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  1. RichardB

    Lost In A World Of Pub Updates

    Newly discovered Sheffield Trade Directory (1850) Miggins Directory of Sheffield Boozers with known, named keepers. This is NOT all Sheffield Pubs in 1850, just those with a named Publican/Victualler/Landlord-Lady Albion 2-4 Earsham Street, S4 1948. Joseph Charlesworth Albion 35 Johnson Street 1839. Joseph Hobson Albion Hotel 75 London Road, S2 1833. John Roberts Anchor 233 Solly Street 1833. Paul Parnell Angel 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane 105 South Street, Moor 1821. William Tomlinson Angel 15 Angel Street 1657. Frederick Wilkinson Angel 87 Westbar Green 1820. L Ibbotson Anvil 152 South Street, Moor 1820. Thomas Goodwin Army Hotel/Army Stores/Clifton/Anvil 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road 1845. Henry Short Arundel Castle 257 Arundel Street 1833. Martha Knight Ball 17 Scotland Street (Grindle gate) 1797. William Tarlington Ball 27 Spring Street 1797. George Pinder Ball 50 Lambert Street 1796. John Wragg Ball 20 Hawley Croft 1780. Thomas Hartshorn Ball Inn 44 Broad Lane 1820. Francis Townsend Ball Inn 84 Green Lane 1820. James Eyre Barleycorn 38 Coal Pit Lane 1795. Samuel Wilson Barrel/Old Barrel 31 Edward Street (Scotland Street) 1786. Henry Marshall Barrel/Old Barrel 75 Pea Croft 1822. Joseph Wallis Barrel/Old Barrel Little Pond Street 1821. Richard Humphreys (Little Pond Street) Basin Tavern 36 Blast Lane 1852. William Hartley Bath Hotel 139 Broomhall Street 1849. Isaac Fretwell Bay Childers/Bay Horse/Horse and Cat/Queen Victoria/Westminster 8 High Street 1774. John Walker Bay Horse 40 South Street, Moor 1822. Richard Anthony Bay Horse 463 Pitsmoor Road, S3 (293 Pitsmoor Road) 1822. John Wright Bazaar 116 South Street, Moor 1828. Joseph Birks Beehive/B-Hive/Rockwells/Foundry & Firkin/Bar S1 240 West Street/Glossop Road 1825. Elizabeth Wild Ben Lomond/City Arms 23 Eyre Street 1833. Benjamin Martin Big Tree/Mason's Arms 842 Chesterfield Road, S8 1825 Ann Seddon Black Bull/Bull/Old Black Bull 74 Hollis Croft 1820. John Waddington Black Horse 64 Howard Street 1822. Joshua Hinchcliff Black Horse/Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street 1822. John Crofts Black Rock and Wine and Spirit Merchant 17 Castle Street 1797. John Fordham Black Swan 1 Little Pond Street (also 15 or 60) 1820. John Staniforth Black Swan 29 Snig Hill 1854. Joseph Outram (died 28th Mar 1851) Black Swan 3 Fargate/5 Black Swan Walk 1797. Joseph Butterworth Bloomsberry/Bloomsbury 37 Albion Street, Crooksmoor/Oxford Street 1838. George Oddy Blue Ball 25 Pye Bank 1822. Samuel Law Blue Ball Crookes, S10 1822. Joseph Skelton Blue Ball/Old Blue Ball 67 Broad Street, Park, S2 1822. Mary Skelton Blue Bell 13 Jehu Lane/4 Commercial Street in 1871 1820. Thomas Colley (4 Commercial Street) Blue Boar 26 West Bar 1774. Ann Woollen Blue Pig/Oxford 22 Workhouse Lane/Spring Street 1833. Joseph Ellis Boot and Shoe/Boot and Slipper 52 Pinstone Street 1820. Robert Daff Bridge 2 Pond Street 1846. John Shaw (Boardman's Bridge, 2 Pond Street) Bridge Inn 219 Pond Street 1796. John Shaw Brown Bear 109 Norfolk Street 1820. Martha Wild Brown Cow/Old Brown Cow 1 Radford Street 1820. Thomas Fearn Bull's Head 2 Duke Street 1820. John Landers Castle Inn 46 Snighill/Water Lane 1820. Melling Woodcock Chequers or Old Cow (Beerhouse) 64 Coal Pit Lane 1820. Thomas Barker Chequers/Checquers 19 Rough Bank, Park (Rough Lane, Park in 1834) 1825. Joseph Marples Chequers/Checquers/Old Chequers 4 Meadow Street 1820. John Gordon Cherry Tree/Old Cherry Tree 37 Gibralter Street 1820. George Trickett Chester Castle 62 Eldon Street 1849. Richard Anderson Clock Maker's Arms/Dog and Partridge 122 West Bar 1833. Robert Barnes Cock 59 Hollis Croft 1780. John Mucklow Cock Inn/Old Cock 11 Paradise Square 1820. Thomas McQuhae Commercial Inn 24 Haymarket c1800 John Barnett Compass Inn/Earl Grey's Compass 28 Orchard Street 1833. James Richmond Cricket Ball Inn 2 Savile Street East/46 Sutherland Street 1849. Matthew Needham Cross Daggers 52 West Bar Green 1797. Mary Maddock Crown and Anchor 18 Stanley Street 1830. William Mallinson Crown and Cushion/Old Crown and Cushion 21 Old Street, Park 1820. Hubert Urton Crown Inn 23 Blue Boy Street 1835. James Cooper Crown Inn/Old Crown 13 Duke Street, Park 1820. Ann Rowley Cup (aka Gardeners Rest) 17 Dun Street 1845. John Machon Cutler's Arms 7 New Church Street 1822. Ann Mellor Devonshire Arms 23 South Street, Moor 1825. John Cadman Dolphin Hotel 37 Division Street 1845. George Essex Brett Dove and Rainbow 25 Hartshead 1782. Elizabeth Drury Durham Ox 51 Exchange Street 1849. William Wells Elephant Vaults 2 Norfolk Street & Market Street 1820. George Hartley Falcon 65 Pea Croft (Solly Street) 1822. John Nuttall Farfield/Owl/Muff Inn 376 Neepsend Lane 1864. Henry Short Feathers/Old Feathers 46 High St Lane, Park 1820. John Parker Florist 119 Broad Lane 1839. David Smith Foresters Arms 14 Union Buildings, Bridge Street 1854. James Pryor Fortunes of War/Old Fortune of War (see also Turk's Head, New and Old !) 112 Scotland Street 1822. Charles Clement Farnsworth Fountain 4 Pinfold Street 1820. Elizabeth Housley Fox and Duck 174 Pye Bank 1822. John Woodcock Fox and Duck 50 Broad Lane, Sheffield North 1822. William Firth Fox and Hounds Marsh Lane, Ridgeway 1846. William Wilson George and Dragon 93 Broad Lane 1825. James Powell George and Dragon 96 West Bar 1822. George Thompson Globe/Waterloo and Globe 107 Porter Street 1820. William Underwood Golden Ball 52 Wicker 1845. Thomas Simonite Golden Ball 838 Attercliffe Road 1825. George Dawson Golden Ball/Ball 39 Forge or Shude Lane 1796. Stephen Walker Golden Lion/Old Golden Lion 3 or 5 Forge Lane 1822. Alfred Denial Grapes 11 or 13 New Church Street 1820. Samuel Mosley Grapes 80 Trippet Lane 1820. George Wild Grapes Tavern 74 Furnace Hill 1832. Thomas Elliott Green Man/Old Green Man 23 Broad Street, Park 1820. George Bartin Grey Horse 25 Stoke Street, Attercliffe 1850. William Milner Grey Horse/Blackamore Head 39 High Street 1675. Edward Marrison Greyhound 185 Gibralter Street, S3 1796. Christopher Staniland Hare and Hounds 27 Nursery Street 1820. George Ashmore Harlequin/Harlequin and Clown 26 Johnson Street 1822. ? Oglesby Hen and Chickens 3 Castle Green 1820. John Barratt Hermitage 11 London Road, Little Sheffield 1822. John Bullas Hillsborough Inn 2 Holme Lane 1845. John Wilkinson Hope and Anchor 223 Solly Street 1849. Paul Parnell Horse and Jockey 14 Sheaf Street, Park 1825. Joseph Cundy Hospital Tavern 13 Park Hill Lane 1828. James Pearson Hussar/Old Hussar 51 Scotland Street 1816. John Corbridge Kelvin Grove 227 Infirmary Road, Gatefield, S6 1833. George Frederick Bywater King's Arms 2 Haymarket 1797. John Scargill King's Head/Old King's Head 1 Change Alley 1572. Sarah Woodhead Lincoln Castle/Old Lincoln Castle 24 Brocco Street 1837. John Smith Locomotive/Odd Fellows Arms 49 Carlisle Street/Attercliffe Road 1852. Robert Stoakes London Apprentice/Old London Apprentice 1 West Bar Green 1797. John Schwarer London Apprentice/Old London Apprentice 77 Spring Street 1820. George Horsfield Meadow Street Hotel 110 Meadow Street, S3 1845. Thomas Maxfield Mermaid 6 Orchard Street 1820. William Stevenson Millhouses Hotel 951 Abbeydale Road, Millhouses, S7 1841. Joshua Hodgkinson (Beerhouse) Milton's Head 29 Lower Allen Street, S3 1825. John Morewood Morpeth Arms 108 Upper Allen Street, S3 1833. George Pallett Moseley's Arms 81-83 West Bar & Paradise Street 1849. Thomas Moseley Mulberry Tavern 2 Mulberry Street, S1 1825. John Williams (Mulberry Tree) Neepsend Tavern 114 Neepsend Lane 1833. George Aldred New Inn 183 Duke Street 1828. Issac Lowe New Inn 2 Penistone Road, S6 1822. George Goodall New Market Hotel 20 Broad Street & 1 Sheaf Street, S2 1825. Thomas Kilham Norfolk Arms 5 Norfolk Street 1825. Hannah Blake Norfolk Arms Manor 1822. David Ledger Norfolk Arms Ringinglow, Upper Hallam, S11 1845. Charles Marsden Old Blue Bell 31 High Street, S1 1710. Charles Nicholson Old Crown Inn 137 London Road or 133 or 101 Highfield 1822. Samuel Stones Old Harrow 34 Harvest Lane 1820. George Gillott Old Light Horseman 155 Penistone Road, Philadelphia 1822. Joseph Morton Old Red House/Fargate Vaults 35 Fargate 1780. James Chamberlain (Fargate Vaults) Old White Swan Brightside Bierlow 1825. John Ashmore Orange Branch 28 Hollis Croft 1820. Joseph Allen Palace Inn Bakers Hill 1833. John Ibbotson Parrot Inn 9 Button Lane/9 Moor Head 1820. Alfred Hukin Peter's Hotel 121 Lord Street 1845. Alfred Ellison Pheasant 10 Broad Street, Park 1797. Elizabeth Oldfield Plough 228 Sandygate Road, Sandygate, S10 (Goule Green, Upper Hallam) 1822. Joseph Creswick Portobello Tavern 248 Portobello Street 1849. John Barnes Prince of Wales 38 Sycamore Street 1820. William Amory Prince of Wales Banner Cross, Ecclesall, S11 1834. Albert Ellse Pump Tavern 79 South Street, Moor 1825. George Saville Queen Adelaide/Adelaide 32 Bramall Lane/1 Hermitage Street, S2 1825. Sarah Hannah Queen's Head 20 Sheaf Street, Park 1829. Samuel Staniforth Queen's Head Inn/Old Queens Head) 14 Castle Street 1797. John Hunsley Rawson's Arms 85 Tenter Street 1833. Joseph Charles Roe Red Lion 145 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820. Thomas Garratt Red Lion Lower Heeley 1822. Edwin Smith Red Lion/Old Red Lion in 1854 35 Holly Street, S1 1822. John Brewster Rein Deer 139 Devonshire Street 1841. Mary Banks Rein Deer 39 South Street, Park 1830. Joshua Blackburn Rein Deer Hawley Lane 1833. Joseph Thorpe Reuben's Head/Rubins Head 43 Burgess Street 1822. W Turton Rifle Tavern 15 Bower Street 1845. Mrs Charlotte Gregory Rising Sun 146 West Street 1849. Thomas Flather Rising Sun Little Common, Ecclesall Bierlow 1786. Thomas Ellis Robin Hood 86 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820. Elizabeth Goulder Robin Hood Inn Millhouses 1822. Eneas Brown Rock Tavern 20 Dixon Lane 1796. James Strafford Rockingham Arms 194 Rockingham Street 1825. Charles Ward Rodney Loxley 1828. William Fearn Rose and Crown 12 Waingate 1765. William Toplis Rose and Crown 21 Paternoster Row/Brown Street 1820. John Woodward Rose and Crown 9 Holly Street 1822. James Ashmore Rotherham House/Market Tavern/The Sun/ The Garden 27 Exchange Street 1797. William Bentley Royal Mail 131 West Street 1828. Esther Eyre Royal Oak 83 Pond Street 1796. John Horncastle Royal Standard 156 St Mary's Road, S2 1833. Henry Piggott Saddle/New Saddle 96 West Street 1825. Charles Binney Scarborough Arms 79 Fargate 1797. William Appleyard Shades/Shades Vaults 20 Watson's Walk 1797. George Naylor Shakespeare 146 Gibralter Street 1820. Isaac Rubbins Shrewsbury Hotel 109 South Street, Park 1830. William Shaw Sportsman 14 Bridgehouses 1822. Joshua Jarvis Sportsman 20 Coal Pit Lane 1833. John Wilson Sportsman's Inn 41 West Bar 1820. Edward Davis Sportsman's Inn Bridgehouses 1822. Joshua Jarvis St Philip's Tavern 228 St Philip's Road 1825. Richard Brinnen Stafford Arms 30 Stafford Street, S2 1854. William Morton (Beerhouse, Stafford Arms) Stag 45 Carver Street 1820. Thomas Gilley Stag Inn/Old White Hart in 1854 14 Castle Green 1841. William Dove Star Inn 181 Gibralter Street 1820. George Radley Star Inn 8 White Croft 1820. Peter Dodd Station Inn 86 Wicker 1845. George Vaughan Swan with Two Necks/Swan 28 Furnival Street 1820. John Fisher Tankard and Punchbowl 94 Broad Street 1820. Frederick Fenton Tankard/Old Tankard/Great Tankard 115 West Bar 1791. Jarvis Turner Tankard/Pipe and Tankard Little Pond Street 1820. William Emerson Thatched House Tavern 2 High Street 1849. John Barker Theatre Tavern 37 Arundel Street 1774. Ann Harwood Three Cranes 46 Queen Street 1820. Rebecca Franks Three Horseshoes Jehu Lane/Commercial Street 1845. Joseph Marples Three Stags Heads 24 Pinstone Street 1820. Thomas Oxley Three Tuns 55 Leopold Street/Orchard Street 1822. John Thompson Travellers Snig Hill 1780. Abraham Bunting Eaton (wife Sarah) Traveller's Rest 135 South Street, Moor 1846. Ann Murfin Union 12 Bridgehouses 1820. George Upton Union 2 Coalpit Lane/Cross Burgess Street 1820. Matthew Osbourne Vine Tavern 4 or 11 Hartshead 1825. John Megson Warm Hearth Stone 1 Town Head Street 1790. William Topliss Washington 79 Fitzwilliam Street 1845. John Monks Waterloo Tavern/Waterloo Turf Tavern 26 Watson's walk 1774. Paul Ashley Wellington Inn 222 Main Road, Darnall Road 1822. William Hardcastle Wellington Tavern/Duke of Wellington 21 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge St by 1871) 1822. Elias Shirt Wharncliffe Arms/William McReady/Manchester 42 West Street 1787. Thomas Littlewood White Bear 10 High Street 1780. Lydia Binney White Hart/Old White Hart Waingate 1825. William Dove Windsor Castle 21 Silver Street 1825. George Bates Woodman 166 South St Moor 1820. John Staniland Yellow Lion 1 Coal Pit Lane 1736. John Chicken Yellow Lion 12 Haymarket 1787. Richard Baxter Yew Tree Malin Bridge 1825. Benjamin Shaw Yorkshire Man/Yorkshireman's Arms/Lion's Lair 31 Burgess Street 1796. William Hill ------------------------------------------------------------ Not bad for a beginner ... Can't wait for Ukelele Lady to return, she may just have kittens
  2. Yellow Lion Coal Pit Lane 1839 Elizabeth Shaw 1841 Alfred Newton 1859 John Chicken 1863 John Cooke [1 Cambridge St] updated to A to Z
  3. Guest

    Coal Pit Lane

    I remember reading recently but can't remember where, that one of the 19th. century Chapels or Churches built in that area had to be built on piles because of the old coal workings under the site. If I come across it again I'll remember this thread....hopefully. Edit: Found the church but it it's too far from Coal Pit lane.... "St. Judes Eldon street, erected in 1849....the site included a partially worked coal mine and the church is reared on 33 stone pillars rising from the bottom of the mine."
  4. Guest

