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  1. I used to go there on Saturday morning children's shows in the 1950s - Hoppalong Cassidy, Lone Ranger, Rocket Man....plus some others like Yangtze Incident, maybe Cockleshell Heroes with my parents.
  2. I suspect I might have found an answer. I cannot find George and family in 1861, but in 1871 they were living not very far from the Travellers Rest (now no more). Also, in 1871 the landlord of the Pheasant was Benjamin Keeton. I suspect strongly that my father's tale of John being born in the Pheasant is just that! In 1864, George Fearn was a tenant in a group of houses in Gillott Hill which were sold by auction. They were sold again in 1878 and appear to have been on or near Fox Hill Road (and close to Machen, Miller and Machen's Wadsley Bridge steel works), so could have included the Pheasant on Trafalgar Road. I might find out one day.... Andrew
  3. My great grandfather John Fearn took over the license from Frank Ridge in 1915. He died there in 1921 and I believe his widow Florence carried on until 1923. My late father told me that John was born in that property in 1864, to George Fearn, filestriker. However, in census returns the family is shown simply as "Wadsley Bridge". I assume that, if John had been born there, then George would have been the licensee. Can anyone who knows please confirm or deny? Andrew
  4. I was at High Storrs Grammar 1958-65. I agree with Keith that one of the brochure photos is mis-labelled, but what a super document. It brought back a lot of memories. I only went back twice to play in Old Boys' rugby matches. Somewhere else on the web I have found a photo of teachers in 1953. Apart from George Mack, spotted Jack Tattersfield (maths),Alf Ridler (chemistry),"Pop" Robinson (physics), Colin Smith (Latin), "Kipper" Herring (physics), ? Tickner (economics), Tom Haller (science), "Tache" Billington (english?), "Pharoah" Smith (physics), Joe Collier (german), "Polly" Stamford (chemistry) and of course "Monty" Beaumont (games/PE). There are one or two others who seen familiar but I can't put names to them. I did attend George Mack's memorial service in the Cathedral over the Christmas vacation from University.
  5. milk tokens - my mother called them "milk checks". It meant you did not leave cash out in the road for the milkman
  6. OK late 50s/early 60s Fruit salad (4-a-penny chews), Lion bars, sweet cigs, Refreshers, sherbet dip with liqoirice stick, cinder toffee, Spangles, Rowntrees fruit gums, jelly babies, Jubbly (later). My elder brother got more pocket money and used to save up for chocolate (6d, I think). I used to walk to school to save the penny tram fare and went for the instant hit!
  7. Well, I think jeans - where they came from I have no idea. Would have been the winter of 1957 when I was going to Abbey Lane school in short trousers. I know we were bred tough then but it was a great relief to have warm knees. The headmistress made us take them off once in school because one lad played outside in the snow and came in soaking wet, so I had to put them on over my short trousers each day.
  8. Hello - can't help with memories of Back Edge but can help about the area. My Machen and Fearn families lived on Fox Hill Road, Parson Cross Road, Skew Hill and Lapwater. My grandfather and his wife lived opposite the Wadsley Bridge steelworks in the early 1900s (he worked there). His widow (nee Fearn) lived on Parson Cross Road in the 1940-60s (my grandmother). Her father John Fearn was landlord of the Pheasant Inn on Trafalgar Road (he was born there in 1864). My Machen ancestors lived at Lapwater and Skew Hill. I suggest you look online at the site "picture Sheffield" as they have early images of Fox Hill Road. Then go to Google maps, particularly Street view and you can do a long-distance tour of the area. You'll see that Skew Hill now boasts a creamatorium! Much of Fox Hill, Midhurst Road and Parson Cross Road look very much how I remember it - but not quite 70 years ago. Hope this is of use Andrew
  9. Shotnall Farm was on Stubbing House Lane - presumably demolished about the same time as Stubbing House, where my **gf was born in 1797. If you go to"Picture Sheffield" and search for Upper Hurst, you'll find a pic taken from Birley Edge. Shotnall is the building lower right. I also have a photo taken about 1890 of Shotnall from Upper Hurst, courtesy of a relation in USA. This does not help the original query, but I can confirm the Dyson link to Shotnall. Andrew