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  1. the photo is definitely Fargate. I am 87 yrs and remember shopping in DAVY'S on Fargate when I was a young man. Very classy shop and cafe.
  2. I went to Pipworth Road School. Never seen this mentioned before, but It is still there, halfway up Prince of wales road. Every time I pass, I always point out the class I started in at 5yrs, and the class I finished in, at 14yrs. I am now 86. I did my full schooling there. Outwardly, it doesn't appear to have changed at all. Love to tour around it now though , just for old times sake. I honestly believe that I had a top class education at that time, and do not believe that it has improved much since. The surrounding, area which was our playing field and woods, which we used to explore, has now been changed to The Parkway, leading to the M1. It was a happy school with dedicated teachers who did their job well. Strange that I used to travel there by Tram Car which cost 1/2p in old money (1/5 of a new penny). I will have to get my memory going. There is lots more to tell when I think about it.......... Gordon Ashall
  3. Herries Road Bus Garage was situated near the Five Arches which he probably worked at in his later years. This Garage did not run Trams. Nice memories though, and I hope you still have the bent Sixpence. Gordon (onemanner).
  4. I was a bus driver for 40 years and I can confirm that at 11.14 pm in pond street bus station, we started our engines and sat there waiting for the inspectors whistle. The very second it was blown, clutch was out and accellerator down and it was OFF. It was great.
  5. Hi Hjdary, It looks as if that one is before my time and what bit you can see of the tram body, could be very ancient. We had similar carriers, but these were to put the 'running boards' (ie: Timetable for that service for the day)in.Each service had a number for departmental information. It could just possible explain this problem. If you find an answer, I would be very interested too. Incedently, a friend bought me a present for my 75th birthday in 2006 (I am 76 tomorrow, 4/6/2007) and it is an 'Ultimate' ticket machine, complete with full set of tickets, all complete in the original metal box. He found it in an antique place in Killamarsh, but what a find ! Best Wishes and sorry I can't help on this one.
  6. I was a Tram conductor in 1953 @ Tinsley Depot, moving to Tenter Street when Tinsley closed. I then applied to train as a Bus Conductor and eventually moved on to being a bus driver at Townhead Street (upstairs fron Tenter Street). Later on I was one of the first onemanners to work the Buxton/Manchester(48)/Bakewell (40)and Huddersfield(68) and was the first onemanner to test run the then new 'White Rose Express' service (X31..X32..X33) and then operated that for a number of years with the new high speed coaches. It became very very stressfull speeding up and down the M1 every day for a living, pushing the vehicle to its limit (90mph sometimes) to keep on time. 50 minutes Sheffield to Leeds direct was difficult to keep because of traffic hold ups. If you need any other info please get in touch. :(
  7. My first job at 14 yrs old (1945)was with the B & C Dairy as a Milkman on Broughton Lane, but the premises no longer exist, A new building appears to be an exibition hall. I started at £3 per week and delivered 420 bottles of milk with 2 other ladies who were doing the job while the men were serving in the war time forces. A bottle of milk was 6d (just over 2p) and were paid for by 1 pint tokens, which were sold to customers at B&C grocery shops. I believe the ration was 3 pints per week per person. The worst part of the job was delivering in winter, when my wellingtons use to fill up with water ( from the snow) and we took all day to get to all the customers. Nice in summer though, as we would finish before 1pm.
  8. You are getting the Heeley Colli mixed up with Heeley Palace. The ' Colli' was between the shops, as shown in the picture. It was the Heeley Palace that was next to Ponsfords, who, by the way, now have built a new super Ponsfords on the old Heeley Palace site. ;-)