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  1. Kent lane, Newbold around 1891 anyone? thanks
  2. Is there any way one could find out if deceased relatives had any children??
  3. Hi, yes I think it is thanks Southside. I think Elizabeth is in Burngreave cemetery, But not sure what happened to Edwin as yet.
  4. can anyone make out the addresses on the last two scans please?
  5. I was wondering if a George Henry Moon that died in Lichfield (cant find where I wrote it down, but his daughter lived and died there?)
  6. Thanks so much Graham, that is so interesting.is there any way to find out if he was sentenced for it?? thanks again. Brian
  7. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get hold of court records for around 1930? it was a bigamy case. thanks
  8. Think you will find Normanton st was where Normanton Gardens is now....
  9. Hi Suesi, This is what I am trying to find out. Frank married annie Brocklehurst and they had children. John Willie, Beatrice, Maud (my grandmother) and Joseph. My uncle told me they came from Loxley way but I am not sure of this. Frank died in 1936 age 67 and Annie in 1938 age also 67.
  10. Thank you very much for this, would you have one of Sussex Street also. much obliged.