    Coal Pit Lane

    I can't find if this has been discussed before. Coal Pit Lane, now Cambridge Street. Presumably it was called Coal Pit Lane for a reason (although the 1771 Fairbanks plan gives the alternative Cow Pit Lane). So, where was the coal pit?
  5. Old Cow (Beerhouse) 12/64 Coal Pit Lane Open 1833 Closed by 1841? Span ~7? Comments Coalpit Lane is now Cambridge Street Earlier 1833 (White's) John Renwick, Old Cow beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane) 1837 (White's) John Renwick, beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane) 1839 (Robson's) Jno. Renwick, beer retailer (12 Coalpit Lane) 1841 (Census) John Renwick, cutler (Coalpit Lane)—no mention of beerhouse
  6. The updated entries (Old Cow to go with beerhouses when they take their place in the index): Chequers Inn 43/64 Coal Pit Lane/Cambridge Street Open 1821 Closed before 1901? Span Comments Coalpit Lane is now Cambridge Street Earlier 1821 Thomas Alsop 1822 Thomas Alsop (43 Coalpit Lane) 1825 Thomas Alsop (43 Coalpit Lane) 1828 (Blackwell's) Thomas Alsop, Chequers (43 Coalpit Lane) 1828–9 (Pigot's) Thomas Alsop, Chequers (43 Coalpit lane) 1833 (White's) Jane Alsop, vict. Chequers (43 Coalpit Lane; also given as #40) 1834 Jane Alsop 1837 (White's) Jane Alsop, vict. Chequers (43 Coalpit Lane) 1839 (Robson's) A. Alsop, Beer Retailer (64 Coalpit Lane) 1841 (Census) Jane Alsop, publican (Coalpit Lane) 1845 T. Beatson 1849 (White's) T. Barker, Chequers (64 Coalpit Lane) 1851 Thomas Barker 1852 (White's) Thomas Barker, vict. Chequers (64 Coalpit Lane) 1854 (Kelly's) Thomas Barker, Chequers Inn (64 Coalpit Lane) 1856 (White's) Ann Barker, vict. Chequers (64 Coalpit Lane) 1861 Ann Barker 1862 (White's) Ann Barker, vict. Chequers (64 Coalpit Lane) 1871 (White's) Ann Barker, victualler, Chequers Inn (64 Cambridge Street) 1879 (White's) Walter Powell, victualler, Chequers Inn (Cambridge Street) 1881 (Kelly's) Walter Powell, Chequers Inn (66 Cambridge Street) http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=s06975 Old Cow (Beerhouse) 12/64 Coal Pit Lane Open 1833 Closed by 1841? Span ~7? Comments Coalpit Lane is now Cambridge Street Earlier 1833 (White's) John Renwick, Old Cow beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane) 1837 (White's) John Renwick, beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane) 1839 (Robson's) Jno. Renwick, beer retailer (12 Coalpit Lane) 1841 (Census) John Renwick, cutler (Coalpit Lane)—no mention of beerhouse
  7. Looking at the Chequers or Old Cow (Beerhouse) posting, I think that these are two different places. White's 1833 directory has: Jane Alsop, vict. Chequers, 43 Coalpit Lane John Renwick, Old Cow beerhouse, 64 Coalpit Lane The 1837 directory also has: Jane Alsop, vict. Chequers, 43 Coalpit Lane John Renwick, beerhouse, 64 Coalpit Lane But then, Robson's 1839 directory has: A. Alsop, Beer Retailer, 64 Coalpit Lane Jno. Renwick, pen & pocket knife manufacturer & beer retailer, 12 Coalpit Lane It looks that Coalpit Lane was renumbered between 1837 and 1839; #43 became #64, and #64 became #12
  8. Y Yates's Carver Street Ye Old Cart and Horse 2 Wortley Road, High Green Ye Old English Samson 1 Duke Street, Park, S2 Yellow Ball Nether Hallam Yellow Lion 12 Haymarket Yellow Lion 59 Clifton Street, Attercliffe Yellow Lion Hotel High Street.Apperknowle. Unstone Yellow Lion1 Coal Pit Lane Yeomanry Hotel 32 Norfolk Street Yew Tree Inn234 Holmley Lane. Coal Aston Yew TreeLoxley New Road, Malin Bridge Yew Tree Inn 147 Hollinsend Road, Intake Yorick/The York 57 Division Street York Hotel 247 Fulwood Road / Broomhill York House 20 Nag's Head Court Yorkshire Clown 24 Paradise Square Yorkshire Cricketers 97 Pea Croft Yorkshire Grey 69 Charles Street Yorkshire Man/Yorkshireman's Arms 31 Burgess Street Yorkshireman 301 Sheffield Road, Templeborough Yorkshire Stingo 50 Division Street Young Street Tavern 162 Young Street
  9. W Wadsley Jack 65 Rural Lane, Wadsley Waggon and Horses 1 Scargill Croft Waggon and Horses 13 Arundel Street Waggon and Horses Abbeydale Road. Millhouses Wagon and Horses 236 Gleadless Road Wagon and Horses Langsett, Stocksbridge Wagon and Horses 2 Kent Road, Upper Heeley Waggon and Horses Market Place, Chapeltown Walkabout Inn Carver Street Walkley Cottage Hill Street, Walkley Wapentake Moorhead Warm Hearth Stone 1 Town Head Street Washford Arms 380 Attercliffe Road Washington 23 Washington Road Washington 79 Fitzwilliam Street & Wellington Street Waterloo Tavern 18 Pinstone Street Waterloo Tavern 3 Andrew Street Waterloo Tavern/Waterloo Turf Tavern 26 Watson's walk Waterman's Rest 1 Sussex Street Waverley Hotel Castle Street We Three Loggerheads Inn 30 Hawley Croft Weatherby Park Hill, Swallownest Weatherspoons 12-18 Cambridge Street Weatherspoons West Street Weighhouse Inn 168 Duke Street Weir Head Hotel 1 Sutherland Street Weir Head Inn 287 Attercliffe Road Weir Head Tavern 377 Penistone Road Well Run Dimple 58 Fargate Wellington 1 Henry Street, Portmahon Wellington 683 Attercliffe Common Wellington 720 Brightside Lane Wellington 15 Burgess Street Wellington 78 Macro Street Wellington 79 Fitzwilliam Street Wellington Roscoe Place Wellington Arms 90 Wellington Street Wellington Inn 124 Carlisle Road Wellington Inn 222 Main Road, Darnall Road Wellington Inn 58 Langsett Road Wellington Tavern 21 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge St by 1863 ) Wellington Tavern Castle Folds Wentworth Arms 262 Rockingham Street & 76 Button Lane Wentworth House 18 Wentworth Street, S6 Wentworth House 78 Button Lane Wentworth House Hotel 26 Milford Street Wentworth Inn 156 Wentworth Street West End 71 West Street, Eckington West End Hotel 412 Glossop Road West Street Hotel 128 West Street West Street Vaults 112 West Street Westcourt Shades 2 Scargill Croft Westminster 40 High Street & 1 Mulberry Street Weston Park Hotel 96 Weston Street Westway 53-59 West Street Wharncliffe Arms Burncross, Chapeltown Wharncliffe Arms 101 Green Lane Wharncliffe Arms Wharncliffe Side Wharncliffe Arms/William MacCready 42 West Street Wharncliffe Hotel 127 Bevercotes Road, S5 Wharncliffe Hotel 13 King Street Wheatsheaf 11 Bridge Street Wheatsheaf 149 Harvest Lane Wheatsheaf 18 Penistone Road Wheatsheaf 2 Platt Street Wheatsheaf 21 Button Lane Wheatsheaf 46 Sims Croft Wheatsheaf 74 Bailey Lane Wheatsheaf 81 Eyre Lane Wheatsheaf Park Head, Ecclesall Whiley's Saloon Hartshead Whirlow Bridge Ecclesall Road, Parkhead Whitby Hotel 106 Addy Street/1 Arthur Street 1871 White Bear 10 High Street White Bear Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield White Hart 119 Worksop Road White Hart Inn 184 St Philip's Road S3 White Hart 32 Church Street, Eckington White Hart 62 Russell Street S3 White Hart 64 Doncaster Street S3 White Hart Church Street, Attercliffe S9 White Hart 27 Main Road .Greenhill White Hart 101 Wortley Road. High Green, Chapeltown White Hart18 Langsett Road North, Oughtibridge White Hart Waingate Weeping Willow Penistone Road White Horse 18 Effingham Street White Horse 19 Grammer Street, S6 White Horse 275 Solly Street White Horse 20-22 Copper Street White Horse 65 Malinda Street White Horse/Morning Star 76 Matilda Street White Horse 83 South Street White Horse 87 Creswick Street White Horse Gregory Row White Horse Market Place, Chapeltown White Horse Norfolk Road North White Horse Wadsley Bridge White Lion 110 Barker's Pool White Lion 12 West Bar Green White Lion 131 Dunlop Street White Lion 3 Wicker White Lion 25 Holly Street White Lion 30 Bailey Street White Lion 140 Queen Street White Lion 37 West Bar Green/37 Tenter Street White Lion 54 Woodside Lane White Lion 86 Queen Street White Lion 88 Carbrook Street, S9 White Lion 615 London Road. Lower Heeley, S2 White Lion (New) 12 Wicker White Lion 61 Division Street White Low Upper Hallam White Rose 17 Handsworth Road White Swan Chesterfield Road. Dronfield White Swan 3 Fargate White Swan 36 Charlotte Street White Swan 57 Greenhill Main Road, S8 White Swan 75 West Bar White Swan Hotel 105 Meadow Hall Road, Brightside Whitesmiths' Arms (Beerhouse) 47 Russell Street Who Can Tell 33 Botham Street Why Not? 27 Clun Street Wicker Brewery Hotel/Hole in the Wall 70 and 72 Saville Street, S4 Wicker Tilt 2 Wicker Widow's Hut 21 Meadow Street Widow's Hut 41 Sorby Street Wiley's Saloon Bar 25 Hartshead William IV Russell Street William McReady West Street Willow Tree 147 Portobello Street Wincobank 72 Newman Road, Wincobank Windsor Castle 129 Princess Street Windsor Castle 1 Silver Street Windsor Castle 50 School Croft Windsor Castle 70 Tenter Street Windsor Hotel 35-39 Southend Road, S2 Wine and Spirit Vaults 2 Market Street Wine Vaults 59-63 Scotland Street Wine Vaults Silver Head Street Wisewood Inn 539 Loxley Road, Loxley Woodburn Hotel/Woodbourn 2 Lovetot Road Woodburne Hotel 2 Worthing Road, Attercliffe Woodland Tavern 321 Langsett Road Woodman 137 Edward Street Woodman Inn 158 Woodside Lane Woodman 180 South St Moor Woodman Inn 87 Carlisle Street East Woodman's Hut 46 Garden Street Woodseats 743 Chesterfield Road, S8 Woodseats Palace 692 Chesterfield Road Woodside Tavern 126 Woodside Lane Woodthorpe Arms 102 Mansfield Road, Intake Woolpack 2â€"4 Percy Street Woolpack Flat Street Woolsack 277 Upper Allen Street Wordsworth Tavern Wordsworth Avenue Worthington Hotel South Sheffield Wortley Arms Halifax Road, Wortley Wrekin 143 Carlisle Street East Wybourn Tavern 204 Cricket Inn Road, Park Wyvern 379 Leighton Road
  10. S Saddle 96 West Street Sailte Yorkshire Beer House Green Lane Salutation 126 Attercliffe Common (Hill Top in 1871) Salutation 170 Wortley Road, High Green, Chapeltown Salutation 85 Upper St Philip's Road Salutation 85 West Street Salutation Silver Street Head Sam Hills Parlour 76-78 Wicker Sanctuary 4 St James Street Sandy Gate Sandy Gate, Upper Hallam Saracens Head 88 & 90 Grimesthorpe Road Saracens Head Ecclesfield Saw Mill Tavern 42 Sidney Street Sawmaker's Arms 1 Neepsend Lane, S3 Sawmaker's Arms 40 Burnt Tree Lane Sawyer's Arms 20 Silver Street Scale Cutters Arms (Beerhouse) 50 Westbar Green Scandals 2 Market Place, Chapeltown Scarborough Arms 104 Milton Street, S3 Scarborough Arms 13 Rockingham Street Scarborough Arms 34 Addy Street, S6 Scarborough Arms 79 Fargate Scissorsmith's Arms 114 Harvest Lane Scream 54 Howard Street Sembly Rooms 76-78 Wicker Seven Stars Shire Green Seven Stars Trippet Lane (36 Pinfold Street) Shades/Shades Vaults 20 Watson's Walk Shakespeare 106 Well Road, Heeley Shakespeare 146 Gibraltar Street Shakespeare 51 Allen Street Shakespeare Oak Street, Heeley Shakespeare Upper Heeley Shakespeare 16 Sycamore Street Shakespeare/Shakey 196 Bradfield Road, Owlerton Shamrock (beerhouse) 53 & 55 Pea Croft (Solly Street) Sharrow Head Sharrow Head Sheaf Woodseats Road Sheaf House Hotel 329 Bramhall Lane, S2 Sheaf Inn 11 Effingham Road, S4 Sheaf Tavern Cattle Market / Sheaf Street Ship / Old Ship 57 Hawley Croft Sheaf View Hotel 25 Gleadless Road, S2 Sheffield Arms 107 Upwell Street, Grimesthorpe Sheffield Arms 42 Meadow Street Sheffield House Grimesthorpe Sheffield Moor Hotel 114 South Street, Moor Sheldon Hotel 27 Hill Street Sheldon Inn 10 Edmund Street Shepherd Inn 118 Duke Street Shepley Spitfire Mickley Lane Sherwood Birley Moor Road Shiny Sheff 274-276 Crimicar Lane Ship 31 Water Lane Ship Inn 284 Shalesmoor Shiregreen Hotel 416 Sicey Avenue, S5 Shoulder of Mutton 19 Top Road, Worrall Showroom Bar and Café 7 Paternoster Row Shrewsbury Arms 74 Broad Street, Park Shrewsbury Hotel 17 Paradise Square Shrewsbury Hotel 109 South Street, Park Sicey Hotel Sicey Avenue S5 Sicey Green Hotel 416 Sicey Avenue, S5 Sidney Hotel 23 Haymarket Silver Fox 839 Unsliven Road, Stocksbridge Silversmiths' Arms 1 Lord Street Sir Admiral Lyons 176 Eyre Street Sir Francis Burdett 5 Pond Hill Sir John Falstaff 48 Wicker Sir Robert Peel 157 Carlisle Street Smithfield Hotel 31 Blonk Street,/29 Furnival Road Smithy Door Tavern 26 Hawley Croft Snow Lane Tap Snow Lane Social Tavern 38 Bailey Street Soldier's Return 42 Water Lane (8 Water Lane in 1854) Solferino Inn 130 Cemetery Road, S11 South Sea Hotel 210 Fulwood Road, Broomhill, S10 South Street Hotel 71 South Street, Moor Sovereign Inn 118 Portobello Street Sovereign Inn 70 Rockingham Street Sitwell Arms Renishaw Spirit Vaults 112 West Bar Spital Inn 24 Spital Street Spitalfields 57 Stanley Street Split Crow Spring Street Soldier's Rendezvous 41 West Bar Sportsman 125 Thomas Street Sportsman 133 Infirmary Road Sportsman Effingham Street Spirit Vaults 2 Market Street Spirit Vaults 30 Castle Street Spitalfields 57 Stanley Street Sportsman Moor Lane, Wigtwizzle, [bradfield] Split Crow Spring Street Sportsman/Sportsman's Inn 100 Walkley Bank Road Sportsman 125 Thomas Street Sportsman 155 Railway Street Sportsman 17 Cornish Street Sportsman 26 Coal Pit Lane / 24 Cambridge Street Sportsman 20 West Bar Sportsman 28 South Street, Moor Sportsman 33 Bridge Street & 17 Newhall Street Sportsman 504 Attercliffe Road Sportsman 241 Barnsley Road Sportsman 57 Benty Lane/Manchester Road, Crosspool S10 Sportsman 168 Darnall Road Sportsman Harvey Clough Road, Woodseats, Norton Sportsman 123 High Street, Ecclesfield Sportsman Main Street, Hackenthorpe Sportsman 2 Oldfield Road, Town End, Stannington Sportsman 183 Worrall Road, Wadsley, S6 Sportsman Group 851 Penistone Road Sportsman Inn 569 Redmires Road, S10 Sportsman Inn Carlton Road, Attercliffe Sportsman 8 Pea Croft Sportsman Inn Lodge Moor Sportsman's (Beerhouse) 23 Hollis Croft Sportsman's Arms Deepcar Sportsman's Cottage 74 Button Lane Sportsmans Group 5 Fargate Sportsman's Inn 10 Denby Street Sportsman's Inn 140 Arundel Street Sportsman's Inn 155 Marcus Street, S3 Sportsman's Inn 31 Maltravers Street Sportsman's Inn 33 Otley Street, S6 Sportsman's Inn 41 West Bar Sportsman's Inn 84 Sheldon Street Sportsman's Inn 14 Bridgehouses Sportsman's Inn 83 Well Road & Oak Street, Heeley, S8 Sportsman's Inn Pits moor Sportsman's Inn (Beerhouse) 4 Paternoster Row Sportsman's Rest 45 Park Hill Lane Spotted Cow 70 Russell Street Spread Eagle 19 High Street Spread Eagle 37 Addy Street Spread Eagle / Eagle Tavern 39 West Bar Green Spread Eagle 80 Wellington Street Spread Eagle 9 Fargate Spread Eagle Chapel Walk Spring Tavern 74 New George Street / Boston Street Spring Vale Hotel Spring Vale Road Springfield Tavern 182-184 Broomspring Lane Springwood Inn 67 Freedom Street, Walkley Springwood Inn Hampden View Springwood Inn Hastilar Road South, S2 St George's Tavern 35 Broad Lane St Ledgers 76 Pinstone Street St Patricks Tavern (Beerhouse) 18 Castle Green St Philip's Tavern 228 St Philip's Road St Stephen's Tavern St Stephen's Road Stadium 97 Broughton Lane, S9 Stafford Arms 30 Stafford Street, S2 Staffordshire Arms 38 Sorby Street Stag 16 Lambert Street Stag 2 2 Wilson Street & 170 Harvest Lane Stag 45 Carver Street Stag 83 Pea Croft Stag Malin Bridge Stag Wadsley Stag Inn Market Street, Woodhouse Stag Inn Pond Street Stag Inn 14 Castle Green Stag's Head / Stag Sharrow Head / 15 Psalter Lane Standard 38 West Bar Green Staniforth Arms 261 Staniforth Road Stanley Arms Langsett Road South Oughtibridge Stanley Street Tavern 24 Stanley Street Stannary Inn 2 Green Lane Star 15 Orange Street 15 1/2 Orange Street in 1871 !!!) Star 16 Silver Street Star/Old Star 26 Haymarket / 100 Haymarket Star 37 Pea Croft Star 39 Cemetery Road Star Owlerton Star /Wadsley Jack 65 Rural Lane, Wadsley Star and Garter 82 Winter Street Star Hotel 35 High Street Star Inn 11 Meadow Street Star Inn 181 Gibralter Street Star Inn 49 Danville Street, S4 Star Inn 8 White Croft Star of Brunswick 65 Cemetery Road Star of Lemont 29 Hermitage Street Star Inn 9 Charles Street Station Inn 147 Pond Street Station Inn 165 & 167 Granville Street, Park, S2 Station Inn 732 Attercliffe Road, S9 Station Hotel 95 Wicker Station InnNaseby Street, Brightside Station Inn Harmer Lane, Pond Street Station Inn 38 Furnival Road Station Inn105 Station Lane Oughtibridge Steam Clock 352 Brightside Lane Steam Inn (Beerhouse) Johnson Street Steelmelter's Tavern 107 Carver Street Steer's Hotel Haymarket Stocks 1 Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield Stone House 19 Church Street Strines / Taylor's Arms Mortimer Road. Bradfield Dale Strong Arm 1 West Bar Stumble Inn 436 Attercliffe Common, S9 Suffolk Hotel 24 Turner Street Summer Tavern Summer Street Summerfield Hotel 21â"23 Soho Street & 26 Summerfield Street, S11 Sun 110 Lansdowne Road Sun 134 West Bar Sun 78 South Street, Park, S2 Sun Inn 12 Walker Street Sun Inn Ringinglow Road Sun Tavern 27 Haymarket Sunny Bank Hotel 74 Powell Street Sunnyside Hotel 26-28 William Street, S10 Surrey Arms 176 Granvile Street Surrey Arms Inn Hollow Meadows, Stannington Surrey Hotel 86 West Bar Swan 8 Burgess Street Swan Main Road, Ridgeway Swan Hotel 2 Snig Hill Swan Tavern 74 Duke Street Swan with Two Necks 28 Furnival Street Swiss Boy (Beerhouse) Sheldon Street Sycamore Tree 21 Sycamore Street
