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  1. I worked at the club Fiesta all the time it opened we were all one happy family , we got down to working when it was busy , and when a big act was on it was really busy it was like another world, seeing all acts at first there was 2 supporting acts before the main act
  2. Does anyone remember Del Donaco Bingo Hall above the cinema (I think it was above) and later was for roller skating
  3. I worked at the Classic Cinema in the 70s an usherette , among other places like Baileys, Club Fiesta,
  4. I worked at Banners 1963 i worked in there offices but didn't like it ,one day a week we had to work on the tubes pushing them back to the department, after they had put the change in them , I then had a transfere to the ladies coat department , i thought that it was Mrs Raybould but i might be mistaken.
  5. i remember burgesses, do you remember march the tailor just after banners , and Rickeys on the corner near the Adelpi opposite the baths.
  6. hi my name is gill i worked at the fiesta night-club1970-1980 worked in mini-meals, the restaurant and then onto drinks ,it was a great place to work, all one big happy family, do you remember Bill Cummins he was another manager and Bob Bacon.
  7. hi me an my friend , we both worked at the fiesta , have only just come back from Vancouver Canada
  8. They called mini-meal waitresses and drinks waitresses Fiesta fawns , when it first opened , mini meals had black wet look dresses silver sandals and silver fishnet tights , drinks waitresses wore purple silk dresses, silver fishnet tights, and silver sandals we then had black hot pants and white lace ruffle tops and white plastic boots,
  9. I went to Whitley Woods Open Air School I left in 1962, would like to hear frm other that went there