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  1. Lyn 1

    Who is Flo?

    A friend of my mothers. On the back it says From Flo to Joyce. My mum was born in 1923 originating from Attercliffe and worked at Bachelors on Claywheels Lane. Does anyone have Flo in their family?
  2. leksand

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Was looking at other properties in this area a little while back and it would appear that the address of your GGF was mistated on the census! There is actually a conventional numbering system applied to Brightside Lane (Brightside Bierlow) which begins from (or directly after) the Junction Hotel, with that (or an otherwise unnumbered, adjacent property) being the inferred #2, and numbers allocated 4, 6 &c increasing in the direction of Brightside. I'd guess the row of houses numbered #1-7 to the SW of the Steam Clock was probably known as something or other Terrace, but that this was not r
  3. I remember going in the old army surplus store on Button Lane with my older brothers. They bought some old WD telephones and candlestick type phones to try and connect up an intercom system at home! Don't remember it working though!
  4. One of the first or the first Swap Shop in Sheffield was on Button Lane, it was around 1956/7, also a type of second hand business was close to it but it was more like ex war department stuff, I remember two or three runway lights from an airfield were round in the backyard, it wasn’t bric a brac or household stuff they sold, wish I had paid more attention now.
  5. SteveHB

    Button Lane Sheffield city centre

    The Moor, circa 1950, Button Lane seen on the left https://www.picturesheffield.com/s18031
  6. can anyone tell me exactly where it was as it no longer exists as far as i know
  7. Peter Walker

    More Parkway Questions

    I think the second picture is further down the road from the first photo, I think it is the same bridge in both photos. The slip road to the left is up to Manor Lane and the main carriage way swings to the right down into town.
  8. John Cartwright

    History of Smithy Wood Crescent, Woodseats

    Ruth, I used to work on Smithy Wood Crescent in the 70's at Thornton's (of Chocolate Kabin fame) who had their main offices on the section of Smithy Wood Crescent to the west of Woodseats Road leading up to Crabtree Bank Farm from the corner of Archer Road and Ulverston Road. Our Shopfitters were based in one of the old barns of the farm where the road turned into Ledstone Road. One of Thornton's production sites was on Archer Road built on the site of a disused quarry which is now flats. I would have thought that originally Smith Wood Crescent ran from Chesterfield Road to Archer Road, a
  9. Paul Worrall

    Bands From Sheffield - The Definitive List

    Hi, If we go back to the 60's many pubs and clubs had concert rooms so there were hundreds of Sheffield and district bands. As kids we would go to the Centre Spot at Base Green and the Old Harrow (Wheel Barrow) on White Lane. An excellent band who I saw around Sheffield were called someting like the Quillers(?), they sounded a bit like the Animals. In addition to pubs I also saw them palying at some Lord Mayors twinning do at Whirlow Court in 1965. I think their lead singer was called Andy and their manager was a bloke called Charlie Parkin - what's happened to them? Another band I r
  10. leksand

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Sorry to labour the point, particularly as it is now evident that it is not relevant to your original enquiry, but this is not a matter of conjecture. Weedon Street, the street running from Carbrook & Tinsley to Brightside, was known as Brightside Lane in the late 1860s & early 1870s. It may not appear on preceding or subsequent OS Maps as such but it does on architects plans for official submission for developments in that part of Carbrook as well as magistrates' records precisely of that period. It was known as such, very reasonably, because it was the lane that ran to Brightside.
  11. John Cartwright

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Having looked at several maps in date order I reckon that:- 1854 Bents Lane (now called Brightside Lane) ran from Savile Street East along the top of Newhall Road to Brightside Bridge where there was a junction where the Bridge Inn used to be. Brightside Lane (now called Meadowhall Road) ran NE along the northern bank of the river to Brightside Mill. Mill Lane (now called Weedon Street) ran from Attercliffe Road to the junction at the Bridge Inn. 1890 Mill Lane is now called Weedon Street. Bents Lane is now called Brightside Lane and ends at the tram terminus at the side of the Bridg
  12. southside

    Brightside Lane - houses

    John this is the enumerators route from the 1871 census, it might give you a better idea as to where your ancestor was living. No5 Brightside Lane was on the last census page right at the end of his route, I've also included the next route he walked after leaving Brightside Lane.
  13. leksand

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Thanks - not sure which photo you mean as I get 200 coming up on that search! Sadly not really of use to me anyway as my area of interest is Brightside Lane "proper" - the even numbered properties around Newhall - and the Holmes farm area on Brightside Lane "Attercliffe" (though actually in Brightside Bierlow) where 1871 census data doesn't offer sufficient detail to "route trace" and the resident I required to prove the broader property location had, seemingly, left in the preceding year. The point of my original post, perhaps missed, was that if Weedon Street was numbered at the time th
  14. John Cartwright

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Leaksand- Have search on Pictures Sheffield for Brightside Bridge. There is a photo looking through the railway bridge at Nos 1-11 Meadowhall Road that was formerly Brightside Lane.
  15. leksand