  11. R R & R Bar 13 London Road Raby's Inn 16 Westbar Raglan Inn Arundel Street Raglan Inn Meadow Street Railway 19 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge Railway 31 Wicker Railway Hotel Rotherham Road, Beighton Railway Hotel 184 Bramhall Lane, S2 Railway Hotel Blackburn Railway Hotel Brightside Railway Hotel Hazlehead Railway Inn 76 Nursery Street Railway Inn Station Road, Chapeltown Railway Tavern 46 Carlisle Street East Railway Tavern 64 Princess Street. Railway 97 Broughton Lane, S9 Ram 82 Pea Croft / 82 Solly Street Ram Hotel 100 Ecclesall Road Ram Inn 15 Kenninghall Street Ram Inn 272 Rockingham Street Ran Moor 330 Fulwood Road, Ran Moor, S10 Randall Hotel 29 Randall Street Raven 12 - 14 Fitzwilliam Street Rawson's Arms 161 Attercliffe Road Rawson's Arms 85 Tenter Street Red Deer 1 8 Pitt Street, S1 Red Grouse Spink Hall Lane, Red Hill Tavern 33 Red Hill S3 Red House 168 Solly Street S3 Red House Lee Croft Red Lion 103 Eyre Street Red Lion 109 Charles Street, S1 Red Lion 145 Duke Street, Park, S2 Red Lion Tinsley Red Lion 15 Smithfield Red Lion 18 Johnson Street Red Lion 202 Shalesmoor Red Lion 32 Union Lane Red Lion 39 Hartshead Red Lion 51 Lambert Street Red Lion 52 Coal Pit Lane / 52 Cambridge Street Red Lion 653 London Road,Lower Heeley, S2 Red Lion 89 Trippet Lane Red Lion Church Street, Dronfield Red Lion Forncett Street Red Lion Gleadless Town End Red Lion Lower Heeley Red Lion off Market Place Red Lion (Beerhouse) 34 Bridgehouses Red Lion 8/25/52/61 Pye Bank Red Lion 95 Penistone Road, Grenoside Red Lion 35 Holly Street, S1 Red Lion / Old 622 Penistone Road Red Place Tavern 91 Garden Street Reflex 18 Holly Street Reform Tavern 41 Smithfields Reform Tavern 76 Coal Pit Lane Reform Tavern (Beerhouse) 12 Chapel Street Reform Tavern (Beerhouse) Green Street Reformers 39 Duke Street Rein Deer 111/139 Devonshire Street Rein Deer 39 South Street, Park Rein Deer Hawley Lane Reindeer Castle Foulds Reindeer Inn 20 Douglas Road, S3 Retford Arms 88 and 90 Harvest Lane Reuben's Head 117 South Street, Park Reuben's Head 16 Shepherd Street Reuben's Head/Ruben's Head 63 Campo Lane Reuben's Head/Rubins Head 50 Burgess Street Revolution Unit 1 The Plaza, 8 Fitzwilliam Street Richmond Hotel 443 Richmond Road Rifle Corps Hotel 137 Carlisle Street East, S4 Rifle Tavern 15 Bower Street Rifle Tavern Duke Street Rifleman's Canteen 94 Charles Street Ring of Bells 8 Pea Croft Rising Sun 11 Pear Street and 72 Pomona Street, S11 Rising Sun 127 Corby Street Rising Sun 146 West Street Rising Sun 38 Matthew Street Rising Sun 45 South Street, Park Rising Sun Nether Green . S10 Rising Sun 49 Jenkin Road, S9 Rising Sun 67 Hermitage Street, S2 Rising Sun 88 Sorby Street Rising Sun Hunshelf, Stocksbridge Rising Sun Abbey Lane. Little Common, Ecclesall S11 Rising Sun 471 Fulwood Road, Nether Green. Rivelin Stannington Rivelin HotelTofts Lane Rivelin Valley Road Rivelin View Bell Hagg Road /Bole Hill Road River Don Inn 712 Brightside Lane Riverside Café Bar 1 Mowbray Street Robert Burns Townhead Street Robin Hood 46 Ellesmere Road Robin Hood 86 Duke Street, Park, S2 Robin Hood Inn Abbeydale Road, Millhouses Robin Hood/Robin Hood & Little John Little Matlock, Stannington Robin Hood/Robin Hood & Little John 548 Attercliffe Road Rock 51 Carlisle Street East Rock House 13 Stour Lane, Wadsley, S6 Rock House 170 Rock Street Rock Inn 31 Carlisle Street East Rock Inn 2 Pye Bank / 40-42 Pitsmoor Road Rock Inn Crane Moor Rock Inn Green Moor, Rock Tavern 20 Dixon Lane Rocket Inn 106 Upper St Philip's Road Rockingham Arms 194 Rockingham Street Rockwells 240 West Street/Glossop Road Rodley Inn 97 Leadmill Road Rodney Loxley Rodney Arms Doncaster House, 33 Fargate Rodney Inn 46 Leadmill Road Roebuck 1 Charles Street (1-3 Union Lane) Roebuck/Reindeer 21 Porter Street Roller's Tavern 70 Princess Street, Attercliffe Road Roscoe Tavern 27 Henry Street Roscoe Arms 65 Hoyle Street, 40 Hoyle Street in 1854 Rose Crane Moor Rose Hill Foot Rose Inn Potter Hill, High Green Rose and Crown 12 Waingate Rose and Crown 154 High Street, Eckington Rose and Crown 21 Paternoster Row Rose and Crown 245 Main Road, Darnall, S9 Rose and Crown 31 West Bar Rose and Crown 37 High Street Rose and Crown 52 Brightmore Street, S3 Rose and Crown 52 Sarah Street Rose and Crown 65 Queen Street Rose and Crown 8 Smithfield Rose and Crown 9 Holly Street Rose and Crown15 Bankfield Lane, Stannington Rose and Crown Common Side, Wadsley Rose and Crown Trafalgar Street S1 Rose and Crown High Street Rose and Crown Market Place Rose and Crown Old Street, Park Rose and Crown Silver Head Street Rose and Crown 21 Stour Lane, Wadsley, S6 Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) 15 New Street , West Bar Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) 17 Scargill Croft Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) Andrew Street Rose Cottage 70 Cricket Inn Road, S2 Rose House 316 South Road, Walkley, S6 Rose Inn 41 Work House Croft Rose Inn 627 Penistone Road Rose Tavern 39 Little Pond Street Rotherham House 27 Exchange Street Rover's Rest 104 Allen Street Rover's Rest 51 Gower Street Royal 1 Exchange Street Royal 2 Arthur Street Royal 2 Bradfield Road. Hillsborough Royal 233 Langsett Road Royal 65 Earl Street Royal 86 West Street Royal Dungworth, Stannington Royal 2 Station Road,Southgate, Eckington Royal Oak Totley Royal Albion Hammond Street/Finlay Street Royal Exchange 283 Langsett Road Royal Exchange 64 Garden Street Royal George 167 Greystock Street Royal George 498 Brightside Lane Royal George 60 Carver Street Royal George 60 West Bar Royal George 94 Cricket Inn Road Royal Hotel 10 Market Square, Woodhouse Royal Hotel 106 Eyre Lane & 65 Earl Street Royal Hotel 114 Walkley Street, S6 Royal Hotel 4 Waingate / 24 Old Haymarket Royal Hotel 617 Attercliffe Common Royal Hotel Beerhouse, Carbrook Royal Oak lnn Bernard Street. S2 Royal Hotel 1 Abbeydale Road / London Rd Royal Hotel Southgate, Eckington Royal Hotel Tap 6 Waingate Royal Lancer 66 Penistone Road; 18 Penistone Road in 1854 Royal Mail 131 West Street Royal Oak 109 Corby Street Royal Oak 11 Hollis Croft Royal Oak 89-91 Allen Street Royal Oak 17 Cemetery Road, S11 Royal Oak 23 Walkley Road, S6 Royal Oak 250 Savile Street, S4 Royal Oak 29 King Street & 15 Watson Walk, Market Place Royal Oak 354 Mansfield Road, Intake Royal Oak 44 High Street, Beighton Royal Oak 44 West Bar Green Royal Oak 484 Attercliffe Road Royal Oak 53 High Street, Mosbrough Royal Oak 6 Pear Street Royal Oak 60 Earsham Street Royal Oak 64 Garden Street Royal Oak 83 Pond Street Royal Oak 136 Lansdowne Road Royal Oak 12 Lancaster Street, Neepsend Royal Oak 91 Thomas Street Royal Oak Blackburn Royal Oak Broad Lane Royal Oak Chapeltown Royal Oak Deepcar Royal Oak Eckington Road, Coal Aston Royal Oak Hollin's End, Gleadless Royal Oak Hotel 10 Station Road, Chapeltown Royal Standard 156 St Mary's Road, S2 Royal Standard 38 West Bar Green Royd's Inn 213 Attercliffe Road Russell Tavern (Beerhouse) Ecclesall New Road Rutland Arms 86 Brown Street Rutland Hotel 80 Neepsend Lane & 3 Rutland Road
  12. O Odd Fellow's Arms 19 Cross Burgess Street Odd Fellow's Arms 202 Duke Street, Park Odd Fellow's Arms 25 Silver Street Odd Fellow's Arms 38 Pitt Street Odd Fellow's Arms (Beerhouse) 26 Furnace Hill Odd Fellow's Rest 53 West Street Odd Fellow's Rest 94 Button Lane Office 117 Upperthorpe Road, S6 Old Albion 103 Hill Street, S2 Old Albion 242-244 Hanover Street, S3 Old Albion 2 Marshall Street /39 Fowler Street Old Ball 8 Grindlegate Old Ball 2 Green Lane Old Ball 31 Duke Street, Park Old Barrel 103 Pond Street Old Barrel 31 Edward Street (Scotland Street) Old Barrel 75 Pea Croft Old Bay Horse 53 /27 West Bar Green Old Ball 86 Carver Street Old Bird in Hand 28 Spring Street Old Black Boy 29 Bailey Lane Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street Old Black Horse Scotland Street Old Blue Ball 67 Broad Street, Park, S2 Old Blue Ball Bradfield Road, Owlerton Old Blue Bell 31 High Street, S1 Old Blue Bell 44 High Street Old Boy's Rest 51 Hermitage Street Old Bradley Well/Terminus Tavern 150 Main Road, Darnall Old Brewery Tap Broad Street Old Brown Cow 1 Radford Street Old Brown Cow 56 Wicker Old Brown Cow 27 Trippet Lane Old Cart and Horses 2 Wortley Road, Mortomley, High Green Old Chequers 4 Meadow Street Old Chequers 68 Weigh Lane Old Cherry Tree 186 Gibraltar Street Old Cock 11 Paradise Square Old Cottage Bole Hill Road, Walkley Old Cow (Beerhouse) 12/64 Coal Pit Lane Old Cricket Ground Inn 371 Darnall Road, Darnall Old Cricket Players 69 Coal Pit Lane Old Cross Scythes Totley Old Crown 21 Blackburn Road, Brightside Old Crown 8/13 Duke Street, Park Old Crown 343 Handsworth Road, S9 Old Crown/Old Crown Inn 133/137 London Road/Little Sheffield/Highfield Old Crown 710 Penistone Road Old Crown 21 Pinstone Street Old Crown 35 Scotland Street Old Cup 4 Market Street Old Cutlers' Arms 38 Fargate Old English Gentleman 34 Shude Hill Old Falcon 69 Coal Pit Lane Old Feathers 48/55/65/70 High Street, Park/46 Bard Street, Park Old Five Alls 168 Infirmary Road Old Fortune of War 62/102/112 Scotland Street Old Gate 10 Hollis Croft Old George 6 Bank Street Old George and Dragon 17 Bank Street Old Golden Ball John Watts 3 Lambert Street Old Green Dragon 469 Attercliffe Road Old Green Dragon 89 Carlton Street , Attercliffe S9 Old Green Dragon 42 Fargate Old Grindstone 1-3 Crookes, S10 Old Haigh Tree 192 Bernard Street, Park Old Half Moon Inn 64 Allen Street S3 Old Harrow 80 Broad Street, Park S2 Old Harrow 34 Harvest Lane S3 Old Harrow Main Street, Grenoside Old Harrow White Lane, Gleadless Old Heavygate Wharncliffe Road or 114 Matlock Road, S6 Old Horns Inn Towngate, High Bradfield Old House at Home 33 Water Lane Old House at Home 34 Radford Street Old House at Home 42 Bailey Lane Old Hussar 51 Scotland Street Old King John 35 Attercliffe Road Old Light Horseman 155 Penistone Road, Philadelphia Old Lincoln Castle 8/26/30 Brocco Street Old London Apprentice 1 West Bar Green Old London Apprentice 77 Spring Street Old London Mart Market Street Old Market Inn Snig Hill Old Mill Dam 29 Britain Street Old Mill Tavern 4 New George Street/Boston Street Old Monk 103â"107 Norfolk Street Old Number Twelve Old Haymarket Old Oak Tree 13 Silver Street Old Original Grindstone 22 and 24 Crookes, S10 Old Park Gate 41 Bard Street Old Queen's Head 18 Castle Street Old Queens Head 40 Pond Hill, S1 Old Raven 61 West Street Old Red House 35 Fargate Old Red Lion 95 Penistone Road. Old Red Lion 35 Holly Street, S1 Old Red Lion 622 Penistone Road Old Stair 16 Lambert Street Old Red Lion Main Street Grenoside Old Star Gibraltar Street Old Star Inn 26 Haymarket / 100 Haymarket Old Tankard 17 West Bar Green Old Tankard 115 West Bar Old Three Pigeons 117 Carver Street Old Turk's Head 108 Scotland Street New Turk's Head 118 Scotland Street Old Wagon and Horses 2 Kent Road, Upper Heeley Old Weeping Willow Penistone Road Old White Hart 14 Castle Green Old White Hart 7 Waingate Old White Lion 3 Wicker Old White Swan Brightside Bierlow Olive Bar 57 Division Street Olive Grove 26 East Road, S2 Omnibus 766 Attercliffe Road, S9 O'Neill's Irish Bar 247-249 Fulwood Road, Broomhill Original Blue Boy 41 Shepherd Street, Moorfields Orange Branch 28 Hollis Croft Orange Branch and Ball 64 Wicker Orange Tree Tavern 7 Orange Street Original Grindstone 24 Crookes Original John Bull 6 Division Street Osborne House 35 Hartshead Ostrich Inn 39 Mitchell Street Owl 51 Penistone Road Owl Norfolk Street Owl 376 Neepsend Lane Oxford Blue 15 Burgess Street Oxford Hotel 83 South Street, Park Oxford House 131 Moore Street Oxford 22 Workhouse Lane/Spring Street
  13. N Nag's Head 325 Shalesmoor, S3 Nag's Head Holdworth, Loxley Nag's Head Haymarket Nag's Head Sheffield Road, Dronfield Nag's Head (Beerhouse) Attercliffe Nailmakers' Arms Backmoor Road, S8 Napier Hotel 28 Lord Street Napier Hotel 95 Napier Street, S11 Napoleon 85 Carver Street Napoleon Tavern 34 Green Lane Navigation House 9 Castle Hill Neepsend Tavern 144 Neepsend Lane Nell's Bar 53 Coal Pit Lane, S1 Nelson 34 Union Street, S1 Nelson 78 Trippet Lane Nelson Inn 13 New St, Nelson Inn 8 Pea Croft Nelson/Nelson Rock Bar Moorhead Neptune Inn 22 Corn Exchange / New Hay Market New Anvil 114 Duke Street, Park New Ball Inn 56 Upper Oborne Street New Barrack Tavern 601 Penistone Road Newhall Tavern17 Newhall Street & Bridge Street New Bridge Corporation Street New Bridge Inn 4 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge New Britannia 72 Rockingham Street New Brunswick84- 86 Allen Street New Bull & Oak 26 Furnival Road, New Crown Inn 343 Handsworth Road, S9 New Gas Tavern 5 Sussex Street New Inn 24-26 Vine Road, Darnall S9 New Inn 10 Montfort Street S3 New Inn 108 Ecclesall Road New Inn 183 Duke Street New Inn 2 Bellefield Lane New Inn 2 Effingham Road New Inn 2 Penistone Road /Shalesmoor S3 New Inn 211 Carbrook Street New Inn 23 Maltravers Street New Inn 282 Hollinsend Road New Inn 378 Brightside Lane New Inn 48 Bernard Street, Park New Inn 94 Harvest Lane New Inn Bracken Hill, Chapeltown New Inn Hemsworth Road, S8 New Inn aka Betsy's Sheffield Road, Hackenthorpe New Inn Victoria Road New Inn 4 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge New Inn (Beerhouse) Stocksbridge New Inn 119 Saville Street New Market Hotel 20 Broad Street & 1 Sheaf Street, S2 New Market House New Street New Market Inn 13 Exchange Street/Castle Folds New Market Inn 28 Furnival Road New Music Hall Tavern 116 Barkers Pool, New Norfolk Inn Manchester Road, Hollow Meadows New Red House 25 Dunfields New Shades 32 Hartshead New Star Hotel & Music Hall 2 Spring Street & 1 Coulston Street New Tankard 41 Sims Croft New White Lion 23 Wicker, S3 New White Lion 61 Division Street Newbury Tavern Sussex Street Newcastle Arms 35 Newcastle Street Newcastle House 27 Castlefields Newfield 141 Denmark Road Newhall Gardens / Tavern Brightside Lane / Sanderson Street Nimrod 164 Portobello Street Noah's Ark 140 Tudor Street Noah's Ark 197 Mansfield Road, Intake Noah's Ark 94 Crookes, S10 Noah's Ark Four Lane Ends, Handsworth Noah's Ark Hollins End, Gleadless Noose and Gibbet 97 Broughton Lane, S9 Norfolk Hotel 224 South Street, Park, S2 Norfolk Hotel 225 Handsworth Rd, S9 Norfolk Vaults Sims Croft Norfolk Arms 1 St Mary's Road, S1 Norfolk Arms 159 Upperthorpe Road Norfolk Arms 18 Sands Paviours,5 Bow Street Norfolk Arms 2 Suffolk Road Norfolk Arms 26 Dixon Lane Norfolk Arms 39 Shepherd Street Norfolk Arms 5 Norfolk Street Norfolk Arms 56 Savile Street East Norfolk Arms 58 Tenter Street Norfolk Arms 73 Fargate Norfolk Arms 85 Clarence Street Norfolk Arms 91 Granville Street, Park Norfolk Arms Grenoside Norfolk Arms Hollow Meadows, Stannington Norfolk Arms King Street Norfolk Arms Manor Norfolk Arms Pinstone Street Norfolk Arms Pudding Lane Norfolk Arms Ringinglow, Upper Hallam, S11 Norfolk Arms Rivelin, Stannington Norfolk Arms Tinsley Road Norfolk Arms White Lane Top, Chapeltown Norfolk Arms 208 Savile Street East, S4 Norfolk Arms 160 Attercliffe Road Norfolk Arms 195 Carlisle Street Norfolk Hotel 64 Mowbray Street Norfolk Hotel 98 Barkers Pool Norfolk Hotel Shrewsbury Road Norfolk House 38 Furnival Road Norfolk Hotel 224 South Street, Park Norfolk Vaults 28 Dixon Lane Norfolk Vaults 74 Townhead Street Normanton 123 Grimesthorpe Road, S4 Normanton Springs Inn Normanton Spring, Woodhouse North Pole Inn 62 Sussex Street, S4 Norton Hotel Meadow Head, S8 Nottingham Castle 72 Edward Street Nottingham House 161 Whitham Road, S10 Nottingham House 19-23 Watery Lane, S3 Nottingham House Hotel 31-33 Bridge Street Number One 1 Duke Street Number One 49 Silver Street Number Two 63 Silver Street Head Nursery Tavern 276 Ecclesall Road, S11 Nursery Tavern 8 Johnson Street/Stanley Street
  14. D Daggers Inn Market Place Dallas Bar Fowler Street, Wincobank Dam House Bar & Restaurant Mushroom Lane Daniel's Rest 29 Cliff Street Danville Hotel 1 Danville Street S4 David and Goliath 111 Devonshire Street Deep End Langsett Road Deerstalker Deer Park Road, Stannington Dempsey's 1 Hereford Street Denison Arms 33 Watery Street Derby Hotel 10 Lansdowne Road Derby 53 Egerton Street Derby Hotel 25 Lawson Street, S3 Devonshire Arms 118 Ecclesall Road, S11 Devonshire Arms 23 South Street, Moor Devonshire Arms 405 Herries Road Devonshire Arms 51 Eldon Street Devonshire Arms Division Street Devonshire Arms High Street, Dore Devonshire Cat Ltd Devonshire Courtyard, 49 Wellington Street Dickens/Le Metro 35 Carver Street DNR 25-29 Arundel Gate Dog and Gun 102 Button Lane Dog and Gun 108 Carver Street Dog and Gun 122 Trafalgar Street Dog and Gun 18 Headford Street, S3 Dog and Gun Nethershire, Shiregreen Dog and Gun Stephen Hill Dog and Partridge 122 West Bar, S3 Druids Inn Attercliffe Dog and Partridge 56 Trippet Lane Dog and Partridge/Goodfellas Gentlemans' Club 575 Attercliffe Road Dog and Partridge 53 Coal Pit Lane, S1 Dolphin 34 Adsett Street Dolphin Edward Street Dolphin Hotel 37 Division Street Dolphin Inn New Grimesthorpe Domino Egerton Street Don House Infirmary Road Don Inn 67 Penistone Road Dore Junction Abbeydale Road North Dore Moor Inn Hathersage Road, Dore Douglas Inn 209-211 Douglas Road, S3 Dove and Rainbow 172 Portobello Street Dove and Rainbow 25 Hartshead Dragon Inn 135 Infirmary Road, S6 Dragon Inn 67 Penistone Road Druid Tavern 37 Bailey Street Duke Inn 7 Duke Street Duke of Clarence 15 Radford Row Duke of York 135 Main Road, Darnall Duke of York 35 Market Street, Eckington Dunlop Inn Dunlop Street, S9 Durham Ox 15 Cricket Inn Road Durham Ox 51 Exchange Street Dusty Miller 24 Nursery Street Dusty Miller 69 Carlisle Street
  15. C Cambridge Arms 1 Coal Pit Lane Caravan Tavern Little Sheffield Cambridge Hotel 452 Penistone Road Canine Inn 34 Lambert Street Canning Tavern 2 Bower Street Cannon 8 Scotland Street Cannon Spirit Vaults/Castle Wine Vaults 30 Castle Street Canteen Barracks Canterbury Hall Hotel 19 Pinfold Street Canterbury Hotel 29 Egerton Street Carbrook Hall 537 Attercliffe Common Cardigan Tavern 47 Ball Street Carlisle Street Hotel 5 Carlisle Street East Carlisle Tavern 67 Carlisle Road Carlton 17 Corporation Street Carlton 563 Attercliffe Road Carlton High Street Carpenter's Arms 19 Hereford Street Carter's Rest 123 Matilda Street Carwood 8 Carlisle Street East, S4 Cask and Cutler 1 Henry Street Castle Inn 46 Snighill Castle Inn Bolsterstone Castle Inn Castle Row, Twentywell Road, Bradway Castle Inn Dykes Hall Road Castle Tavern 1 Broad Lane Catherine Arms 29-31 Catherine Street Cavells 44 High Street Cavendish 220-238 West Street Ceylon Hotel 16 Wellington Street Chacha's 32 Bowden Street Chandler's Arms Bullstake, Later Haymarket Chandos/Salutation 217 Rockingham Street Chantrey Arms 11 Bramall Lane Chantrey Arms 733-735 Chesterfield Road Charlotte Tavern 23 Charlotte Street Checquers 11 Hartshead Corporation Vaults Orchard Street Chequers Inn Dronfield Lane, Coal Aston Chequers or Old Cow (Beerhouse) 64 Coal Pit Lane Chequers/Checquers 19 Rough Bank, Park / Weigh Lane Chequers/Checquers 61 Wicker Chequers/Checquers 4 Meadow Street Castle Tap 3 Water Lane Cherry Tree 37 Gibralter Street Cherry Tree Bowling Green Cherrytree Hill Chester Castle 62 Eldon Street City Arms 23 Eyre Street Clarence Hotel 1 Paradise Square Clarence Hotel 109 Clarence Street Clarence Hotel/Midland Railway Hotel 133 Pond Street Clarence/Blue Bell/Norfolk Arms 56 High Street Clarendon Hotel 1 Paradise Street Claywood Tavern (Beerhouse) South Street, Park Cleakham Inn Cornish Place Clifton 79 Clifton Street Casting Pot 33 Hartshead Clifton/formerly Army Stores 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road Clock 41 Porter Street Clock Maker's Arms 122 West Bar Closed Shop 52-54 Commonside Clown and Monkey Paradise Square Club 160 160 Attercliffe Road Club 197 197 Brook Hill Club Gardens Inn 60 Lansdowne Road, S11 Club Mill 20 Smithfield Club Xes 195 Carlisle Street Coach and Horses/Barrel 756 Attercliffe Road Coach and Horses 147 Carlisle Street East Coach and Horses 156 Gibralter Street Coach and Horses 16 Waingate Coach and Horses 37 Water Lane Coach and Horses 756 Attercliffe Road Cordwainer's Arms Arundel Lane S1 Coach and Horses Rotherham Road, Eckington Coach and Horses Sheffield Road, Dronfield Coach and Horses 13 Station Road, Chapeltown Coach and Horses Stocksbridge Coach and Six Haymarket Coach Makers' Arms 43 South Street Cobden View Hotel 40 Cobden View Road, S10 Commercial 23-25 West Bar Cock 5 Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge Cock 59 Hollis Croft Cock 76 Broad Street Cock Castle Hill Cock High Street Cock Wicker (67 Wicker in 1834) Cock and Bottle 46 Hawley Croft Cock and Bottle Hawley Croft Cock Inn 11 Paradise Square Cocked Hat 75 Worksop Road Collier's Arms (Beerhouse) 37 Duke Street Columbia Tavern 10 Fornham Street, S2 Commercial 107 & 109 Station Road, Chapeltown Commercial 3 Sheffield Road, S9 Commercial 35 High Street Commercial 4-6 Bank Street Commercial Hotel/Inn 34 Button Lane & 123 