) and Westphalian (Coal Measures). I'm not sure what you already know so I'm guessing and I don't want to repeat myself. If you want to contact me about Sheffield Rock please feel free - pmworrall8@gmail.com Cheers, Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  4. Long shot I know but does anyone else have a copy of this photo and know which school it might be? I think it may be either All Saints or Owler Lane infants. I think it is an infants photo, if not then it could be Grimesthorpe Junior school. One thing that does puzzle me is the fact it is all girls so maybe my thinking is wrong and it isn't the family I think it might be. Any help much appreciated. Lyn
  5. Sheffield History

    Victoria Quays, Sheffield City Centre

    Victoria Quays (formerly Sheffield Canal Basin) is a large canal basin in Sheffield, England. It was constructed 1816–1819 as the terminus of the Sheffield Canal (now part of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation) and includes the former coal yards of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. The basin ceased operation as a cargo port in 1970 and the site and buildings were largely neglected. A restoration and redevelopment of 1992–1994 reopened the site providing new office and business space and leisure facilities as well as berths for leisure canal boats. The
  6. Heartshome

    Winter 1946/7

    I wasn't born till the 50s, but my Mum told me how bad it was. Living in a Cottage just outside the village, they woke up to find snow half way up the kitchen window. When they opened the door, they couldn't see where the garden hut, hedgerow or wall was. They had to dig themselves out, finding where the steps were down to the path, they made a channel up the lane to the main road, hoping to get to the local shop for supplies. Thankfully a farmer had been and ploughed it. She said it took about 3 hours in total, they were wet and exhausted by the time they got back home. My older cousin,
  7. johnm

    Wesleyan Ministers

    My gt grandad John Morris & his brother James were both Wesleyan local preachers from the age of 18 in 1863. They were founder members of Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church at Bramall lane in1876. James Morris was ordained into the Wesleyan Reform Union ministry in 1891 when he was 46 years old. He & his family had moved house & now worshipped at Sharrow Vale WR church. He was known as a charasmatic preacher & was immediately made the Union's Connectional Evangelist in which role he went round the country holding rallies at WR churches. On retirement age 65 in 1910 he became Mi
  8. This is a wonderful link. I'm a great fan of the 'Coal Measures' - Westhapian Rock. However, shouldn't we have a separate link? Perhaps, Sheffield Rocks? There is so much to look at and discuss. Cheers, Wazzie....
  9. In the days when we used coal to heat our homes many a young fossil hunter would find examples of fossilised tree leaves and ferns in the household coal....that's how I started a life time interest in geology...passed onto my son who became a geologist!
  10. That's why we have coal measures. High Hazels Park used to have several fossilised trees on display...all had been dug up out of local mines.
  11. southside

    Bramall Lane Bridge

    Brilliant Calvin72: My maternal Great Grandparents lived on Ellin Street in 1891, from there they moved to Porter Street and opened up a shop selling meat pies. You can see the location of Bramall Lane Bridge on these Britain from Above Photographs taken in 1951.
  12. History dude

    More Parkway Questions

    Corker Bottoms Lane gets it's name from Edmund Corker who owned the fields around the lane. Ending up at the bottom of his fields! Own up who thought it was Corker's bum!!
  13. Stringy72

    More Parkway Questions

    Thanks @Lemmy117 It makes sense now. I'm getting things Arse about Tit with the 1976 map, of course it's Manor Lane exit. The headscratcher photo makes sense too. It just looks so different being bare landscape, no trees etc. I expect those houses on either side on Pic 4 are still there, most likely Greenwood one side and Beaumont, the other? In the 1967 era, I expect the roundabout at P.O.W.R was just a road level rather than the early Parkway being trenched through leading to the "Built Up" exit? That bit of slip road my mate mentioned that you said was up near Hands
  14. Lemmy117

    More Parkway Questions

    When the single carriageway was converted to the dual carriageway it was realigned at Handsworth and that left part of the old carriageway as a dead end, I think that is the bit you are referring to. Many years ago I was working on the Parkway on the outbound side just before Handsworth slip, and in amongst the trees on the left you could clearly see the remains of the tarmac road, I bet it's gone now. The 1967 maps confirms that the "baffling" picture (no. 4 ) above is the access/exit to the Parkway markets looking towards Prince of Wales Road. On the 1976 map the road "joining from
  15. SteveHB

    Photo of old Norton?

