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  1. THE PENTHOUSE NIGHTCLUB LOCATION Dixon Lane - Sheffield City Centre PICTURES picture - jason pictures and artwork - Paul Norton INFORMATION Opened by Peter Stringfellow ? We dont' have a lot to go on so it's over to you guys for information about the club when it was 'The Penthouse'. Did you go ? Do you know anyone that worked there ? Do you have any pictures ? LINKS Penthouse Page - http://www.rockreunited.co.uk
  2. Sheffield History

    Broughton Lane

    More info on Broughton Lane: Opposite the new Sheffield Arena, the sports and concert venue in Broughton Lane, there stands a public house with the name, ' The Noose and Gibbet ' Outside the pub there is a replica gibbet containing an effigy of the highwayman Spence Broughton,after whom the road was named. Broughton was a gentleman farmer from Lincoln who married well and was in receipt of a large dowry which he squandered through gambling at cock fights. To recoup his loss he turned to crime becoming a member of the Hatters Club, a local band of Attercliffe villains. His life of crime w
  3. Sheffield History

    The Beatles In Sheffield

    Sheffield is the largest city in Yorkshire, England, with a population of more than half a million people and during the 1960s there was extensive redevelopment in the city centre. All of the Beatles appearances there took place in 1963 and 1965. Sheffield was also the original home of Brian Epstein's mother Malka, nee Hyman, who was known as Queenie. Synagogue, Wilson Road At the age of 18, she married the 29-year-old Harry Epstein at the Synagogue, Wilson Road Sheffield 11, on September 6 1933. A five-bedroom house in Queen's Drive, Childwall, Liverpool was given to the couple as a
  4. HILLSBOROUGH PARK CINEMA LOCATION Middlewood Road/Catch Bar Lane It is now a supermarket (currently Netto) PICTURES
  5. Guest

    The Alpine pop man

    The pop man used to come round when I was in my teens....from Goddards which was down on Park View Road. Also gone but never forgotten from the late 50's and 60's were: Rag and Bone men with their horse drawn and also hand pulled carts The Knife Sharpener The Gas Man who would turn off and on the gas lamps up and down Clarence Road with a long pole with a T bar on it Gypsies going door to door selling pegs, pins and "lucky" heather The Coal Man ( Charllie Hollingsworth) The Calor Gas man Window cleaners with their ladders on long barrows Cobbled streets..........sigh ;)
  6. Guest

    Sheffield Trams

    Used to catch the tram from the bottom of Dykes Hall Road to top of Leppings Lane for about one old penny ( or was it a halfpenny) when I used to go and visit my grandparents.... There used to be Trolley Buses in Sheffield as well
  7. Guest

    The blue 'police box' next to the town hall

    Right next to where The Flower Bowl used to be before it moved across the Road. Walk down from the Freemasons and over the bridge....it was bang on your right where the road meets Holme Lane
  8. Sheffield History

    The blue 'police box' next to the town hall

    Whereabout on Walkley Lane ?
  9. Guest

    The blue 'police box' next to the town hall

    There also used to be one at the bottom of Walkeley Lane..........been in it a couple of times in the mid 60's...............they aren't really as big inside as the TARDIS though
  10. Sheffield History

    Sheffield Trams

    SHEFFIELD TRAMS Sheffield Tramway was an extensive tramway network serving the city of Sheffield and its suburbs. The first tramway line, which was horse-drawn, started in 1873 with the opening of a line between Lady's Bridge and Attercliffe. This line was subsequently extended to Brightside and Tinsley. Routes were built to Heeley, where a tram depot was built, Nether Edge and Hillsborough. In 1899, the first electric tram ran between Nether Edge and Tinsley. By 1902 all the routes were electrified. By 1910, the Sheffield Tramway network covered 39 miles, in 1951 the network was ex
  11. Sheffield History


    HEELEY Heeley is a former cluster of villages now a suburb in the south of the City of Sheffield, England. The village has existed at least since 1343, its name deriving from Heah Leah, High Lea then Hely, meaning a high, woodland clearing. Originally Heeley was divided into three: Upper Heeley was around the intersection of Myrtle Road and Heeley Green, Middle Heeley was on the Gleadless Road at Well Road, and Lower Heeley was on the London Road around Artisan View. History Heeley Methodist Church was built in 1826. In 1833 Heeley there were 47 householders living in Nether, Middl
  12. Broughton Lane Station Broughton Lane Station was a train station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The station served the communities of Darnall, Attercliffe and Carbrook and was situated on the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway between Woodburn Junction and Tinsley Junction on the line between Sheffield Victoria and Barnsley / Rotherham. The station, with its main access by steps from Broughton Lane bridge, possessed two flanking platforms although was surrounded by sidings. In the 1960s a new line was built from near Broughton Lane into the newly opened Tinsley Marshalli
  13. Sheffield History

    Sheffield Cafe's Of The Past

    SHEFFIELD CAFE'S OF THE PAST Here's a large and growing list of cafe's you could have found in Sheffield in the past - please add to this by posting a reply with the name of the cafe and a few memories ! The Minerva, Flat Street Joe's Cafe - next to Jessops Hospital, at the top of Regents Street (with a painting on the wall titled WHO SAID PIE) Granelli's Balcony Bar - in the Sheaf Market Kath's Cath on Infirmary Road (opposite Kelvin Flats) It was run by a fiery irishman and is now a snowboarding shop ? David Layne's New Squirrel cafe on Middlewood Road opposite the librar
  14. Sheffield History