Carver Street Commercial Inn 24 Haymarket Commercial Tap 3 Commercial Street Common Room 127�129 Devonshire Street Comet 26 Broad Lane Compleat Angler 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill Consort 215 Eyre Street Coopers' Hotel Brightside Lane Corner Pin 14 Wicker & 84 Blonk Street Corner Pin 23 Burlington Street Corner Pin 231 Carlisle Street East, S4 Corner Pin 80 Allen Street Cornerhouse 28 Cambridge Street Cornish Inn 56 Cornish Street Corn Mill Inn 20 Smithfield Corporation Arms 24 West Bar Green Corporation Innl 37 Corporation Street, S3 Cossack 45 Howard Street Cottage Bole Hill Road, Walkley Corporaton Vaults Orchard Street S1 Crabtree 121 Scotland Street Crabtree Vaults 74 Langsett Road Cremorne 155 London Road Cricketers House 35 Hartshead S1 Cricket Ball Inn 2 Savile Street East/46 Sutherland Road Cricket House / Ground 289 Darnall Road, Darnall Cricket Inn 20 Cricket Inn Road, Park, S2 Cricket Inn/Cricketer's Penney Lane, Totley Bents, Totley Cricketer's Arms 106 Bramall Lane Cricketer's Inn 37 Arley Street Cricketer's Tavern Hyde Park Crimea Tavern 63 Earl Street Cromwell's Varieties 100 West Bar, S3 Cromwell View Hotel 80 Spital Street Crooked Billet 62 Scotland Street Crooked Billet Claywd, Shrewsbury Road Crooked Billet Crooked Billet Yard, off High Street Cross Daggers 14 Market Square, Woodhouse Cross Daggers 52 West Bar Green Cross Daggers Cross Daggers Yard, High Street Cross Daggers Cross Lane, Coal Aston Cross Daggers / Cross Low Bradfield Cross Guns (Great Gun) 115 Franklin Street Cross Guns (Great Gun) 122 Sharrow Lane Cross Keys 4 Shude Hill Cross Keys 400 Handsworth Road, Handsworth Woodhouse Cross Keys 16 Cross Burgess Street Cross Keys 9 Bower Street Cross Keys 91 Peacroft Cross Scythes 147 Derbyshire Lane, Meersbrook Cross Scythes Baslow Road, Totley Rise Cross Scythes Four Lane Ends, Norton Crossfield Tavern Thorncliffe, Chapeltown Crosspool Tavern468 Manchester Road, Crosspool Cross Daggers Market Place S1 Crown 116 Neepsend Lane Crown 2 Albert Road Crown 2 Walkley Bank Road Crown 21 Meadow Hall Road Crown 29 - 33 Holly Street Crown Inn 41 Carlisle Road Crown 52 Silver Street Head Crown/Crown & Cushion 54 Campo Lane Crown / Crown & Cushion 6 West Bar Green Crown Beighton Crown/ Old Crown Handsworth, Woodhouse Crown Hillfoot Road, Totley Crown 133/137 London Road/Little Sheffield/Highfield Crown and Anchor 228 Solly Street Crown and Anchor 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane Crown and Anchor 218 Fitzwilliam Street / Bright Street Crown and Anchor 18 Stanley Street Crown and Blacksmith Owlerton Crown and Cushion 23 Broad Lane Crown and Cushion Eckington Crown and Cushion 9 Tudor Street Crown and Cushion Burn Cross, Chapeltown Crown and Cushion 76-78 Wicker Crown and Cushion/Old Crown and Cushion 21 Old Street, Park Crown and Daggers Westbar Green Crown and Glove 96 Upper Gate, Stannington Crown and Shakespeare 16 Sycamore Street Crown and Thistle Irish Cross (bottom of Snig Hill) Crown Hotel 137 High Street, Mosbrough Crown Inn 107 Corby Street Crown Inn 23 Blue Boy Street Crown Inn 24 Wicker Crown Inn 43 Summerfield Street, S11 Crown Inn 52 Harvest Lane Crown Inn 53 Bessemer Road, S9 Crown Inn 53 Bressingham Road Crown Inn 87 Forncett Street, S4 Crown Inn Campo Lane Crown Inn Carbrook Crown Inn High Green Crown Inn 1 High Street Crown Inn Lee Croft Crown Inn 710 Penistone Road, Owlerton Crown Inn Polka Street / Oborne Street . Bridgehouses Crown Inn Victoria Road, Heeley Crown Inn 13 Duke Street, Park Crown Inn 21 Blackburn Road, Brightside Crown Inn 21 Pinstone Street Crown 35 Scotland Street Crystal Palace 52 Townhead Street Crystal Palace Thurlstone Crystal Wine Vaults (Beerhouse) 50 High Street Cumberland Head 35 High Street, Beighton Cup 112 Sorby Street Cup 19 Paternoster Row Cup 4 Market Street Cup 52 Button Lane Cup Campo Lane Cup 17 Dun Street Cup Inn 120 Duke Street Cuthbert Arms 296 Langsett Road, S6 Cuthbert Bank Hotel 164 Langsett Road, S6 Cutler 32�34 Cambridge Street Cutler's Arms 66 Edward Street Cutler's Arms 7 New Church Street Cutler's Arms 86 Fargate Cutler's Arms Church Street, Attercliffe Cutler's Arms Leighton Road Cutler's Arms (Beerhouse) 27 Pond Street Cutler's Arms 74 Worksop Road, Attercliffe Cutler's Arms 38 Fargate Cutler's Inn 84 Fargate Cutler's Inn Hillfoot Cyclops 101 Carlisle Street
  16. B Bagshawe Arms Hemsworth Road, Norton Avenue Baker's Arms 127 Clarence Street Ball 106 High Street, Ecclesfield Ball 16 Pond Street or 203 Pond Street Ball 17 Scotland Street (Grindle gate) Ball /Acorn 182 Young Street Ball 23 Newfield/23 Oborne Street later 2 & 56 Oborne Street Ball 17 Hawley Croft Ball 13 / 26 Campo Lane Ball 27 Spring Street Ball 28 Townhead Street Ball 3 Norfolk Street Ball 43 Mansfield Road, Intake Ball 46 Furnace Hill Ball 50 Lambert Street/3 Lambert Street John Watts Ball 25/52/ Pye Bank/ 8 Pitsmoor Road Ball 60 Charles Street Ball 66 Upwell Street, Grimesthorpe S3 Ball31 & 72 Howard Street Ball 83 Westbar Green Ball Stannington Ball Cricket Inn Road Ball Darnall Hill / Darnall Road Ball Fitzalan Street Ball Garden Street Ball Gleadless Ball Hesley,Ecclesfield Ball New Pinstone Street Ball Solly Street Ball/Blue Ball Hagstones Road, Worrall Ball in the Tree/Ball/Balli'th'Tree Clarke Houses Ball Inn 171 Crookes, S10 Ball Inn 230 Myrtle Road / Spurr Lane, Heeley Ball Inn 44 Broad Lane Ball Inn 76 Burgess Street Ball Inn 84 Green Lane Ball Inn Carsick Hill, Hallam Head, Upper Hallam Ball 31 Duke Street, Park Ball 86 Carver Street Ball 64 Wicker Ball 8 Pea Croft Ball 39 Forge or Shude Lane Balloon Tavern 21 Sycamore Street Balloon Tavern 83 Trippet Lane Baltic Inn 420 Effingham Road Bank Inn 1 Penistone Road Bank Street Hotel 24 Bank Street Bank Tavern 4 Harts Head Bank Tavern 65 Norfolk Street Bankers Draft 1-3 Market Place, Castle Square Banner Cross Hotel 967-971 Ecclesall Road, S11 Bar 101 25 Arundel Gate Bar Coast Division Street, S1 Barcentro Cambridge Street Barley Mow 99 Broomhall Street Barleycorn 38 Coal Pit Lane Barrack Tavern (New) 601 Penistone Road, Owlerton Barrack Tavern/Old Barrack Tavern 217 Penistone Road/Hill foot Barrel 1 Townhead Street Barrel 123 London Road Barrel 13 & 105 Pond Street Barrel 134 Lord Street Barrel 36 Duke Street, Park Barrel 36 Water Lane (5 Water Lane in 1834) Barrel 64 Pinstone Street Barrel 73-75 Solly Street Barrel 16 Charles Street Barrel 86 / 44 Pye Bank / Bridgehouses Barrel 9 Waingate Barrel Bent's Green Barrel 26 Hawley Croft Barrel Holy Croft (Holly ?) Ball Badger Lane,[st Thomas Street ] Barrel Mortomley Lane End, Chapeltown Barrel (Beerhouse) 13 Sims Croft Barrel Inn Damflask Barrel Inn 69 Broad Lane Barrel 756 Attercliffe Road Barrel 40 Little Pond Street Barrel 31 Edward Street (Scotland Street) Barrel 75 Pea Croft Barrow Boys Shude Hill (Under Canada House) Barrow House Fowler Street, Wincobank Bar S1 240 West Street/Glossop Road Bartons Dream Shop 118 West Street Barton Vaults 118 West Street Basin Tavern 36 Blast Lane Bell Hathersage Batemoor 1 White Thorns View, S8 Bath Hotel 139 & 125 Broomhall Street Bath Hotel 184 Burgoyne Road/Whitehouse Road, S6 Bath Hotel 66 Victoria Street, S3 Bathfield Hotel 80 Weston Street & 1 Powell Street Bay Childers 4 Bridge Street Bay Childers 8 High Street Bay Horse 8 High Street Bay Horse 1 Greystock Street / 227 Attercliffe Road Bay Horse 143 Milton Street Bay Horse 40 South Street, Moor Bay Horse 46 Upper St Phillips Road, S3 Bay Horse 463 Pitsmoor Road, S3 Bay Horse 9 Willey Street, Wicker Bay Horse Scholes, Kimberworth Rotherham Bay Horse Wadsley Bay Horse 53 West Bar Green Bay Tree 67 Snow Hill [Cricket Inn Lane ] Bazaar Hotel 116 South Street, Moor Bedford Tavern 14 Cross Bedford Street Beauchief Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South, S7 Bedford Hotel 71 Penistone Road Bedroom 88 West Street Bee Hive Inn Far Lane/Dykes Hall Road, S6 Beehive 7 Bowling Green Street Beehive Grimesthorpe Beehive Harthill with Woodall, Sheffield Beehive 115 Langsett Road Beehive 13 Little Pond Street Beehive 23 Spring Street Beehive Hotel 20 Upwell Lane Beehive 240 West Street/Glossop Road Beeley Wood 500-502 Middlewood Road, S6 Beeswing 46 Hartshead Belfry Eckington Road, Beighton Bell Market Street/Fitzalan Square [Family & Commercial Hotel ] Board Bolsterstone Bell Hagg Inn Manchester Road, Upper Hallam Belle Vue Hotel 229 Cricket Inn Road, S2 Bellefield Inn 2 Bellefield Lane Bellefield House 68-70 Bellefield Street &90 Fawcett Street Bellefield Inn 37 Bellefield Street [14 Bellefield Terrace ] Bellevue Hotel 116 Fitzalan Street Belle Vue Hotel 282 Whitehouse Lane, S6 Ben Lomond 23 Eyre Street Bethel Arms Backfields B-Hive 240 West Street/Glossop Road Big Gun/Great Gun13-15-17 Wicker, S3 Big Tree 842 Chesterfield Road, S8 Bird in Hand 126 High Street, Eckington Bird in Hand 49 Broughton Lane Bird in Hand 624 Brightside Lane Bird in Hand 82 Bridge Street Bird in Hand Church Street Birley Hotel 66 Birley Moor Road, S12 Birmingham Arms 18 Lambert Street Birmingham Arms 40 Greystock Street Birmingham Arms 79 or 93 Matilda Street Birmingham Tavern 5 New Church Street Black Boy 29 Bailey Lane Black Bull 18 Church Street, Ecclesfield Black Bull 26 Main Street, Aughton Black Bull 74 Hollis Croft Black Bull Thurlstone Black Darling 75 Talbot Street Black Eagle 80 Wellington Street Black Horse 17 Edward Street Black Horse 64 Howard Street Black Horse Pitt's Moor Black Horse/Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street Black Horse/Old Black Horse Scotland Street Black Horse 75 Talbot Street Black Lion 24 Bank Street Black Lion 33 Snig Hill Black Man 76 Scotland Street Black Rock 17 Castle Street Black Swan 1 Little Pond Street (also 15 & 60) Black Swan 21 Burgess Street Black Swan 3 Fargate/5 Black Swan Walk Birmingham House High Street Black Swan Crofts Black Swan 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill Black Tiger 94 Pea Croft Blackamoors Head 25 High Street Blacksmith's Arms 10 Sheldon Row Blacksmith's Arms Hill Top, Ecclesfield Blacksmith's Arms Stumperlowe Blacksmiths' Arms Fulwood Blacksmiths' Arms Mill House, Thurstone Blacksmith's Cottage Button Lane Blackstock Gleadless Road, S2 Blademaker's Arms 92 Eyre Lane Blake Street Hotel 53 Blake Street Bloomsberry 37 Albion Street, Crooksmoor Blucher 672 Brightside Lane Blue Ball 25/52/ Pye Bank / 8 Pitsmoor Road Blonk Street Tavern Blonk Street Blue Ball 3 Norfolk Street Blue Ball 320 Haggstones Road, Worrall Blue Ball 91 Pond Street Blue Ball Crookes, S10 Blue Ball Darnall Blue Ball Dixon Lane Birmingham Arms Hawley Croft Blue Ball281 Main Road, Wharncliffe Side Blue Ball Thurlstone Blue Ball 67 Broad Street, Park, S2 Blue Bell Church Street/120 Worksop Road Attercliffe Blue Bell Harthill with Woodall, Sheffield Blue Bell/Old Blue Bell 31-33 High Street Blue Bell 56 High Street Blue Bell 13 Jehu Lane/4 Commercial Street in 1871 Blue Bell 1 Main Street, Hackenthorpe Blue Bell 72 Silver Street Head Beehive Silver Street Head Blue Boar 16 Cross Burgess Street Blue Boar 26 Bow Street Blue Boar 26 West Bar Blue Boar / Pig 22 Workhouse Lane Blue Boy 9 Blue Boy Street, Allen Street Blue Boy 41 Shepherd Street, Moorfields Blade Makers 193 Arundel Street Blue Pig 19 Cross Burgess Street Blue Pig 6/22 Workhouse Lane & 41/43 Spring Street Blue Stoops/Blue Posts High Street, Dronfield Bluwater Bar & Restaurant 18-19 Arches, Victoria Quays, Wharf Street Board 6 Dixon Lane Board (Beerhouse) Hill Top, Attercliffe Boardwalk 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill Boatman 20 or 26 Ball Street Boatman's Inn Norwood, Wales Boatman's Mission Corn Exchange Bodega High Street Bold Dragon Inn 264 Langsett Road Bold Dragoon 264 Langsett Road Board Wadsley Boot and Shoe 79 Campo Lane (26 Cross Church Street in 1834) Boot and Shoe/Boot and Slipper 52 Pinstone Street Boston Castle 6 Castle Green Boston Hotel 10 Lansdowne Road Bottle & Barrel Montgomery Road, Nether Edge Boulougne Mouth 30 Waingate Bower Spring Tap 2 Bower Spring Bowling Green Hotel 2 Upwell Lane, S9 Bowling Green Hotel and Tea Gardens Cherrytree Hill Bowling Tavern 55 Montfort Street S3 Brackley Arms 14 Brackley Street, S3 Bradway Hotel/Hogshead/Miner's Inn Bradway Road, Bradway Bramwell 99 Upper St Philips Road Brass Arms 1 West Bar Brave Old Oak 58 Charles Street Brelsford's Commercial Hotel 2 Dixon Lane/22 Old Haymarket Bressingham Arms 2 Bressingham Road Brewer's Arms 36 Eyre Street Brewer's Inn 46 Blackmore Street Brewery House 79 Button Lane Bricklayers Arms 77 Wentworth Street Bricklayer's Arms 8 Jehu Lane Bricklayer's Arms 66 Hereford Street Brickmaker's Arms 21 Newhall Road Brickmakers Arms 92 Eyre Lane Brickmakers Arms Coalpit Lane Bridge 2 Meadow Hall Road Blackwood 16 Douglas Road Bridge 3 Sheffield Road, Dronfield Bridge 509 London Road Bridge Inn 1 Bridgehouses Brewers's Arms 28 Broad Street Bridge Inn 219 Pond Street Bridge Inn 317 Penistone Road/Hillfoot Bridge Inn 47 Hereford Street Bridge Inn 5 Bridge Street Bridge Inn Owlerton Blade Makers Arms 193 Arundel Street Bridge Inn Blackburn Road/Meadowhall Road Bridge Inn Ford, Ridgeway Bridge Inn Granville Street Britain's Protection 26 Pea Croft. Bridge Inn Hollowgate, High Green Bridge Inn Mortomley Lane End, Chapeltown Bridge Inn Thurgoland Bridge Inn Whirlow Bridge Inn (Beerhouse) 63 Pond Street Bridge Inn (or Bridgehouse Inn) 181 Nursery Street Bridge Inn 387 Attercliffe Road/Carlton Road, S9 Bridgefield 195 Fowler Street Brightmore Tavern 23 Brightmore Street Brincliffe Oaks Hotel 9 Oak Hill Road, Nether Edge Road Britain Arms 120 Matilda Street Britannia 101 Broad Lane Britannia 122 Portobello Street Britannia 24 Worksop Road Brittania Inn 43 Charles Lane British Lion 38 Thomas Street British Oak 1 Mosborough Moor British Oak 227 Carbrook Street British Oak Oak Street, Heeley, S8 British Queen Penistone Road Broadfield Hotel 482 Abbeydale Road, S8 Brocco Hotel 167 Upper Allan Street Bronx 208 Savile Street East, S4 Broomhall House 49 Broomhall Street Broomhall Tavern 105 Broomhall Street Broomhill Tavern 484 Glossop Road Brooms (Beerhouse) Ughill, Bradfield Brougham Tavern Cattle Markets Broughton 1 Broughton Lane Broughton Inn 342 Attercliffe Common, S9 Brown Bear 109 Norfolk Street Brown Bear 26 Market Street, Eckington Brown Cow 1 Broad Lane Brown Cow 6 Burdekin's Yard, 25 Bridgehouses Brown Cow Red Croft Brown Cow 1 Mowbray Street Brown Cow / Old Brown Cow 1-3 Radford Street Brown Cow 56 Wicker Brown Cow 27 Trippet Lane Brunswick 15 Haymarket Brunswick Arms 46 Grimesthorpe Road Brunswick 54 Thomas Street, Little Sheffield Brunswick Hotel 30 Tilford Road, Woodhouse Board Wharncliffe Side Brunswick House 98 Bramber Street, S3 Brunswick Inn 16 Ellin Street, S1 Brushmakers Arms Coalpit Lane Buccaneerl Leopold Street BuccaneerGrand Hotel, Leopold Street, S1 Buckenham Hotel 62 Grimesthorpe Road Buckenham Hotel or Buck Hotel 33 Waingate Bull Hesley Lane, Ecclesfield Bull 18 Church Street, Ecclesfield Bull 26 Main Street, Aughton Bull 74 Hollis Croft Bull Thurlstone Bull and Bitch Bull and Mouth 30 Waingate Bull and Oak 26 Furnival Road Bull and Oak New Cattle Market Bull and Oak 76â"78 Wicker Bull Inn 95 Heeley Green, Heeley Bulldog 387 Attercliffe Road/Washford Bridge, S9 Bull's Head 18 Dun Street, S3 Bull's Head 2 Duke Street, S2 Bull's Head 2 Matilda Street Bull's Head 29 Cross Smithfield, S3 Bull's Head 396 Fulwood Road, Ranmoor, S10 Burgoyne Arms 246 Langsett Road, S6 Burlington Hotel 7 Burlington Street, S6 Burlington Hotel 72 Wentworth Street Burn's Head Tavern 10 Townhead Street Burn's Hotel 12 Sheffield Road Burns' Tavern Carbrook Burnt Tree Inn 84 Allen Street Burnt Tree Tavern 83 Hoyle Street Burnt Tree Tavern Beerhouse 80 Shepherd Street Burton Arms 434 Attercliffe Road/Carlton Road Bush Little Sheffield Bushmaker's Arms 31 Pond Hill Butcher's Arms 1 Langsett Road / Infirmary Road Butcher's Arms 158 Gibralter Street Butcher's Arms 27 Townhead Street Butcher's Arms 276 Shalesmoor Butcher's Arms 61 Bath Street Butcher's Arms Penistone Road Byron House 16 Nether Edge Road
  17. A Abbey Hotel 944 Chesterfield Road, S8 Abbeydale Station Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South Aberdeen House 133 Upper Hanover Street/2 Aberdeen Street, S3 Acorn 20 Burton Road Acorn 20 New Church Street Acorn 204,288-292 Shalesmoor, S3 Acorn 52 Wicker S3 Acorn Bracken Hill, Chapeltown S35 Adam and Eve 17 Balaclava Road Adelaide Tavern 48 Mowbray Street, S3 Adelphi 13 Arundel Street/Sycamore Street, S1 Adelphi 15 Martin Street, S6 Admiral Rodney 592 Loxley Road, S6 African Prince Lambert Street S3 Albany Hotel 38-40 Gloucester Street, S10 Albany Hotel Fargate/Surrey Street S1 Albert 2 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge Street), S1 Albert 31 Sutherland Street, S4 Albert Hotel 117 Penistone Road, S6 Albert Inn 113 Broomhall Street, S3 Albert Inn 162 Darnall Road, S9 Albion 12 Sylvester Street Albion 23 Adsett Street Albion 2-4 Earsham Street, S4 Albion 26 Oxford Street Albion 35 Johnson Street Albion 4 Mitchell Street, S3 Albion 46 Verdon Street S3 Albion 694 [High Street] Attercliffe Road S9 Albion Hotel 12 East Street, Park Albion Hotel 75 London Road, S2 Albion Hotel Haymarket Albion Tavern 26 Lambert Street S3 All Bar One 15 Leopold Street Alexandra 111 Eldon Street/14 Milton Street S1 Alexandra 13 Dover Street Alexandra 549 Carlisle Street East S4 Alexandra 91 Dunlop Street, S9 Alexandra Hotel Exchange Street, 37 Furnival Road, S2 Alexandra Hotel 42 Jericho Street, S3 Alexandra Hotel Furnival Road S2 Alexandra Hotel Holly Bush Street, Parkgate Alhambra 78 Meadow Street/100 Hoyle Street Alhambra Palace Vaults 1-15 Union Street Ashopton Inn Derwent All Nations 18 Water Lane Alma Cottage 56 Duke Street Alma Hotel 92 Trafalgar Street Alma Tavern Burlington Street Alma 23 Alma Street Amateur's Rest 17 Holly Street Amberley The Windmill 221 Attercliffe Common, S9 American Stores 36 West Bar Green S1 Anchor 162 Darnall Road, S9 Anchor 20 Pea Croft Anchor 233 Solly Street Ancient Pine Apple 3 Radford Row Angler's Inn Bamford Angel 15 Angel Street 1657 1940 283 Angel 59 Sheffield Road, Woodhouse S13 Angel 8 Market Street, Eckington S21 Angel 87 Westbar Green Angel Inn 151 Main Street, Grenoside S35 Angel 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane or South Street Angler's Rest 15 Snow Lane Angler's Rest 46 New George Street Angler's Rest 93 Richmond Park Road, S13 Anvil 106 Stannington Road, Malin Bridge S6 Anvil 152 South Street, Moor Anvil 24 Waingate S3 Anvil Maker's Arms 119 Young Street Aquaduct Tavern (Beerhouse) Aquaduct, Attercliffe Arbourthorne Hotel Errington Road, S2 Arena Square Attercliffe Common, S9 Army Hotel 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road Army Stores 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road Arrow Inn Attercliffe Common S9 Artillery Man 7 Bridge Street Arundel Arms 1 The Common, Ecclesfield S35 Arundel Castle 257 Arundel Street S1 Arundel Cottage 49 Arundel Lane S1 Alambra Hotel 1-13 Union Street S1 Ashberry Hotel 116 Addy Street, 1 Ashberry Road, S6 Assembly Rooms 76;78 Wicker Athol Hotel 19 Charles Street/84-86 Pinstone Street S1 Atlantic Inn Brightmore Street Atlas 131 Carlisle Street East S4 Atlas 274 Savile Street S4 Atlas Bawtry Road, Brinsworth Aunt Sally Clarkehouse Road, Broomhill S10 Australian Arms 49 West Bar S3 Australian House Fawcett St, Netherthorpe Av-It-Bar 5 Carlisle Street East
