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  1. I remember playing in Graves Park as a young child. It felt like a magical place, cool and dark and leafy. I remember the wonderful bluebells in spring, they were so beautiful. Even now, 50 odd years on whenever I smell wild garlic I think of the magical Graves Park
  2. As a child Charlie Peace lived in a house on the corner of Nursery Street and Lady's Bridge. The pavement was lower than the street.
  3. Thanks for this information. My grandparents lived on Wynyard Road and I spent a lot of childhood there in the 50's and 60's. Just loved being there, so close to the park and went to the library every Saturday morning. Really pleased to find out the origin of the name. Thanks
  4. My Mum used to work there in the canteen in the 60's. I remember her telling me when the canteen staff arrived in the morning and turned the lights on you couldn't see the floors for the cockroaches scurrying away. Nice.... I remember going there once .in school holidays and playing in the woods
  5. I was born at Jessops in 1952. I now live in East Yorkshire and I still love Hendersons Relish. Used to have to buy in bulk when visiting Sheffield or relatives visited me but can now buy locally. Now thats progress
  6. I seem to remember Blanshards, not sure, but I do remember the 'money tube' system the Cooperative at the top of Wynyard Road had one as well, as a child I found it fascinating. Are you the Patricia Witt who lived on Wynyard Road, my grandparents Mum and uncle Dave lived at number 47. I spent a lot of my early childhood there and always think of it as home.
  7. Hi I'm so sorry to hear that Presto tools was built over the 'streets'. I was born on Anlaby Street and lived there untill I was about 5 years old, think it was No 19. I remember my Fathers Aunt lived there and when she was re housed to Parson Cross my parents rented the house. My Great grandad lived next door but one and he had a big bed in the front room. His back kitchen had stone floors and was cold, damp and very dark. I seem to remember there was a primary school on the corner and a row of shops facing onto Penistone Road. I don't remember but my Mum told me I went into the school one day when I was about 4 and told a teacher I wanted to come to school, the teacher sent me home with a note and apparently they let me start straight away, must have admired my cheek. I now live about 12 miles outside Driffield, 15 miles from the village of Anlaby and about 16 miles from Brough which is a bit of a coincidence. I was down Penistone Road this afternoon looking to see if I could find any trace of the original site of the streets, although I'm sorry I can't walk down that street anymore, thanks for clearing the mystery up for me. I remember a little 2 up 2 down house with outside toilet at the bottom of what seemed to me to be an enormous yard but I'm sure it wasn't. I have really vivid memories of just walking in and out of all the other houses in the yard, there must have been about 4 or even 6. I remember going with my Dad to buy papers from the newsagents on Penistone Road and then sitting on the back door step reading the Dandy.