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  1. Hello everyone .. Born in Pitsmoor 1962 , moved in 1969 out towards Worksop....Have lived in South Anston , Rotherham , Southall , Stonedge (Derbyshire) and have ended up in Lincolnshire.............Miss Sheffield very much and then i found this site..What can say ...BRILLIANT ! Some questions that have been kicking around in my head for the last 40 odd years have already been answered....Now that ive found this site it will be a problem to get me off it......unless im physically removed by my wife..or i have to go to the toilet....
  2. Slug and Fiddle ....was privately owned ..I worked there as a chef when it opened ..It was run by Herbie Armstrong ..an ex member of Van Morrison..and a top bloke !
  3. My mum used to work here as a cleaner..one day she took me with her and i went in LULU,S dressing room ...fantastic for a young lad in the late 60s
  4. I remember the house as a kid ...It has taken me 40 odd years to find out about the place ...I recall it being quite a scary place , sort of semi derelict but there was always a single light bulb on in a hallway which stopped us going any closer than a few yards ........i was only about 5 yrs old and people told us spooky stories about the house ...perhaps just to keep us out ...
  5. I started to skate in the 1960s when i was a nipper , carried on through the 1970s and 1980s untill I started full time employment.....I loved it so much i used to travel three times a week from South Anston out towards Worksop.....I met my wife here and have been together for the last 31 years...scarey eh ? I loved the "Speed skating" bit where everyone went mad for 10 minutes to such tunes as Crazy little thing called love by Queen , Speed king by Deep Purple etc etc etc....I could never skate in " spaz boots " and still cant.....I tried at Nottingham last year....never mind ! ...I did not know that the old place is now shut , has it been demolished ? Dont get back to Sheffield very often perhaps 2 or 3 times in the last 15 years..miss it and the people...