  18. Remember this list is mainly up to 1951 Pub/Address/Open date (subject to modification)/Number of known keepers Brown Cow/Old Brown Cow 1 Radford Street 1820 30 Shakespeare 146 Gibralter Street 1820 30 Old Light Horseman 155 Penistone Road, Philadelphia 1822 29 Barrel Inn/Fagans (1985) 69 Broad Lane 1820 28 Blue Boar 26 West Bar 1774 28 Fox and Duck 174 Pye Bank 1822 27 Greyhound 185 Gibralter Street, S3 1796 27 Yew Tree Malin Bridge 1825 27 Ball Inn 84 Green Lane 1820 26 Beehive/B-Hive/Rockwells/Foundry & Firkin/Bar S1 240 West Street/Glossop Road 1825 26 Dog and Partridge 56 Trippet Lane 1797 26 Dove and Rainbow 25 Hartshead 1782 26 George and Dragon 96 West Bar 1822 26 Grapes 80 Trippet Lane 1820 26 Hussar/Old Hussar 51 Scotland Street 1816 26 Robin Hood 86 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820 26 Albion Hotel 75 London Road, S2 1833 25 Anvil 24 Waingate 1822 25 Barrel 123 London Road 1820 25 Black Horse/Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street 1822 25 Brown Bear 109 Norfolk Street 1820 25 Gate/Old Gate in 1854 10 Hollis Croft 1820 25 Hare and Hounds 27 Nursery Street 1820 25 Hen and Chickens 3 Castle Green 1820 25 Hermitage 11 London Road, Little Sheffield 1822 25 Saddle/New Saddle 96 West Street 1825 25 Three Cranes 46 Queen Street 1820 25 Anvil 152 South Street, Moor 1820 24 Bull and Mouth/Boulougne Mouth/Tap and Spile/Tap and Barrel 30 Waingate 1790 24 Elephant Vaults 2 Norfolk Street & Market Street 1820 24 Neepsend Tavern 114 Neepsend Lane 1833 24 Queen's Head 660 Attercliffe Road 1822 24 Red Lion 145 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820 24 Rising Sun Little Common, Ecclesall Bierlow 1786 24 Three Tuns 55 Leopold Street/Orchard Street 1822 24 Wellington Inn 222 Main Road, Darnall Road 1822 24 Yellow Lion 12 Haymarket 1787 24 Barleycorn 38 Coal Pit Lane 1795 23 Bay Horse 40 South Street, Moor 1822 23 Bull and Oak/Front Room/Assembly Rooms/Sembly Rooms/Crown and Cushion/Sam Hills Parlour-Bull and Hawk in 1828 76-78 Wicker 1715 23 Cock 59 Hollis Croft 1780 23 Cossack 45 Howard Street 1820 23 Crown/Old Crown/R&B's Uptown Bar 35 Scotland Street 1797 23 Devonshire Arms 23 South Street, Moor 1825 23 Golden Ball Townhead Street 1828 23 Millhouses Hotel 951 Abbeydale Road, Millhouses, S7 1841 23 Old Harrow 34 Harvest Lane 1820 23 Pump Tavern 79 South Street, Moor 1825 23 Queen Adelaide 32 Bramall Lane/1 Hermitage Street, S2 1825 23 Red Lion 109 Charles Street, S1 1820 23 Rock Tavern 20 Dixon Lane 1796 23 ------------------- Ironic to see Shakespeare sharing top spot given what has happened. If we extend the dates beyond 1951, The Shakespeare would surely be top - Jeff Boss 2010 - suppose that makes it top. Any updates gratefully received. -------------------
  19. THE FAIRBANKS OF SHEFFIELD From early in the 18th century, there was no name better known in Sheffield than Fairbank; and although the family seems to have left the town nearly a hundred years ago, the name is yet known to Sheffield antiquaries, lawyers and surveyors, through what has for many years been called The Fairbank Collection, which consists of thousands of maps, plans, sections, elevations, surveys, field-books, letters, diaries, account-books, office-drafts and papers; left, at the death of William Fairbank Fairbank in 1848, for disposal by his executors. In tracing the descent of the Sheffield branch of the Fairbank family, we shall also make clear the origin and devolution of The Fairbank Collection, which passed into the safe keeping of Mr Reginald D. Bennett, surveyor of Sheffield, on the death of his predecessor in business, the late Mr Alfred Smith Denton, in 1927. In The Fairbank Collection, we find much Sheffield history, extending for about a hundred and fifty years from Queen Anne to Queen Victoria, written not in words but in maps; and this form of local history brings into prominence many topographical facts and interesting events, which are not to be found elsewhere. Such a comprehensive collection of cartographic material, available for the history of a circumscribed area and period, is probably unique; and it invites the fullest examination. The four generations of Fairbank, shown in the above pedigree, were the men who brought the collection into existence, and at the same time made their name famous in the 18th and 19th centuries, first in Sheffield and later throughout England. William at the head of the pedigree, his son, grandsons and great-grandson surveyed the whole of Sheffield and many miles round, together with other landed estates in neighbouring and also distant counties. The work of surveying innumerable small holdings in Sheffield extended over many years; and was undertaken for private landowners and public bodies at a time when little, if any, land surveying had been attempted in the district; and it is evident that the land owners in and around Sheffield gladly availed themselves of the opportunity provided by the coming of the Fairbanks, to have their lands surveyed for the first time. The surveys of Sheffield properties, made prior to 1771, were so numerous and comprehensive that they enabled the second William Fairbank to publish a street-map in 1771, which he revised, and extended in 1797; and, as the town expanded in every direction, a third street map of Sheffield was published in 1808 by the brothers William and Josiah. These three maps are full of interest, they are yet in use and for many purposes are constantly referred to; they were prepared from exact measurements, taken mostly by the second William and his son Josiah. These outlined dimensions with notes and dates were sketched in field-books carried in the pocket; and all measurements were entered with great accuracy, when working on the land. The field books were paper covered pocket books, which they sometimes called Dimension Books; but more usually Field-Books. A half-tone illustration of one of these Field-Books is here reproduced. Nearly three hundred of these Field Books, containing, several thousand separate surveys, now form part of The Fairbank Collection. In some of the earlier field-books the buildings are shown in what was then a new method of drawing, called isometrical projection, by which the elevation and ground-plan of a building are represented in one view. Another series of note-books, extending from 1752 to 1800, contains full particulars of' buildings, either erected or altered by a Fairbank ; these building-books are full of interesting detail as to the cost of work by masons, carpenters; slaters, glaziers, painters, decorators and others; this series also contains many plans, sections and elevations of buildings in Sheffield and the outlying district. FROM WESTMORLAND TO YORKSHIRE. The earliest record of the Fairbank family is to be found in the will of Richard Fayrbank of Heptonstall near Halifax, dated the 20th August 1517. He was born at Kendal in Westmorland about 1470, and his wife was Alice daughter of John Colcroft, a member of a well known Yorkshire family. Richard, by his will, left a sum of iii s. iv d. to his `Fader at Kendall ; and he directed An Order to be said at the chapel in Kendal, where he was born. This makes it clear that, the family, whose name is variously spelt but for convenience throughout these notes is referred to as Fairbank, came from Westmorland shortly before 1517 and settled in and around Halifax in Yorkshire, where records of the family are to be found, covering two centuries or more. From the Halifax stock many branches spread far afield, some reaching Sheffield in the second half of the 16th century, when we find a Robert Fairbank of Sheffield. In his will, dated the 23rd September, 1585, he is described as of Sheffield in the county of York draper; and he expressed a wish to be buried in the parish church there. He left v s. to the poor man's box in the church and amongst the legacies was iii l. vi s. viii d. to his apprentice Mark Fairbank; x s. for his godson George Fairbank and one black doublet for John son of George Fairbank. His two brothers-in-law, Henry and Lawrence Hall, were legatees; and another apprentice John Vicars was to receive iii s. iv d.; the residue of his estate he left to his wife Alice, who proved his will at York on the 5th November 1585. He was buried on the 1st October 1585 at Sheffield parish church, as appears from the Sheffield parish register. If, in accordance with his wish, he was buried inside the church, some monumental inscription might have now existed; but no trace of such inscription can be found. As he had two brothers-in-law named Hall, his wife presumably was Alice Hall; and there is some trace of two Lawrence Halls, father and son, living at Fulwood about that time. It will be seen that in Robert Fairbank's will, there is no reference to a son or daughter, and we must assume that no children survived him; but from the Sheffield parish register it appears that he buried a daughter Alice on the 15th October 1579. That being so, William at the head of the pedigree was not descended from Robert the draper and we must look elsewhere for his ancestors. As disclosed by the will, there were other Fairbanks living in Sheffield during Robert's lifetime and an examination of the Sheffield parish register, from its commencement in 1560 to 1700, only discloses two Fairbanks in addition to those already mentioned; namely, 1574-5 January lst Elizabeth Fayrebanckes (sic) buried; and 1589 August 18th George Hawe married Alice Fayrebanckes (sic). Of Elizabeth nothing is known, but Alice who married George Hawe may have been the widow of Robert the draper. In 1566 Robert Fairbank paid a fee-farm rent of three pence for church-land in Sheffield, due to the lord of the manor; and in 1569 there was a Sheffield assessment `for makynge of soulders' as follows, xx s. for the equipment of Robert Fairbank. In 1668 the Society of Friends was founded in London and in later years the Sheffield Fairbanks joined or formed a local branch. From that time we find no more records of the family in the register of the parish church, as the Friends kept their own records of births marriages and deaths; and those of the Sheffield branch begin at too late a date to throw any light on the family connexion between the first William Fairbank the schoolmaster and the Sheffield Fairbanks of the 16th century. Perhaps, however, sufficient has been said to show that the Fairbanks of Sheffield were descended from the 15th century Westmorland stock and that they first settled around Halifax and then moved south to Sheffield and elsewhere. AMERICA. One group of the Halifax branch, before the days of William the Sheffield schoolmaster, left England for America, where the name Fairbank is yet known and honoured; the tradition being, that two brothers Richard and Jonathan Fairbank, of Sowerby near Halifax York¬shire, with their wives Elizabeth and Grace sailed for Boston Massachusetts U.S.A. in the `Griffin' and landed there in 1633. Richard soon identified himself with public affairs in Boston and held many important public offices in the town; he was a member of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company and was the first Postmaster of the Colony. His house in Boston was the post office and he served the Colony well until 1667 when he died, his two children having predeceased him; his brother Jonathan, after prospecting around Boston for three years, settled in 1636 with his wife and six children at Dedham, about ten miles south-west of Boston. We are told that Jonathan was possessed of ample means and that he brought with him from England the frame of a house, the timbers of which lay for three years in Boston, until he found a settlement at Dedham. There, he obtained the grant of a twelve-acre plot of land and on it built his house, to which he added more land in later years. He and his family lived in this house until 1648 when he enlarged it to meet the requirements of his family; and this old frame-house with all its extensions, after the lapse of nearly three centuries, yet stands. It is now known as Ye Olde Fayerbanke House and is said to be the oldest existing frame-house in the United States. It was occupied by the descendants of Jonathan until 1903 or shortly after, when Miss Rebecca Fairbank left it and removed to Boston, the old house being purchased by the Fairbank Family Association, a trust formed for the purpose of preserving it for all time, as a place of historic and antiquarian interest. It is visited every year by thousands of tourists and travellers, who come from all parts of the world. An illustrated pamphlet of thirty pages is published for the use of visitors; and this shows the out side of the house from many points of view, both in summer and winter; also the living-room, a bedroom and kitchens, each containing its old furniture; with spinning- wheels, rocking-chairs, trundle-beds, gate-legged tables; warmingpans, pewter dishes and cider-press. An inventory of the goods of Jonathan Fairbank is printed in full; also a copy of his will, dated 1668, ,and a copy of the will of his kinsman and benefactor George Fairbank of Sowerby in Yorkshire clothier, dated 1650. The frontispiece reproduces a picture of President and Mrs. Henry Irving Fairbank in picturesque costume of the period; they are described as of ‘The Ninth Generation of the Fayerbanke family.’ Perhaps now that Ye Olde Fayerbanke House is open to the public, Sheffield visitors to Boston will be tempted to make the short journey to Dedham, to see what was for nearly three hundred years the home of the American branch of a family, once so well known in Sheffield. THE FIRST WILLIAM FAIRBANK. We must now examine, in some detail, the history of the four generations of Fairbank who lived in Sheffield from the close of the 17th century to about 1850. The earliest record of the first William, the schoolmaster and land-surveyor, is his signature on the inside cover of A Record Book of the Society of Friends in Sheffield, bearing date 1723. It is below a motto in both Greek and Latin, which betrays the schoolmaster and shows that he had joined the Quakers in Sheffield before 1723. The next mention of this William is in 1725, when he gave formal notice to the Sheffield branch of the Society of Friends of his intention to marry Emma Broadhead, the widow of William Broadhead deceased and the daughter of John Clark of Swinton near Rotherham; the marriage taking place on the 9th December 1725, at the Friends' Meeting House in Sheffield. In 1733 he was appointed by the Sheffield branch to represent it, at a meeting of the Balby branch near Doncaster; and in the same year, for conscientious reasons, he refused to pay tithe; and his goods were distrained. His ledgers and account-books show that many Sheffield boys and girls attended his school from 1753 or earlier to 1773. One book, marked `School Wages', contains the names of hundreds of scholars and their parents, which include, Aldam, Barlow, Barnard, Bennett, Binney, Bright, Broadbent, Brownell, Cadman, Chorley, Dale, Doncaster, Eyre, Fenton, Firth, Girdler, Goddard, Hall, Hallam, Heathcott, Holy, Ibberson, Marsh, Newbould, Nodder, Palfreeman, Rawson, Roberts, Roebuck, Rotherham, Skelton, Swallow, Trickett, IJnwin, Vickers, Withers, Woolhouse, Worrall and Wreaks, with many interesting details. There is, however, nothing to indicate in what part of Sheffield the school was, nor is there any information from other sources which enables us to fix its site with any certainty. A possible clue may be gathered from the fact that the first William paid 'a guinea a year for a field at White House' in, Bramall Lane, about a hundreds yards north of Sheaf House; also twenty shillings for a stable. As he would rent the stable for his horse, it seems probable that this stable would not be far from his house; for in those days he would be dependent on his saddle-horse for getting to distant points, where he was surveying. Only a few maps and plans in The Fairbank Collection can be attributed to the first William, and these are on parchment, being dated between 1737 and 1750. If few maps in the collection can be credited to him, it must not be assumed that his output of work as a surveyor was small, on the contrary his day-books show a splendid record of surveying both in Sheffield and at a distance. He had a son, also called William, and two daughters; he died on the 5th December 1759 as the result of an accident, the circumstances of which are fully described in a letter which his son wrote to Josiah Forster a schoolmaster and surveyor of Tottenham near London, his father-in-law, which reads as follows: ‘ It was on the 4th day, about five in the evening, that he was returning from brother Hirst's on horseback;[1] and in as good health as he had enjoyed for several weeks, and just at the entrance to the town (as we were informed, for none of us were with him) the mare stumbled, whether on the ice or some stone we know not; but on recovering herself, she struck into a brisk pace and he, endeavouring to stop her with the curb bridle, broke the bit in her mouth; by which accident he lost the command of her and his own seat and fell with so much violence on the side of his head, which was exceedingly bruised, that the surgeon told us he got a concussion in his brains, tho' his skull was not fractured. The neighbourhood was immediately alarmed and he carried into a little alehouse, from whence we were immediately sent for and went to him; we found him discharging abundance of blood from his wound and mouth and altogether insensible, as he remained to the time of his death; which was on the 5th day about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, notwithstanding all the surgeon could do for him; and indeed he remained quite motionless till his death...... I need not tell thee we shall never more use the mare. The Coroner's Inquest brought her in the Bane, tho' it seems in a great measure chargeable on the weakness of the bridle bits. She however is forfeited to the lord of the manor, the Duke of Norfolk, and valued by the jury at six pounds, which we believe he, will not [take] nor any more than a small acknowldgement, which will serve to keep up his superstitious claim to Deodands (so called), warranted by custom or law. The letter was dated Sheffield 12th Mo. 15th 1759 and is now at the central Offices of the Society of Friends, Euston Road, London. This the first William was buried in the Quakers' Burial Ground at