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  1. Thanks for the welcome I do remember Carol Jeffries we had some good times she will remember Yvonne from stockton, and Patrick and his mum they had the side bar and dear Betty Gunn who I still see
  2. Yes it was all waitress service when on the seating area but you could go to the top bar to be served during many of the star acts all the bars closed so the waitresses [me] we would double rounds for the customers many had become regulars so we remembered most of the drinks.
  3. Did the odeon become the top rank bingo hall in the 70s
  4. Oh the good old days in the Fiesta I come down from Middlesbrough to work in the club when it first opened with Yvonne better known as Von Von some of the acts missed of the lists are Love Lace Watkins: he stayed in the Hallam Hotel The Four Tops: Lulu & the Brothers: Harper Brothers: [now Cannon and Ball] Don Crocket Comedian, he made the big time in Los Vegas {sadly he died great entertainer] Foundations: Vanity Fair: Dustan Gee: Comedian [he was great and a really nice bloke to meet] Dave Allen: [comedian loved his Irish mist liquor] Des O’Conner: [yes he sang] Max Bygreaves: A great trouper had a great sense of fun] Kenny Rogers and the First Edition: The list can go on but I know that I enjoyed working in the Fiesta it was more like a family outing than going to work. Being a stranger in Sheffield at the time the people made me feel welcome as did the members of staff a real friendly place. I am left with very happy memories of the early days in the club.