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  1. Hi Some more castings we made.. John
  2. Hi I worked there back in 1978, By then it was Sanderson Kayser, The Carlisle street dept was for bar grinding, peeling and reeling, also there was a wire drawing/reeling and grinding shop John
  3. Hi This could be George the sixth who reigned from 1936- 1952.. I have a small GR bowie (these were commonly called Scout knives) with the same markings.. Yours looks larger than mine and would have been a beauty when new Cheers, John
  4. HI all Just thought i'd post up a couple of pics of two hobby lathes I have that were made here in Sheffield.. First up is a diminuative Flexispeed 7 lathe... It's a very simple lathe with no provision for screwcutting and (from memory) right handed thread on the lead screw, this means you have to turn the travel wheel in the opposite direction or cause a lot of damage!! Second up is a Faircut, more sophisticated than the Flexispeed, this has provision to cut threads and also has back gearing for turning rough castings at very slow speeds, it's also much larger than the first one and can turn larger workpieces.. When I researched this one online, I found that it was made by Hendersons of Sheffield, now saucemakers!! Yep, the same people that make Hendersons Relish!!!! Cheers, John
  5. Hi I have a copy of the book and whilst I have a fair few pocket knives, I don't have one made by Stan.. I also have a copy of Tweedales 'The Sheffield Knife Book' that lists hundreds of cutlers through the ages, a superb book for any knife collector... I do have a couple made by Taylors eyewitness, My grandmothers maiden name (on my mums side) was Needham, her grandfather (or great grandfather, can't remember which) was the Needham part in Needham, veal and Tyzack, he was the Master Cutler of the day supposedly but I can never seem to find his name any more when I search I also have a few Rodgers and other pocket knives that are Sheffield made but none are anywhere near as exquisite as your Stan Shaw masterpiece!! Cheers, John
  6. Hello Dave Sorry but i don't know for sure but i think it may be from as soon as the steel solidifies from liquid to fully cooled, i only know the rough contraction rate as i once queried it with our manager, he replied 1 in 120, the contraction rates for the various steels/ iron that we make is used by our planning/technical department.. John :)
  7. Ha!!- it was alot of years ago, i couldn't remember the pupils never mind the teachers if my life depended on it!! Hi Dave I'm 52 years old now , it was the junior school i think... We only stayed at my grandparents a short while until a house came up, i think the next school i went to was Arbourthorne central, again it was only for a short while but i do recall getting a small bible/hymme book, apparently as soon as you learnt to read, you were given one with your name inside!! Cheers, John :)
  8. If i recall correctly- they used to have strippers performing there Not that i ever frequented the place though (i've never been in the place!) John :)
  9. Apparently tonights episode is showing the work inside the foundry where i work, unfortunately i missed all the action as i've been off work for four months due to an accident :( Can't wait to see me mates jumping out of the way of the sparks John :)
  10. I think 1 in 24 is a MASSIVE contraction rate, i'm fairly sure that for iron it's something like 1 in 120 (one inch in ten feet) John :)
  11. I attended Norfolk school for just a few weeks when my parents were fiddled out of their deposit on a house so we had to move in with my granparents for a while on Dagnham road, this was in the mid 60's.. I was a bit of a nuisance and was always fighting, when i left to go to another school, all the kids formed two lines to the gate and gave me the slow clap- couldn't wait to see the back of me It's all a little embarrassing now John :)
  12. I wouldn't like the job of blowing them up with a footpump he he John :)
  13. Some more Sheffield stuff... Screw press for making the heavy parts (landing gear, wing supports etc) for the Airbus..(sorry can't remember how much it weighs exactly but it's somewhere around 380Tonnes finished weight (580 Tonnes when originally cast), made at my works (Sheffield Forgemasters heavy foundry) 250 Tonne rolling mill leg, four of these go together with a base and a top to make a MASSIVE rolling mill.. Cylinder, sorry i can't remember more about it Anyone else have pics of Steel City items?? John
  14. Hi all Just thought i'd post a few pics of some old and new steel stuff that was made here in Sheff... Spear & Jacksons small camping axe.. Rodgers horn pocket knife with nickel bolsters.. Small Joseph Rodgers bowie (scout?) knife with stacked leather, brass spacers and some other matierials of which i'm unsure.. Taylors Eye Witness pocket knife with stag scales made by Russel White (about three years old).. Short sword made by me around twenty years ago.. More to follow.. John :)
  15. I can remember Banners with their strange shaped coins, i can also remember the vacuum transport thingymajig, we had the exact same thing where i work (Sheffield Forgemasters), it was linked from the light railway foundry to the labs in the melting shop and was used to send samples of the steel for analysis.. Banners always reminded me of an old museum, it had the same musty smell to it, it was also the first time i'd ever sen elevators and the moving stairs (i was only about 5 years old at the time ) John :)