Sheffield; he died intestate and his wife Emma predeceased him. The claim to a deodand was prima facie by the King; it arose when a man, through misfortune, was killed by a horse or cart or any moving thing, called a bane, which was forfeited to the King's Almoner, to dispose of in alms and deeds of charity. It seems that by special custom of the manor of Sheffield, deodands were claimed by its lord. The mare which caused the death of William was probably the one he bought from John Lee of Thrift House Ecclesall for £7, two years before the accident; a note of which appears in his cash-book. THE SECOND WILLIAM. On the death of the head of the family in 1759, his son William continued the school, of which he had kept the accounts since 1757 or earlier; he also continued the surveying business, for which he had been trained by his father and in which he had taken an active part for some years before his father's death. He administered his father's estate; and his well kept account-books, which form part of The Fairbank Collection, give much information as to his life and work. During the father's lifetime William the son had married Mary the daughter of Josiah Forster of Tottenham above mentioned, whose grandson we are told was the right honourable William Edward Forster M.P. for Bradford and chief secretary for Ireland in 1880.The Forsters were also members of the Society of Friends and the letter of the 15th December 1759 was written by the second William to his wife's father. In 1760, a year after his father's death, the second William bought land in Coal Pit Lane Sheffield, now known as Cambridge Street, on which he erected a dwelling-house for his own occupation, with ample accommodation for his scholars. In 1770 M. Oddie, perhaps a pupil, made a very perfect plan of this property, which is in the collection. The second William continued at Coal Pit Lane for several years and during this period, the daily entries in his books show a curious mixture of charges for schooling and surveying; he obviously must have had help in the school, when away from home surveying land at a distance. In 1798 he took a lease from the Duke of Norfolk of a piece of land containing 32 perches in Lee's Croft, with a frontage of about 220 yards to Broomhall Lane, near the corner of what is now Broom¬hall Street and West Street. On this piece of land he had built some years previously, as a residence for himself, a house with a garden and orchard which he called West Hill, the site of which had prior to 1768 been part of what was then known as Black Lands. In 1798 the Duke seems to have granted William Fairbank a lease of West Hill, as it is then referred to in the Duke's maps and rentals as leasehold; but, although the lease was granted in 1798, it is clear that William Fairbank was living at West Hill as early as 1794 and probably eight years earlier, as he appears to have left Coal Pit Lane and given up the school about 1774. After this he presumably devoted his whole time and energy to land surveying. The Fairbank Collection contains many of his office diaries and account-books, among which is a printed pocket-diary for the year 1785, which is full of interesting notes of work done, which are beautifully written and clearly expressed. It contains many items which explain and supplement the maps in the field-books. This daily record gives a good idea of the professional life and work of the second William Fairbank, who died at West Hill on the 9th August 1801, aged 70 years. By his will, dated the 14th May 1800, he gave his leasehold house, which would be West Hill, and two closes then known as Well Field and the Croft, held of the Duke of Norfolk, to his wife for life, with the remainder to his two sons William and Josiah and their sisters; but William had the right to have the house, on making certain payments to the others; the testator gave all his instruments used for the land surveying business and his copper-plates and plans of Sheffield and the parish of Sheffield to his two sons; but his household goods furniture and books he gave to his wife, who with her eldest son William proved the will at York, on the 15th February 1802. The Fairbank Collection bears witness to an extraordinary amount of work done by this very assiduous and energetic member of the family, the second William; nearly two hundred of the field-books are in his handwriting. From ‘The Records of the Burgery of Sheffield' by John Daniel Leader 1897, it appears that he did much work for the Town Trustees. One of his great achievements was the laying out, construction and engineering of main roads in and around Sheffield. In 1757, two years before his father's death, he constructed the Sheffield to Buxton turnpike road; and about the same time he widened and improved the entire length of the road from Sheffield to Wakefield. In 1760 he made the road from Lady's Bridge to Bridgehouses; in 1763 he was engaged on the Worksop Road through Aston and Gateford; and about the same time he improved the turnpike road to Derby. In 1764 he constructed the road from Tinsley to Doncaster and two years later was engaged on the road from Orgreave,Common to Attercliffe via Catcliffe. During 1768 the road from Holmesfield to Curbar Head was completed under his supervision; also the turnpike road from Grindleford Bridge to Penistone. This gives some idea of the work he undertook and completed; but it is only part of his work on the roads, which again is exclusive of the more general work of land surveying for private clients, of whom he had many. Like his father; he travelled about the country to his work on horseback; and he must have spent many hours every week in the saddle and no doubt kept his own horse; but in his accounts the cost of horse-hire constantly occurs. We have evidence of his journeys in the saddle, for days to, gether, in his journals and cash books. In 1757, during his father's lifetime, he was engaged in a survey for Parson Stacey of Stow Park, about five miles south-east of Gainsborough, and not less than thirty-six miles from Sheffield. His first stop was at Woodhouse to have his horse's shoe removed, for which he paid four pence; he had dinner at Gateford, which cost including ale seven pence; supper and liquor at Retford thirteen pence, where he stayed the night and paid a further eight pence for his breakfast with ale. At North Leverton he stopped for dinner, paying ten pence; and there he secured a guide to show him the road to Dunham Ferry, for whose services he paid two pence; next day he had his midday dinner at Gainsborough and supped at Wheatley. The following day he had J. Johnson as his guest at dinner and this was probably Parson Stacey's agent, who would point out the land to be surveyed. He seems to have taken the journey very leisurely, perhaps he was riding his own horse on that occasion? The concluding item for this journey shows that his professional fee was five shillings a day, the entry being `My wages 7 days at 5s = £l - 15 - 0d.' About the same time he was measuring the road from Sheffield to Chesterfield, to fix milestones for the Turnpike Commissioners. In that case his charge for one day and horse was six shillings. No doubt many of the surveys, which he made from home, took more than a week and the open air life in all weathers that he led must have been very strenuous. In 1760 he repaved High Street Sheffield and in 1762 he began a complete survey of the Duke of Norfolk's Sheffield estate. The following year he was working in Cheshire and in 1765 he undertook work on the Don, to increase the water-power for mills and wheels. Two years later he completed the aqueduct from Crookes Moor to the New Spring at Leavy Greave and thence to Broomhall Lane. During the twenty years following 1770, he seems to have further increased his work, not only as a surveyor and engineer but also as an architect; during that period, it included the erection of The Tontine Inn, the Shambles in Market Place; the Friends' Meeting House and private residences; including Meersbrook' House, Page Hall and many others. THE THIRD WILLIAM. After the death of the second William in 1801, either his executors or his two sons seem to have purchased the freehold reversion of the leasehold house at West Hill from the Duke; and William the son took up his residence there. The two sons, William and Josiah, who for some time previously had been helping their father in the business, carried it on in partnership under the style of W. & J. Fairbank at West Hill; but later Josiah took the sole control until his son, some years later, joined him in partnership. The third William, who apparently never married, died in 1848, aged seventy four. He does not appear to have ever taken a very active part in the business and more than seven years before his death the business under the style of Josiah Fairbank & Son had been removed from West Hill to offices in East Parade, in the centre of the town; and at that time Josiah was living at Wilkinson Street. By the will of the third William, dated the 30th June 1846, his `printed books and engraved maps' were left to his friend Edward Smith of Fir Vale near Sheffield esquire. To his nephew William Fairbank Fairbank, the eldest son of his deceased brother Josiah, he gave all his drawn maps, field-books and other writings relating thereto and his drawings and surveying instruments. The residue of his estate was to be divided between his sister Mary, the wife of William Hodgson of German Town near Philadelphia U.S.A. and his sister-in-law Sarah, the widow of his brother Josiah: Mr John Wheat solicitor of Sheffield was appointed sole executor, but he renounced probate and Sarah Fairbank administered the estate, shortly after the death of the testator, which occurred on the 15th July 1846. JOSIAH FAIRBANK. We must now return to Josiah, the second son of the second William, who was born on the 14th December 1777 and died two years before his elder brother. Josiah married Sarah Carbutt of Leeds, who survived him; they had sons and daughters. Three of his sons were brought up as surveyors in their father's office in Sheffield. Shortly before his death Josiah severed his connexion with the Society of Friends and was by them `disunited.' His death occurred in 1844, at a time when he was over¬whelmed with work in connexion with the promotion of Bills in Parliament for the construction of railways. He died in his sixty-sixth year and apparently left no will; neither was administration to his estate granted at York or Somerset House. There are no books or papers in the collection relating to his estate or its distribution after his death. In the year 1800, Josiah assumed control at his father's office and during the following forty years or more he got through a very great amount of important work; amongst other things, he valued the whole of the Sheffield area for rating purposes, he found time to do the same for the township of Halifax, his ancestral home; and he had much to do with the Rivelin and Redmires reservoirs. In 1819 he undertook and carried through the construction of the road from Townhead in Sheffield to Glossop, along what is now West Street, Glossop Road, Manchester Road, Moscar, Ashopton and Snake. Prior to 1819, West Street was very limited in extent; it only existed between what is now Holly Street and Broomhall Street. Buildings blocked the east end of West Street, at the Holly Street crossing; and all incoming traffic turned along Holly Street either north to Trippet Lane or south to Balm Green and Coal Pit Lane now Cambridge Street. At the other end West Street became a footpath; and all traffic, other than pedestrians, had to turn south down Broomhall Lane now Broomhall Street. This costly undertaking could only be carried out with the authority of Parliament; but when the work was completed in 1820, the town had acquired one of its finest approach roads from the west; a new and more direct route between Sheffield and Manchester was opened for wagons, postchaises and mail coaches. On the death of Josiah in 1844, his eldest son William Fairbank Fairbank continued the Sheffield business, where he had been helping his father for some years, the firm of Josiah Fairbank and Son being at East Parade, as early as 1833. WILLIAM FAIRBANK FAIRBANK. William Fairbank Fairbank was born in 1805 and married Frances Royston Fisher of Chesterfield. From a Sheffield Directory, we find him living at South Street in 1841. He was trained as a surveyor by his father and was a partner at the time of the latter's death. His two brothers John Tertius Fairbank and Josiah Forster Fairbank were also for some time at their father's office in East Parade. At the death of his father, William Fairbank Fairbank was left with much Parliamentary work on hand; and the disaster which befell the great railway enterprises of 1844-5 with the panic which followed, proved too much for his strength; and his health completely gave way. While in London on Parliamentary work in 1846 he had a stroke of paralysis and was taken to his home in Sheffield; but he only partially recovered and for two years he confined his work solely to what he could transact in his own office at Sheffield. In 1848 he had a further seizure and died in his garden on the 29th May, at the early age of 43 years. By his will he left the whole of his estate to his wife Frances, whom he appointed sole executrix; and she proved the will at York. With the death of William Fairbank Fairbank, the we11-known Sheffield firm of surveyors, that had flourished through four generations, came to an end. THE FAIRBANK COLLECTION: At this time the two surviving sons of Josiah Fairbank, John Tertius and Josiah Forster, both surveyors, were not living in Sheffield; and a friend of the family Mr Marcus Smith of Sheffield a surveyor and the sub-agent to the Duke of Norfolk, helped the widow to wind up the affairs of the office and bring the work of the Fairbanks in Sheffield to a close. The maps plans field-books drafts letters account-books and office-papers were included in the valuation for probate, and the Capital Burgesses bought some of the maps relating to their lands; other clients of the office seized the opportunity of doing the same. What remained were bought by Mr Marcus Smith, and these now constitute The Fairbank Collection. Mr Smith kept it in his room at the Duke's office in Sheffield, until his death in 1882, when it passed to his widow Mrs Sarah Smith, the aunt of the late Mr Alfred Smith Denton of ` Raisin Hall near Sheffield surveyor, to whom she presented the collection in her lifetime; and it remained in his office at The Hartshead Sheffield, until his death in 1927. Whilst in his possession, the maps were always available for reference or production in court, and often proved of the greatest value in disputes as to rights of way or the boundaries of land or buildings; such as the ease heard at Leeds Assizes in March 1893, concerning an alleged right of way along the Angel Inn yard in Sheffield, when the question turned on evidence provided by a Fairbank plan, produced by Mr Denton. After his death, the collection was purchased by Mr Bennett, together with a share in Mr Denton's business of a surveyor of land and minerals. With the close of the Fairbanks' office in East Parade the story of the Fairbanks and their work in Sheffield comes to an end; but the family tradition of the Sheffield branch has been maintained in other parts of Yorkshire. JOSIAH FORSTER FAIRBANK AND HIS DESCENDANTS. During the years before the death of Josiah Fairbank in 1844, his son Josiah Forster Fairbank had been assisting him in his professional duties; and at his father's death he was residing in Sheffield; but when the railway `bubble' burst, followed by a period of great trade depression, Josiah Forster Fairbank decided to obtain some official appointment, and in 1847 he was elected engineer and secretary to the Pudsey Gas Company out of one hundred and fifty applicants; he removed from Sheffield to Pudsey in April 1847; this appointment he held until 1850, when he became engineer and secretary to the Scarborough Gas Company. While there he designed and constructed the Filey Gas and Waterworks and the Scarborough public baths. He was elected a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1857; and resigned his position at Scarborough in 1860, moving to London where he had offices in Parliament Street Westminster and practised there for many years, during which time he designed and constructed a large number of works all over the country. In 1885 he, like his father, had a stroke of paralysis, from which he recovered sufficiently to take his son Frank Graham Fairbank into partnership, opening an office in Driffield, where he then had work in hand; and this branch-office was subsequently transferred to York, the London offices of the firm being given up. Josiah Forster Fairbank died in 1899 and his son Frank Graham Fairbank, who reside at York, continued his professional work as a civil engineer in partnership with his son Mr Alan Carbutt Fairbank under the style of Fairbank and Son, at The Tudor House, Stonegate, York, where the great tradition of the Sheffield Fairbanks is yet maintained. Among the family papers, now in the possession of Mr F. Graham Fairbank at York is a memoir by his father, containing much information as to his branch of the family; with it, are many silhouette family portraits, including those of the first and second William and Josiah; and through the kindness of Mr Fairbank and his son these silhouettes are here reproduced. THE FUTURE OF THE COLLECTION. With regard to The Fairbank Collection, there can be no question as to its extraordinary interest and especial value to the city of Sheffield. From it, complete and accurate information can be obtained as to ancient highways, bridle-sties, footpaths, turnpikes, canals, railways, reservoirs, aqueducts, water-courses, streets, bridges, wells, weirs, fords, leppings, water-wheels, windmills, gibbets, jails, stocks, markets, inns, theatres, assembly-rooms, churches, chapels, schools, crosses, pinfolds, burial-grounds, stiles, orchards, market-gardens, nurseries and coal-pits, with in many cases the date of construction. From it, we also get the names of landowners, their lessees or tenants and other material of use to the topographer and historian. This unique collection of maps and field-books, descriptive for the most part of lands and buildings within the extended boundaries of the city of Sheffield, has been since 1932, through the generosity and public spirit of Mr Bennett, the valued possession of the city to which it relates; and, as The Fairbank Collection, it is safely housed in the archives at the Sheffield Public Library, where it is accessible to those, most likely to make use of it, both now and in years to come. [1] At this date John Hirst lived at Neepsend.
  20. HughW

