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    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    I worked at the club Fiesta all the time it opened we were all one happy family , we got down to working when it was busy , and when a big act was on it was really busy it was like another world, seeing all acts at first there was 2 supporting acts before the main act
  2. gill smith


    Does anyone remember Del Donaco Bingo Hall above the cinema (I think it was above) and later was for roller skating
  3. I worked at the Classic Cinema in the 70s an usherette , among other places like Baileys, Club Fiesta,
  4. gill smith

    Sheffield Nightclubs - List Of Names

    Penny Farthing off Arundel gate
  5. I worked at Banners 1963 i worked in there offices but didn't like it ,one day a week we had to work on the tubes pushing them back to the department, after they had put the change in them , I then had a transfere to the ladies coat department , i thought that it was Mrs Raybould but i might be mistaken.
  6. i remember burgesses, do you remember march the tailor just after banners , and Rickeys on the corner near the Adelpi opposite the baths.
  7. gill smith

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    hi my name is gill i worked at the fiesta night-club1970-1980 worked in mini-meals, the restaurant and then onto drinks ,it was a great place to work, all one big happy family, do you remember Bill Cummins he was another manager and Bob Bacon.
  8. gill smith

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    hi me an my friend , we both worked at the fiesta , have only just come back from Vancouver Canada
  9. gill smith

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    They called mini-meal waitresses and drinks waitresses Fiesta fawns , when it first opened , mini meals had black wet look dresses silver sandals and silver fishnet tights , drinks waitresses wore purple silk dresses, silver fishnet tights, and silver sandals we then had black hot pants and white lace ruffle tops and white plastic boots,
  10. gill smith

    What school did you go to ?

    I went to Whitley Woods Open Air School I left in 1962, would like to hear frm other that went there