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  1. dunsbyowl1867

    Sheffield Coal Mines

    Came across this list on this site : http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancest...0.htm#YORKSHIRE Not sure if it has been posted before. My Great Grandad worked at the Brightside pit which he walked into rather than travelling down a shaft - and interesting see no 40 Benjamin Huntsman is down as a mine owner- I assume it is the same one? 1 Aston Main, Sheffield, W. H. Stone. 2 Alumnia, Sheffield, Brooke and Son. 3 Beighton, Sheffield, Skinner and Holford. 4 Birkin, Sheffield, Jos. Bramall and Sons. 5 Bracken Moor, Sheffield, Executors of Jas. Grayson. 6 Brightside, Sh
  2. A new life in Sheffield The Tew family discussed below appears to have come to Sheffield via Cherington in the West Midlands[1]. Cutlery apprenticeship records reveal that Joseph Tew, son of Simms, a wool comber of Cherington, was apprenticed to Isaac Brown, knifemaker, in 1792[2]. That entry is of additional interest because it mentions that £15 (presumably of the indenture fee) was paid by the Quakers after agreement at a quarterly meeting at Warwick. Simms (also Sims or Simmes), is an unusual forename, of course, and so distinctly helpful for the discovery of family and antecedent
  3. RichardB

    1861 Pubs

    This is a list of Pubs existing in 1861. I have only 119 entries for 1861. There are a LOT of Pubs on this list. Therefore, there are a lot missing, any input appreciated. Description Pub name (existing in 1861, keeper known, or mainly, unknown, Address, Opening year (Best estimate), Closing Year (Best estimate), Span in Years, Keeper in 1861 (only 119 of 'em), 25 is how many times the pub is represented in the 25 date sources I/We have looked into, one scoring an impressive 24 If you are aware of any 1861 Keeper, or if you know a Pub I have listed as "Still open" closed years ago, please l
  4. dobberd

    Holme Lane

    Holme Lane Kelly's 1893 Frederick ABEL Grocer &c. Holme Lane, Hillsborough John ALLEN Stationer; Post Office 224 Holme Lane, Hillsborough William ALLSOPP Shopkeeper 36 Holme Lane, Hillsborough Mrs Elizabeth BARKER Shopkeeper 1 Holme Lane, Hillsborough William BARKER Butchers' steel manufacturer 22 Holme Lane, Hillsborough James W BARNES Grocer 12 Holme Lane, Hillsborough William BEARD Butcher 22 Holme Lane, Hillsborough Henry BOWER File manager (M & J Wing) Jericho Works, Holme Lane, Hillsborough George Easton BRADLEY
  5. While walking along Myers Lane near Worrall I noticed what looks like a marker stone on the north side of the road at 53.24.56 North x 1.33.10 West, it appears to have ODC 1868 No1 engraved on it. Although I'm from Worrall originally and must have walked past it many times this is the first time I've noticed it. Can anyone tell me what it is for? Also, on all the old maps there is a building called Larch Hall close to this marker. As a child I always knew the area as Larch Hall but there was nothing to see even back then [1960's]. Can anyone tell me anything about Larch Hall? Pete
  6. Hello, My grandfather died apparently in a hospital/hospice on Lydgate Lane. 'Once you went to Lydgate Lane you never go home' was the bleak expression used once admitted. This would have been around 1940ish. It was specifically for chest and lung diseases. Can anyone give me a link to map of this area so that I can look for likely premises. It is an old relative who told me whose memory is faded. Could he be thinking of the Thornbury Hospital? Sorry the details are so vague but that's all that I was given to work on. Many thanks for looking.
  7. wessie_mick

    Lydgate Lane

    can anybody remember the chippy on Lydgate Lane on the cross roads,next to the Hallamshire pub,best fish/chips for miles
  8. Whilst looking at other things in the area on Street View I saw that a road bridge over Storth Lane in Ranmoor was listed. I went and had a look and it's certainly unusual for a Sheffield road bridge! I wonder which road was in place first and why such an ornate structure?
  9. In 1945/46 after the Second World War people from Italy moved to Sheffield and went into a resettlement camp called ‘Wood Lane Camp’ in Sheffield. Some records have this camp as being in Wadsley Can anyone shine a light on Wood Lane Resettlement Camp and can we have as much info as possible please? It’s for someone researching their fathers movements What do we know about this mystery place?
  10. Calvin72