    The Grand Hotel

    Summer 1957 at The Grand Old favourites Albert & Les Ward are at the Empire, went to see them, but sadly, now find their act very dated. Near the Empire, there's a coffee bar called the El Mambo, we love going in there, drinking Espresso coffee and watching to see who is going to come in, it's a great meeting place for young people, and there's a small juke box which is kept very busy playing the hits of the day. 'When' by the Kalin Twins is my favourite, and I show off that I know all the words!! Frankie Lane is here, he's not at all 'starry', he's really friendly, he gave me his au
  15. Sheffield History

    The Grand Hotel

    SHEFFIELD GIRL After I started work at The Grand Hotel in the centre of Sheffield, I began to write in my tiny, handbag size, 'Film Star' diary, all the daily happenings. I was meeting 'Stars' almost every day, and I felt it all had to be carefully documented. I also kept my autograph book close to hand! I was able to meet many stars on a one to one basis, thanks to the manager of the Sheffield Empire, Johnny Spitzer, who lived at 'The Grand'. He was very kind to me, not only giving me two free tickets, in the best seats, almost every week, but also making sure that I met the performers tha
  16. Sheffield History

    The Grand Hotel

    THE GRAND HOTEL LOCATION The Grand occupied all of the Fountain Precinct site opposite the bottom side of the City Hall, Orchard Lane and the part of Leopold St up to what now is the Yorkshire Building Society. It was Sheffield's most prestigious hotel. PICTURES advert from sheffield empire programme 1911 OWNERS The Russell Hotel Group in London STAFF Manager of the Grand - Frank Rendall (until 50's/60's) Head Porter - Les Gretton Head Waiter - 'Mister Bert' (Italian who had been interned on the Isle of Man in World War II) Head Receptionist - Miss Bogan Night
  17. Sheffield History

    Evil Knieval

    Evel Knievel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr. (born October 17, 1938 in Butte, Montana) is an American stuntman, best known for his public displays of long distance, high-altitude motorcycle jumping which often resulted in serious injuries, particularly during the 1960s. Eve
  18. Sheffield History

    Broughton Lane

    Broughton Lane, close to Sheffield Arena, holds a dark secret. It is named after a mail robber called Spence Broughton, thought to be the last man to be gibbeted in Yorkshire. In the bloodthirsty age of the eighteenth century, the gibbet was the usual punishment for convicted murderers. After being hanged, the felon's body faced further humiliation by being suspended in a gibbet, a open cage-like structure, where it was left to the mercy of the elements and, no doubt, a few hundred onlookers who had turned out for the occasion. Lincolnshire born Broughton started out as a farmer but a ga
  19. Some of the things you may remember: Shops, Bars And Cafe's The Smugglers Den - coffee bar opposite Hillsborough Park (it had a pinball machine and jukebox) that served fluffy coffee's and parkdrive cigarettes. They served coffee in glass cups and saucers. David Layne's New Squirrel cafe on Middlewood Road opposite the library in Hillsborough park Mitchells Cafe - top of Leppings Lane Pauls Pantry was on a road off Holme Lane near the Middlewood Rd traffic lights. The road that goes up to Walkley. Near a bridge over the river. (1960/62) You could get beefburgers, chips, peas,
  20. Sheffield History


    THE DIAL HOUSE CLUB LOCATION Ben Lane, Sheffield 6
  21. Sheffield History


    THE HORSE AND JOCKEY PUB ON WADSLEY LANE, SHEFFIELD 6 The Horse and Jockey was built for Tennant Brothers in the 1930s, and is a typical piece of pre war architecture. It has recently been converted to a Hog's Head, sprouting numerous wooden barrels on its frontage. Also these days it's a very popular pub for away fans visiting Hillsborough when their team plays Sheffield Wednesday.
  22. Sheffield History

    Lady's Bridge

    Here's a brief history of Ladys Bridge in the city centre: Lady's Bridge. The original bridge which crossed the River Don at this point, way back in Henry III time of 1155 - 1189 was made of wood. In 1485 a stone bridge was erected when the Vicar of Sheffield John Plesaunce and William Hill who was a master mason, both agreed to build a bridge of stone over the "Watre of Dune neghe the Castell of Sheffield". It was to be named "The Bridge of Our Lady" because there was a chapel at the Wicker side of the bridge. The cost of the bridge was about £67. When built it could only be c
  23. Sheffield History

    HEAVEN 17

    HEAVEN 17 Line Up martyn ware: synths glenn gregory: lead vocals ian craig marsh: synths \ Pictured above - Heaven 17 live at the Adelphi - Special Guest Stars: Angie Brown & Billie Godfrey Backing Vocals HEAVEN 17 FACTS They recorded their album, 'Penthouse and Pavement', at the same time as Phil Oakey's new version of the Human League were recording their album 'Dare'. Both albums were recorded in the same studio which was co-owned by both bands. Heaven 17 recorded at night and The
  24. Sheffield History


    REBELS NIGHTCLUB LOCATION Dixon Lane, Sheffield INFORMATION Rock club that was up a seemingly endless set of stairs ! PICTURES info and pics sourced from the amazing Rock Reunited website - http://www.rockreunited.co.uk
  25. Sheffield History

    The Full Monty

    THE FULL MONTY FILM LOCATIONS opening scene - steelworks? band come round corner @ steelworks Canal Scene Bacon Lane Bridge and Canal Bacon Lane Attercliffe Canal Scene Bacon Lane Bridge and Canal Bacon Lane Attercliffe Steps This is a scene when the lads are walking down to the club towards the start of the film. The steps are located between Horndean Road and Idsworth Road (location of the club). Club Exterior Idsworth Road The Road To The Club Idsworth Road House opposite club Idsworth Road Club Exterior Regency House Idsworth
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