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Is this Brightside Lane, Brightside Bierlow or Brightside Lane, Attercliffe cum Darnall (ie. Carbrook)? I've recently had a devil of a time trying to pinpoint properties on Brightside Lane, Brightside Bierlow in the 1871 census. There seems to be a disparity of ~380 in the numbers designated between then and the 1950's surveys but as Madannie77 mentions, they're all evens. Although I don't think it appears on OS maps, what is now known as Weedon Street was called Brightside Lane. I've encountered it frequently in architects plans, police reports, press and the like. There were defini
  16. Looking at Neddy's maps I can only go on the last one which is an area of Sheffield I know well. The Arbourthorne estate is complete, built in 1935 -38, and it includes the 2 cul-de-sac streets Algar Drive and Algar Place which were added in 1946 to accomodate the post war emergency housing programme prefabs, so the maps cannot predate 1946 Notable ommisions from the map include the Norfolk Park estate (1965-66), The Central Technical School / Ashleigh building (1961), Brimmersfield Close on the site of the old coal tip (1958) The Herdings estate (1959), Hurlfield Boys school (1956) and th
  17. John Cartwright

    Brightside Lane - houses

    Thanks for the information, I think you may be on to something here, he moved to Brightside Lane from Barnsley aged 16 with his widowed mother, sister and two male lodgers whom I think were relatives of his mother. It would make sense if he was looking for work after the death of his father, the breadwinner of the family. Also later in life he lived and brought up his family at various locations around Carbrook and ended up owning the Industry Inn on Dunlop Street. Thank you again for your research, I only have to track down the tale that my father told me about him going to Alaska to find gol
  18. madannie77

    Brightside Lane - houses

    The oldest directory I have access to which includes Brightside Lane is 1879. There are no odd-numbered properties on Brightside Lane. However, on maps from the 1850s and 1860s what is now Brightside Lane is named as Bent Lane, and there is a Brightside Lane which heads north-east from Brightside village alongside the river. This later became Meadow Hall Road. https://maps.nls.uk/view/102345199#zoom=5&lat=1356&lon=2504&layers=BT Pure guesswork, but i wonder if 5 Brightside Lane in the early 1870s was somewhere near Brightside Bridge, perhaps one of the row of h
  19. I have picked up in my studies another person involved in the slave trade who lived in Sheffield and became rich from it and that was Edward Bennet, who lived in Coal Pit Lane and who built a sugar refinery. His sugar came from Liverpool, but he is also listed as an investor in a slaving ship along with Thomas Staniforth. His became a preacher and built a Chapel at the same time he was importing sugar from Liverpool. His father was an early Methodist and friends with Whitefield one of the leading abolitionists. So one wonders what the conversations were like in their family. When Edward died
  20. John Cartwright

    Brightside Lane - houses

    I have traced my Great Grandfather living at 5 Brightside Lane in 1871. i have an early map which does not show house numbers but on the assumption that road number start nearest the city centre i have estimated number 5 as being at the intersection with Newhall road to the left of the pub on the corner (see attached map). Does anyone have a map showing house numbers or any photographs of housing on Brightside Lane around this time?
  21. A report by Historic England is available by this link (though it doesn't answer your question): Historic England POW Camp Report Excerpt: Each Prisoner of War camp was allocated an official number during World War II within a prescribed numerical sequence, ranging from Camp 1 (Grizedale Hall, Ambleside) through to Camp1026 (Raynes Park, Wimbledon). This numbering sequence has posed problems for the assessment as some sites have different numbers at different dates (Quorn Camp, Leicestershire – Camp 9 and Camp 183), the same camp number can be used for different locations (Camp
  22. lysandernovo

    Posts Near Halfway

    If you look carefully they carry a sign saying they are the responsibility of the Coal Authority.. As a local I was informed they were to vent any build up of gas from the long closed Holbrook Colliery upon whose site hundreds of new homes have been built over last 20 or so years.. Incidentally, parts of the area were also "blessed", for a time, with a build up of radon gas.
  23. Edmund

    Samuel Kirkby of Grove House

    I'd suggest that you download the History of Old Sheffield Plate by Frederick Bradbury 1912 (especially pages 434 onwards). Available here: History of Old Sheffield Plate A James and Samuel Kirkby were on the Committee of the Lancasterian School in 1822 (the school was much associated with Upper Chapel) A Joseph Kirkby, merchant died aged 57 in December 1824 Joseph Kirkby and Co. vacated their works at Portobello Street (opposite St Georges) in 1832 In October 1829 at Sheffield, James Kirkby aged 40 of St Dunstan's London, and of Messrs Kirkby and Co, silver platers, m
  24. madannie77

    Stanton Broom

    Perhaps there has been some renumbering of Glossop Road?. This 1853 map (from old-maps.co.uk) suggests that Stanton Broom was further along Glossop Road, adjacent to the junction with Clarkhouse Road (or Lane as it was then)
  25. sixspeed

    Crosspool in the 1960s

    Hi Wazzie I seem to be suffering with the same rusty brain syndrome. I can't remember the Mini van you refer to but I do remember the Ford Zephyr MK3 they owned in the 60s and the occasion when the car door blew to trapping John's head between the door and the garage wall. Later they owned a silver coloured Vauxhall Victor 101 estate, this I remember well because as a very young apprentice mechanic I fitted a new clutch to this car in the Mann's lock up garage in Benty Lane, that would have been about 1971/72 Sixspeed
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