    I think this the P.O. on School Lane, Maugerhay (Norton). c.1905 https://www.old-maps.co.uk/index.html#/Map/435973/387740/13/100453
  16. SteveHB

    Norwood Road / Crabtree/ Roe Wood

    Norwood Road, 17 associated images - https://www.picturesheffield.com/=searchShirecliffe Crabtree Road, 25 associated images - https://www.picturesheffield.com/2 Crabtree Lane, 17 associated images - https://www.picturesheffield.com/searchterms=Crabtree_Lane Crabtree Pond in Little Roe Wood, 1972 https://www.picturesheffield.com/s41633
  17. Lemmy117

    More Parkway Questions

    The Parkway was originally built as a single carriageway from Handsworth to Manor Lane, this road eventually formed the outbound carriageway from Sheffield in the early 60's. It was converted to a dual carriageway in the early 70's when it was extended to Park Square and the M1. Also remember the course of the road was realigned again when the Mosborough Parkway intersection was built, originally the inbound and outbound carriageways were separated by and piece of land with trees in it! The first picture shows Handsworth roundabout, the third, sixth, seventh and eighth are in the Bowden H
  18. It seems there was a road that stretched from Manor Lane Area up to the old Handsworth Roundabout? An early version on that stretch of Parkway? You can see it meet the roundabout from the left corner here. When was this road built and did it go from where I mentioned in the OP? I believe these are that road too? . . . This one below is a little confusing, even with the description on Picture Sheffield. . . . . Also, can anyone identify which parts of the Parkway these photos fr
  19. Jim2000


    One just like this, pretty sure it’s same year, at the entrance to Lydgate Green, bottom of Lydgate Lane, Crosspool. The Green was donated by JG Graves, there’s an inscription on the adjoining wall from about the same era
  20. RosieA

    Thrift House

    Hi John Great to hear from you and yes definitely call when you are next in Sheffield! Yes the pond is still there. When we moved in it was completely silted up and that part of the garden was really overgrown and a bit of a wilderness. We have dredged and desisted the pond and planted a wildflower meadow down there - I’ve attached a couple of photos. The original Thryft House is still two houses, I live in the first one as you come round the corner of the lane. Really look forward to meeting you! Rosie
  21. Just putting it out there... Thomas Staniforth, from Darnall (bapt Sheffield 24 Apr 1735) moved to Liverpool as merchant and trader, and became their Lord Mayor 1797. He and his son Samuel (also becoming Lord Mayor) were slave-traders. The Sheffield family lines of Staniforth included many prominent figures. Thomas’s sister Elizabeth was married to John Trevers Younge, Sheffield merchant & maker of gilt buttons (reputed to have worked with Boulsover). They acted as guardians for the young Thomas and his siblings. Thomas’s younger sister Mary married Dr Thomas Younge of
  22. I was saddened to read the letter. I was never a member of Shiregreen Club but back in the 80s was a fairly regular visitor...not for the Bingo but for the "Turn". I enjoyed the cheap beer; the crowds out of an evening determined to have some live entertainment and a good laugh with friends. The Committee ran the place like clockwork and with several other clubs within walking distance they had to be on their toes to keep members "happy" ( free beer in the New Year which repaid the membership fees as an example) Club life started to die ( as did Publife) with the increase in police
  23. RLongden

    Photo of old Norton?

    original photo with answer in the caption: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18424&pos=49&action=zoom&id=21002 looking from the opposite direction: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18414&pos=48&action=zoom&id=20993 Cross Scythes now in shot on the left: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14868&pos=47&action=zoom&id=17666 Cross Scythes now centre of shot, with original view up the lane, behind the
  24. Edmund

    Photo of old Norton?

    Junction of Norton Lees Lane and Derbyshire Lane, looking east. This map even shows the lamp post.
  25. jackanne

    Mystery Location

    Mickley lane Baslow Road junction.
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