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  1. They Appeared At The City Hall

    I saw Louis Armstrong at the City Hall May 8 1962, first house at 6.20 because 8.50 was fully booked, I think. Sheffield Telegraph website suggests many other jazz greats appeared there in the 60s - Coleman Hawkins, Gerry Mulligan, Count Basie and Duke Ellington are all mentioned. I also saw many great classical artists at the Civic Hall during my 1959-62 time at the Uni., e.g. Sir John Barbirolli (Sibelius' Second), Geza Anda (playing Beethoven and photographed in the next day's papers rushing off at the end to grasp a cigarette from an aide), George Weldon, Leonard Pennario (Ravel Piano Concerto), Ann Schein (Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concerto). The Halle Orchestra, led by Martin Milner, played the same programme on Friday and Saturday nights alternating between Sheffield and Manchester. Front row seat right under the leader's seat for 2/- (10p). Great memories.