    Drinking Fountains

    Close up of the inscription on the Broad Lane fountain today.
  11. Does anyone remember this shop on the corner of Priory Road, and Sharrow Lane?
  12. Thorntons girl

    Coal men in Sheffield

    Does anyone know of a Coal dealers in Sheffield around the woodlouse area in the 1960s? I believe the dealer operated from a yard in Market street. I would be really interested in any information Thanks
  13. I attach a screen shot of the 1849 Ordnance Survey map of part of the city centre. I'm looking at the history of the Porter Brook in the area. I've walked through the culverted parts a few times and there is a lovely stone arch bridge/tunnel between the Decathlon car park and the former Staples car park. The latter entrance is visible through a clump of trees. I think from the 1849 map that this is the two centuries old, and still intact, Vulcan Works Bridge (Vulcan Works was certainly on the site at the old Staples car park end). It is best part of 100 yards long and the Ordnance survey map s
  14. Sheffield Col

    Tom Cross Lane..

    I know Brunswick Road. Pitsmoor, (AKA localy "Champs Hill") was once called "Tom Cross Lane", But who was Tom Cross, and when / why was the name changed to Brunswick Road.? Does any one know ?
  15. My Grandparents and Uncle were the Neale's that lived at 119 Rock Street and were killed, my Mother was 3 years old and was not with them that day as she was sick and with a relative. I was told by my Mother that her Mothers sister adopted her she was told later that she was adopted and what had happened to her parents and baby brother. My Mother told me that they had been to get groceries and on the way home the sirens went off they were closer to the house so that's were they ran instead of the air raid shelter. My Mothers Grandmother (her dads mother) that lived on Kilton Lan
  16. I seem to think mistakenly that Andrews was there when I was at school in the 1950s. But I think it was much later! Where would we have bought our stationery before Andrews?
  17. RichardB

    Wheats Lane

    So, no-one told me about Wheats Lane in Paradise Square then ? Keeping secrets, huh ? Important resident judging by the name and a plaque on the wall to a well known Doctor with Victoria connections ? Who are these people please ? Remarkable little lane with a great building on the end, dog-walkers give it a go.
  18. Dixon Lane in Sheffield City Centre in the early 1960s showing Burton's clothes shop is it?
  19. tozzin

    Campo Lane

    Campo Lane, Sheffield City Centre
  20. Does anyone know what this building is/was on the corner of York Street and Campo Lane? Does it have a name?
  21. Sheffield History

    Leppings Lane, Hillsborough

    Quite a few changes on Leppings Lane over the years!
  22. From the reverse: THIS WOMAN IS NOT AFRAID TO WORK Mrs. P.G. Woodfield is Sheffield's only woman coal dealer. She delivers the bags of coal herself, as well as driving the lorry, and doing the necessary repairs. Some of the sacks of coal she delivers weigh 75 Kilogramms. Mrs Woodfield unloading sacks of coal from her lorry during her daily round at Sheffield.
  23. Here's a video for anyone who hasn't been down/through Jew Lane in Sheffield City Centre
  24. Sounds like an early 1970's Slade album ! Well, here is the list of Pubs with no known keeper - some of these are very old and very unlikely ever to give up their secret - some opened in 2002 and I just don't have keeper information for them - any help with old or new much appreciated. Name Address Open Closed Comments Acorn 20 Burton Road 1905 1912 became a boys club Adam and Eve 17 Balaclava Street African Prince Lambert Street 1774 1883 Albion 26 Oxford Street Alexandra 23 Dover Street 1917 Alexandra 91 Dunlop Street, S9 Alexandra Hotel 42 Jericho Street, S3 All Bar One 15 Leopold Street
  25. The Neepsend Tavern Pub, 144 Neepsend Lane, Sheffield This building looks like it's had an interesting history, having been a Worksop Ales pub, selling beers, and spirits to the Sheffield folk in the past. In later years it actually became a massage parlour so quite a difference there in building usage! What else can we find out about this pub
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