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  1. It doesn't matter where the pub stood what's more important is the beer was shite. it was still my favourite pub ever tho during the 70's Terry Steeples..landlord.
  2. The Hairdressers was alfredo's The merry england bar etc is the doorway below that.
  3. I think it was built to carry the m1 without disrupting other major roads in the area and to carry m1 over river Don and Sheffield canal and railway I think...it was opened 1968 the year I left school and couldn't wait to go down it on the back of my mates 250 Yamaha.
  4. Does anyone remember a doorman/bouncer called Mick Crich.
  5. Roxy Music...Mick Ronson...Ian Hunter...Bowie...Lou Reed...etc
  6. Used to love this pub in the 70s Saturday afternoon start at The Saddle west street then through to The Albert usually had to cut through the cannabis smoke not 100% but pretty sure Frank White the Blues singer guitarist worked behind the bar too. Then down Cambridge street to the Barleycorn from there down to The Nelson now The Rocking chair then race back to The Black Swan for last couple. GOOD TIMES great pubs usually full Sat dinner.
  7. Remember seeing EXORCIST there around 74 and there were church people outside asking you not to go in.
  8. Used to go in quite a bit during 70's and early 80s landlord was called Brian always stood outside with just a white vest on. he kept a great pint, it was one of those inbetween pubs like most on Penistone road you just had 1 then moved on or across to Barrack tavern in this case.
  9. I used to go in Butlers all through the 70s Steve the owner was about in his 50s at the time he said his father Steve had started the business in the 1800s. Anyone who remembers Butlers will remember the Desperate Dan meat and potato pies that were in the window in aluminium bowls about 15" across and 12" deep, they used to be several in the window and the assistants used to take them from the window to give you a portion with peas or veg etc. There was no where else like Butlers in Sheffield a truly original café. The kitchens where underneath in the basement and the counter assistant would shout your order down a miniature lift shaft that worked with a rope and weight from kitchen upto serving area.. If you needed the toilets you had to go down stairs and through the kitchens where you would see all the ancient hand machines etc. etc for making pastry etc. yeah a brilliant place to visit and memories I've never forgotten. Steve was a great guy who never turned away a less fortunate elderly person and would give them a serving of soup in the back room. I was sad to see it pass on to an Indian restaurant but I have to say in my opinion the new Butlers Restaurant just down the road is truly superb food and owners..Great that they carried the name on.
  10. It was Alfredo's hairdressers under the black swan in the 70's great pubs to go in during early 70's for me was Black Swan dinner time session with topless dancers landlord was Terry Steeples most popular band/acts at the time was Bitter Suite fronted by Barry Marshall. The Disco's or aka Three mimes,,great act. O'Hara's playboys, joe cocker marty cane etc. Another great heavy music dive was The Nelson now known as The Rocking Chair..there was no pop music on that juke box only led zep Hendrix deep purple pink Floyd etc. The Albion was good too. That sood on the corner across the road from coles and city hall at the end of division street. For me tho The Black Swan...Mucky Duck Boardwal whatever name you want to call it had an atmosphere in the 70 not to be matched by any other town pub and I'm sure anyone else who went in there in their 20s in the 70's would agree.
  11. Is it the street that used to go down to Hillfoot Bridge near farfield pub before Penistone road widening.
  12. I remember the Ball well bikers used to meet there and use the road at the front of it like a drag strip to show off. late 60s
  13. Don't ever remember Horridge & Wildgoose name but I do remember all the other...leather and simpsons was on langsett rd I think, The two old guy's on scott rd where brothers I used to visit them regular in the early 70s I remember them buying a brand new range rover v8 when they first came out. ha good memories cheers for your input Lou.