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  1. Just had a look at 61 Hinde House Lane on Street view and it doesn't appear as if it was ever a shop. There's a few houses missing lower down (from number 53) which were on the corner of Bolsover Road and could have included a shop.
  2. To see the aforementioned memorial stone you need to park on level 3 of the Qpark car park at the bottom of Dixon Lane. Park about half way down the side facing Wilkinsons loading bay and there it is. These photos will explain better cheers lol
  3. Hi first post for me. I just had to ask if anyone else knew the location of the block in the attached photo. Imust have passed it hundreds of times without seeing it but if you know where it is you'll know that's not hard to do. Location to follow in a day or two unless some sharp eyed sod posts it first cheers