    Davison Family

    A couple of discrepancies, but the ages and birthplaces match the 1841 census: 1851 census piece 2337 folio 321 page 24 Ct 9 Carver St (Ecclesall Bierlow) Geo DAVIDSON Head Marr 64 DBY die sinker DBY Chesterfield Mary DAVIDSON Wife Marr 56 scissor burnisher Sheffield Ann DAVIDSON Dau Unm 28 washer woman Sheffield Carver St is close to Coal Pit Lane (which is now called Cambridge St). The different spelling of this surname is always likely to happen. The change in occupation is more unexpected. I think this is the burial of Mary: Burial at St Paul's, Pinstone St DAVISON Mary 30 May 1852 57y Carver St wi George No sign of George in this graveyard, or anywhere else I have checked. There are these two children at St Paul's: Burials at St Paul's DAVISON Sarah 4 Mar 1821 da George [no age listed] DAVISON George 25 Sep 1822 1y so George In the 1841 census there is an Ann DAVISON aged 17 who is a servant in the household of a solicitor in Paradise Square (ref piece 1338/2 folio 51 page 41) Hugh
  21. Guest

    Davison Family

    I wonder if anyone has any information on my ancesters...DAVISON They lived around Sheffield town center and then Burngrave From at least 1800s to 1901.. I have particular interest in George Davison aged 50 on 1841 census living with wife Mary two sons William and Henry at 65 Coal Pit lane.Any Information would be very helpful.....andyd
  22. Guest

    Fish & Chip Shops

    Manchester Road at bottom of Carr Road Now a Chinese Takeaway Half Way up Ash Lane Deepcar. Manchester Road opposite Cinema Building - Still there Johnson Street Opposite top gate close to Hawthorne Ave Victroria Road - Still there Coal Pit Lane - Still there Stubbin Estate – Still there Garden Village – Now a Chinese Takeaway :rolleyes:
  23. RichardB

