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  1. Thanks boginspro. I know Brett Payne's website well and contributed a lot of the information on the Seaman studios. You can read my biography of the Seaman photographers here: https://issuu.com/johnmartinbradley/docs/alfredseaman I think you're right. If it was Sheffield it would be recognised by now. I'll start looking at the other towns where he did a lot of stereo photography. He went to the Photographic Convention every year from about 1888-1907 and took photographs in whichever town it was held. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, that's a really good idea. I'll do that!
  3. I recently bought this stereoview on eBay. From the style and negative number I believe it is by the Chesterfield based photographer Alfred Seaman who moved to live in Sheffield in his later years. He and his sons also had studios in Sheffield. He was active circa 1880 - 1908. The photo has no title and I wondered if it might be of Sheffield. There are some distinctive buildings in view. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?