    1857 Victuallers

    First attempt; more to come, main record NOT updated. Name, address, Open from at least, Keeper in 1857 Acorn 204 Shalesmoor, S3 1821 Thomas Shackleton Acorn 52 Wicker 1856 Thomas Simmomite Adelphi 13 Arundel Street/Sycamore Street, S1 1849 Henry Sampson Albert 31 Sutherland Street, S4 1855 William Smith Albion 694 Attercliffe Road 1819 Joseph Charlesworth Albion 4 Mitchell Street, S3 1835 John Allen Albion 35 Johnson Street 1839 Charles Taylor Albion 12 Sylvester Street 1851 Peter Holland (Sylvester Street) Albion Hotel 75 London Road, S2 1833 John Roberts Alma/Fat Cat 23 Alma Street 1856 Abraham Cooke American Stores 36 West Bar Green 1852 Mary Ann Greaves Anchor 233 Solly Street 1833 Paul Parnell Angel 15 Angel Street 1657 Frederick Wilkinson Angel/Crown and Anchor 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane 1825 William Tomlinson Anvil 152 South Street, Moor 1820 William Platts Anvil 24 Waingate 1822 Jno. Philips Army Hotel/Army Stores/Clifton/Anvil 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road 1852 Henry Short Arundel Castle 257 Arundel Street 1833 John Parkin Atlas 131 Carlisle Street East 1856 Joseph Hobson (52 New Saville Street) Ball 50 Lambert Street 1796 John Wragg Ball 27 Spring Street 1797 George Pinder Ball 72 Howard Street 1822 John Wainwright Ball 26 Campo Lane 1824 George Smith (13 Campo Lane) Ball 23 Oborne Street 1825 J. Fallowes Ball Heeley Bank 1825 William Gill Ball in the Tree/Ball/Balli'th'Tree Clarke Houses 1833 Samuel Green Ball Inn 44 Broad Lane 1820 Joseph Roebuck Ball Inn 84 Green Lane 1820 James Eyre Ball Inn 171 Crookes, S10 1825 Joseph Skelton Bank Street Hotel 24 Bank Street 1857 Joseph Smith Barleycorn 38 Coal Pit Lane 1795 Thomas Malkin Barrack Tavern/Old Barrack Tavern 217 Penistone Road/Hill foot 1822 D Barker Barrel 123 London Road 1820 William Beighton Barrel 52 Pye Bank 1833 J Pearson Boston/Derby Hotel 10 Lansdowne Road 1856 William Turtle Brown Cow 6 Burdekin's Yard, 25 Bridgehouses 1820 John Cauldwell Brown Cow/Old Brown Cow 1 Radford Street 1820 Thomas Fearn/Fearne Brunswick 15 Haymarket 1856 Jonathan Bland Bull and Oak/Front Room/Assembly Rooms/Sembly Rooms/Crown and Cushion/Sam Hills Parlour-Bull and Hawk in 1828 76-78 Wicker 1715 Joseph Stones Burlington Hotel 7 Burlington Street, S6 1856 William Shirtcliffe Burnt Tree Inn 84 Allen Street 1854 Thomas Oldfield Burnt Tree Tavern 83 Hoyle Street 1833 William Marsden Butcher's Arms 158 Gibralter Street 1854 A. Exley Cannon Spirit Vaults 30 Castle Street 1774 William Naylor Canteen Barracks 1856 William Guy Chequers or Old Cow (Beerhouse) 64 Coal Pit Lane 1820 Ann Barker Chequers/Old Chequers 68 Weigh Lane 1825 Joseph Thorpe Cherry Tree Bowling Green Cherrytree Hill 1828 George Green Cherry Tree/Old Cherry Tree 37 Gibralter Street 1820 George Trickett Chester Castle 62 Eldon Street 1849 Richard Anderson Clock Maker's Arms 122 West Bar 1833 Robert Barnes Club Mill/Corn Mill Inn/Old Club Mill 20 Smithfield 1822 William Wilson Coach and Horses 37 Water Lane 1820 George Dawson Cock 5 Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge 1825 Willoughby Howe Commercial Inn 24 Haymarket c1800 Thomas Falshaw Cricket Ball Inn 2 Savile Street East/46 Sutherland Street 1849 Matthew Needham Crown and Anchor 18 Stanley Street 1830 William Mallinson Crown and Anchor 218 Bright Street 1845 James Dixon Crown Inn Owlerton 1828 Elizabeth Cooke Dog and Partridge 56 Trippet Lane 1797 Joseph Wild Dove and Rainbow 25 Hartshead 1782 Elizabeth Drury Eagle 80 Wellington Street 1841 Henry Rodgers Earl Grey 97 Ecclesall Road, S11 1854 Samuel Andrew Effingham Arms 19 Sussex Street 1854 James Ward Elephant and Castle 117 Arundel Street 1854 Edmund Sanderson Fitzwilliam Hotel 72 Fitzwilliam Street 1854 Thomas Simpson Florist 119 Broad Lane 1839 David Smith Gardeners' Arms Occupation Road 1845 Samuel Stones Gate Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge, S6 1822 Joseph Swift Gate/Old Gate in 1854 10 Hollis Croft 1820 James Bearder George and Dragon 93 Broad Lane 1825 Henry Coward George Hotel 52 New George Street; Little Sheffield 1833 Edward Cutts Golden Ball Townhead Street 1828 Elizabeth Hitchen Golden Ball/Ball 39 Forge or Shude Lane 1796 Stephen Walker Grapes 95 Pond Street 1796 John Mellors (126 Pond Street) Grapes 80 Trippet Lane 1820 George Wild Grapes 13 & 15 Queen's Street, Infirmary Road, Philadelphia 1852 John Thomas Sanderson Grapes Tavern 74 Furnace Hill 1832 John Ratherham Great Gun 13-17 Wicker 1854 Waltham Cowham Green Man/Old Green Man 9 New Church Street 1820 Abraham Bocking Grey Horse 25 Stoke Street, Attercliffe 1850 William Milner Greyhound 185 Gibralter Street, S3 1796 William Broadhead Greystones Tavern Greystones 1871 Samuel Blacktin (Beerhouse) Hare and Hounds 27 Nursery Street 1820 George Ashmore Hermitage 11 London Road, Little Sheffield 1822 John Bullas Highland Laddie Ranmoor 1845 Jonathan Dungworth Hillsborough Inn 2 Holme Lane 1845 Thomas Hawksley Hyde Park Cricket Ground Inn St John's Road 1828 Mrs Hannah Heathcote King William 1 Alma Street 1825 Mrs Lydia Mounsey King's Head/Old King's Head 1 Change Alley 1572 Mrs Sarah Woodward Little Angel 94 West Bar 1854 John Wragg Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Inn 88 Furnival Road 1854 John Shaw Matilda Tavern 100 Matilda Street, S1 1825 John Drabble Meadow Street Hotel 110 Meadow Street, S3 1845 Thomas Maxfield Merry Heart 110 Spital Street (Tom Cross Lane) 1854 Henry Steel Morpeth Arms 108 Upper Allen Street, S3 1833 George Pallett Nelson 34 Union Street, S1 1854 James Smith New Inn Wadsley Bridge 1861 George Turner New Market Inn 13 Exchange Street/Castle Folds 1833 Richard Dolby Birkett Norfolk Arms 26 Dixon Lane 1820 Robert Brereton Norfolk Arms 18 Sands Paviours, Bow Street 1822 Robert Baines Norfolk Arms 91 Granville Street, Park 1845 John Carr Number Two 63 Silver Street Head 1849 Joseph Hoole Odd Fellow's Arms 202 Duke Street, Park 1856 Frederick Rotherham Old Blue Ball Bradfield Road, Owlerton 1825 William Cooper Peacock 200 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 1845 John Wilson Plumper's Inn 49 Duke Street 1854 Thomas Worthington Porter Tavern/Porter Tavern Sharrow Moor 1845 William Dungworth Potter's Arms/Pitcher and Glass 20 Workhouse Croft/Paradise Street 1854 Thomas Steel Prince of Wales Banner Cross, Ecclesall, S11 1834 Albert Ellse Q in the Corner/Shrewsbury Hotel 17 Paradise Square 1822 Edward Harrison Queen Street Hotel 57 Queen Street 1774 William Shouler Queen's Head 660 Attercliffe Road 1822 James Cocking Queen's Head 20 Sheaf Street, Park 1829 Samuel Staniforth Queen's Head Inn/Old Queens Head) 14 Castle Street 1797 John Hunsley Railway Inn 70 Nursery Street 1833 Mrs Mary Smith Ran Moor 330 Fulwood Road, Ran Moor, S10 1854 James Worrall Raven/Hornblower/O'Hagans 12 Fitzwilliam Street 1833 George Haywood Red Lion 52 Coal Pit Lane 1796 Joseph Martin Red Lion 109 Charles Street, S1 1820 George Cadman Red Lion 145 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820 Thomas Garrett Robin Hood 86 Duke Street, Park, S2 1820 Mrs Elizabeth Goulder Robin Hood Inn Millhouses 1822 Mary Brown Rock Tavern 20 Dixon Lane 1796 James Strafford Royal Oak 83 Pond Street 1796 John Horncastle Scarborough Arms 79 Fargate 1797 William Appleyard Seven Stars Trippet Lane (36 Pinfold Street) 1787 Charles Pearson Shakespeare 146 Gibralter Street 1820 Isaac Rubbins Shakespeare Oak Street, Heeley 1871 William Webster (Middle Heeley) South Sea Hotel Broomhill, S10 1854 William Frederick Ratcliff South Street Hotel 71 South Street, Moor 1854 George Bullas Sovereign Inn 118 Portobello Street 1871 George Thompson Sportsman 14 Bridgehouses 1822 Joshua Jarvis Sportsman 20 Coal Pit Lane 1833 John Wilson Sportsman Worrall Road, Wadsley, S6 1861 Samuel Colley Sportsman Group/Grove 851 Penistone Road 1833 John Hollins Sportsman's Inn Walkley 1825 Samuel Howson Sportsman's Inn 155 Marcus Street, S3 1871 William Staniforth Stafford Arms 30 Stafford Street, S2 1854 William Morton Star Rural Lane, Wadsley 1825 Thomas Knott Star Inn 181 Gibralter Street 1820 Thomas Hudson Station Inn 86 Wicker 1845 George Vaughan Station Inn Brightside 1871 John Johnson Sun 78 South Street, Park, S2 1854 Frederick Hoyland Talbot Arms 50 Cricket Inn Road 1849 Edward Smith Theatre Tavern 37 Arundel Street 1774 Mrs Ann Harwood Three Cranes 46 Queen Street 1820 Alexander Barnes Traveller's Rest 106 Broad Street 1852 Adam Sowden Traveller's Rest 406 Langsett Road, S6 1854 George Morton Tuscan Tavern 17 St Thomas Street 1845 George Haley Twelve O'Clock Inn 1 Attercliffe Road 1825 Joseph Ellis Union Cherry Tree Hill 1854 Joseph Boot Upperthorpe Hotel 137 Upperthorpe Road 1833 Robert Small Waggon and Horses Mill Houses 1822 William Smith Wagon and Horses/Old Wagon and Horses in 1854 2 Kent Road, Upper Heeley 1822 Henry Berley Walkley Cottage/Cottage/ The Old Cottage Hill Street, Walkley 1828 James Shelley (Freedom Hill, Walkley) Warm Hearth Stone 1 Town Head Street 1790 William Topliss Washington 79 Fitzwilliam Street 1845 John Monks Wellington Tavern/Duke of Wellington 21 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge St by 1871) 1822 Elias Shirt Wheatsheaf 11 Bridge Street 1849 Thomas Sissons White Lion 37 Queen Street/37 West Bar Green/37 Tenter Street 1796 William Outwin White Lion 615 London Road, Lower Heeley, S2 1822 Jonathan Woollen Yew Tree Malin Bridge 1825 Benjamin Shaw York Hotel Broomhill 1854 Joseph Hield
  24. 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Co. platers Norfolk street Holy and Newbould button manufacturers Sheffield Moor Hoole Benjamin fine scissar maker Spring street Hoole John button maker Coal pit lane Hutton Henry pocket and penknife cutler Coal pit lane Jacobs Richard engraver Burgess street Jackson Nicholas file maker Wicker Jessop John file maker Holli’s croft Jessop Richard cutler and brass ink pot maker Coal pit lane Ibberson John penknife cutler Gibralter Ibberson Joseph merchant and manufacturer Norfolk street Jebson Matthew table knife cutler Broad lane Jervis John cutler Pea croft Justice Paris cutler, razor smith and mark maker West bar Kent Richard and Son penknife cutlers Holli’s croft Kemp Newton cutler Norfolk street Kelk Charles spring knife cutler Westbar Green Kenyon John Frith Woolhouse and Bamford ironmongers Pond’s Forge and Slitting Mill Kenyon John filesmith, slit iron, bolted iron, hoop and steel Hollis Street Kippax and Knowel Wholesale cutlers and silversmiths Kitchen John cheesefactor and corndealer Snig Hill Kirkby Samuel razor maker Copper street Knowles Francis penknife cutlers White croft Law Thomas, and Co. platers and silver cutlers Norfolk street Leadbater John razor maker Copper street Law Joseph Filesmith Gibraltar Law Philip edge tool maker Coalpit lane Lambert Robert grocer and tea dealer Market place Leathley Benjamin cutler and ivory cutter Holli croft Lindley William and Son cutler Pondwell hill Littlewood John manufacturer of silver handled table knives and forks West bar green Linley William razor maker, and cast-steel and frizing knife maker Spring street Loftus and Brightman manufacturers Church lane Ludlam Elizabeth cutler Burgess street Madin and Trickett cutlers and platers Farfield Mappin Jonathan plater and cup-maker Fargate Manguall and Faulkner Merchants Norfolk street Martin Charles springknife cutler Pond lane Marriott Thomas razor maker Cropper street Marsden William Fellmonger Tower street Midgeley Thomas table-knife cutler Bridgehouses Matthews John penknife cutler West bar green Matthews Samuel tableknife cutler Lambert croft Newsom Kemp Isiah penknife cutler Norfolk street Newton Francis grocer Bull stake Newbould Samuel sheersmith Coalpit lane Nowell Joseph cutler Copper street Norcross William fine scissars maker Lambert street Oates Christopher table knife cutler White croft Oates John spring knife cutler Little Sheffield Osborne George spring knife cutler Little-Sheffield Owen Robert pocket and table knife cutler West bar green Parker Thomas and Ebenezer cutlers and factors Holy croft Parker Ehhu table knife cutler and factor Pea croft Parker Kenyon attorney Bull stake Parkin Thomas cutler Scotland Parkins Joseph and sons razor makers Campo lane Patten Hannah cutler silver street Patten George pen knife and pocketknife cutler Coalpit lane Pearson and Ashmore Metal button makers Coalpit lane Pearson Jarvis scissar maker Paver street Pearson William druggist High street Penlington Samuel Cheesefactor King street Peach Samuel inn-keeper, Angel market place, Birmingham and London Coaches every day, and Post-chaises Proctors and Beilby Opticians Milk street Pryor Thomas fine scissars, and surgeon’s instrument maker Gibraltar Rayner Turner and son merchants York street Revill Charles filesmith Hill Revill George and sons razor and jack penknife maker New street Riding James and sons cutlers Copper street Roebuck Benjamin and son merchants Church lane Rodgers Josiah and Maurice penknife and razor makers Hollis croft Rose William penknife cutler Coal pit lane Roberts Jacob and Samuel cutlers Union street Roberts, Eyre and Co. silversmiths and platers Union street Rowbotham John silversmith and cutler Norfolk street Rowbotham John grocer Sims croft Rutherford William case maker China square Salt John silversmith and cutler Norfolk street Sauer, Eyre and Co. merchants Union street Shaw Jonathan malster Shire bridge Shepard John razor maker Hollis croft Shemel, Parkin, Hague, and Staniforth merchants and manufacturers of cutlery Arundell street Shipley John currier King street Shaw Thomas clasp maker Fig street Simmons Samuel stationer Market place Smith William scissar smith Hollis croft Smith Sarah and son filesmiths Back lane Smith Samuel tableknife cutler Scotland Smith George razor and penknife cutler Smithfield Smith John spring knife cutler Grindle gate Smith George filesmith Church lane Smith Samuel filesmith Heely Smith John grocer and tea dealer Snig hill Smith Thomas ironmonger High street Smith and Vavasour working jewellers & toymen Market place Smelter George and Philip raff merchants Castle fold Spencer Matthias and sons filesmith Pea croft Staniland Richard razor maker Burgess street Staniforth Samuel woollen draper and merchants Market place Stansfield John apothecary and man-midwife High street Stanley Samuel table knife cutler Scotland Saniland John table knife cutler Pond lane Stead Richard and son cutlers Holles croft Sykes John and Dennis manufacturers of wood, ivory, silver and plated table knives and forks Sutton William razor maker Ponds market Swift John cutler and scissar maker China square Swallow Joseph spotted penknife cutler Smithfield Tillotson Thomas tableknife cutler Coal pit lane Townshend James pocket knife cutler Smithfield Trickitt William cutler Arundel street Trickitt Enoch and James filesmiths Coal pit lane Travis Nathaniel penknife cutler White cross Turner Samuel mercer Market place Turner Nicholas filesmith Lambert croft Tudor and Leader silversmiths and platers Sycamore hill Twigg Jonathan penknife cutler Broad lane end Warburton Samuel tableknife cutler Wainwright and Staniland tableknife cutlers Hollis croft Waterhouse John horn button maker Newfield green Waterhouse Jeremiah cuttoe and knife Ward James pocket and penknife cutler Spring street Ward Jeremiah cutler Castle green Ward William bookseller and printer Market street Warburton Samuel penknife and razor maker Westbrook Joseph scissar maker Westbrook green Watson Thomas innkeeper, George White Samuel filesmith Bayly fields Winter, Parsons and Hall platers Market place Withers Benjamin and Co manufacturers of silver, ivory, plated and wood handle, tableknives and forks, razors, penknives and stamp’d penknives Pinston cross lane Wilde William file maker Church lane Windle Edmund tableknife cutler Lambert street Wilde Margaret filesmith Hollis croft Wilde Hannah and son filesmith Hollis croft Wild Jonathan and son penknife cutlers Kims court Wilson Elizabeth penknife cutler Church street Wood George scissar maker Pea croft Wood Benjamin and son mettle and horn button makers Lambert street Wortley John fine scissar maker Copper street Wright William razor maker Gibralter Young, Greaves and Hoyland silversmiths and manufacturers of plated wares and buttons Union street
  25. RichardB

    Sheffield Schools

    White's 1833 Getting bored with these now ... All these from White's 1833 Directory, there may be more !!! Ann Brotherhood Day School 13 Bailey Street Lydia Butcher Day School 15 Redhill Terrace Joseph Haywood Schoolmaster and surveyor 8 Garden Street; h. 6 Brocco Street Joseph Haywood Day school 2 Hereford Street; h. Hartshead Elizabeth Heeley School mistress 29 Jessop Street Hannah Hinchcliff School George Street, Philadelphia Elizabeth Hoyland Girls' National School Western Hall Martha Kirk Day school 58 Allen Street W. Kirk Second Master of Grammar School h. Crooks Moor Ann Knowles Day school 49 Charles Street Mary Leake Day school Doncaster Street Ann Loxley Day school 20 Chapel Street George Ludlam Day school Ct. 98 Fargate; h. 34 Pond Street Elizabeth Mather Governess, Lancastrian School h. 31 Meadow Street George Megginson Schoolr. 16 Hoyle Street; h. Somerville Terrace Hannah Moss Day school Rockingham Street Phoebe Naish Day school 11 Wheeldon Street Harriet New Day school Netherthorpe Thomas Oates Lanc. schoolr. Gibraltar Street; h. Spring Terrace Mrs Thomas Oates Ladies' boarding school Spring Terrace Sarah Oldfield Day school 34 Harvest Lane William Parkin Day school 26 Smithfield Elizabeth Perry Day school 53 Porter Street Bridget Preston Schoolmistress 22 Rockingham Street Sarah Riley Governess of the Girls' Charity School St James's Row Harriet Roberts Day school 26 Regent Street Hannah Roe Ladies' school 51 Eyre Street Misses Salt Boarding and day school Spring Hill, Glossop Road Sarah Salt Day school 30 Meadow Street Sarah Sanders Day school 55 Pye Bank Mary Sanderson Day school St Philip's Road James Clark Sewell Day school 11 Joiner Street John Sharman Infant School Bowling Green Street; 49 Hoyle Street John Shefford Infant School School Street, Park Francis Shillito Schoolmaster 87 Carver Street Julia Skinner Ladies' boarding school Brook View Mary Smith Day school 46 Bridge Street Sarah Smith Ladies' school 21 Division Street Thomas Smith Day school Upper North Street Ann Somerset National School h. 11 Gell Street Terrace Mary Ann Sporle Day school 8 Rockingham Street Hiram Spurr Schoolmaster Chapel Street; h. 13 Wicker Jane Storry Day school 26 Townhead Street Bridget Taylor Day school 58 Harvest Lane Elizabeth Taylor Day school 27 Coal Pit Lane Mary Thomas Day school Portobello Street Sarah Timm School Upper North Street Jane Tingle School 8 Westbar Green Mary Ann Tozer Schoolmistress Portobello Ann Trickett Day school Tudor Street Richard Warner infant school 16 Hoyle St.; h. Matthew St. Maxwell Wells day school 30 Pond Hill George West free school Sharrow Moor John Westbrook day school & shopr. 36 Pea Cft. & 126 Allen St. Hannah Wheatcroft day school 4 Edward Street Harriet White day school 41 Shales Moor Ann Wingfield Day school 15 Division Street Juliana Wood Day School 10 Wicker Susanna Wood Day school 14 Spring Street Alfred Wostenholme School 17 Bank Street; h. 13 Paternoster Row William Wright Gent. boarding school Howard Hill, Steel Bank
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