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  1. I hear they are refitting the store soon, so all may be revealed!
  2. Yes, and I remember the old shop that was part of a row that included a Spar, Post Office, Greengrocers, hardware and co-op on the same site. Missing S&E co-ops Bents Green 2 stores at crookes Park Hill Flats replaced Duke St Brookland Avenue, Fulwood (Still open) Dore village (Still open) Bradwell, Derbyshire (Still open) Constable Road, now a new store, but same location Ecclesall Road, close to Hunters Bar Greystones Road Langsett Road, opposite Jacks Sasperilla bar. Lees Hall Avenue (Still open) Woodseats opposite farm foods now a photography studio three more to add Fawcett Street Wolsley Road Barber Rd
  3. Hi I though Highcliffe Road was the steepest, it certainly felt as I walked up every day on my way to school
  4. I found out today that there was an S&E on either Vincent Street or road in the abbeydale/ Sharrow area.
  5. Found out today that there was an S&amp;E on either Vincent Street or road in the abbeydale/ Sharrow area.<br><br>Added to list - Dunsbyowl<br>
  6. Deffinately an S&E during the late 70s as I worked there for a few days covering for holidays, there was also a branch in Hathersage
  7. This was the site of the Bakewell branch on Street View, it is now Bakewell Antiques and Art, King Street. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Bakewell+derbyshire&sll=53.380026,-1.512165&sspn=0.01088,0.026693&g=S10+5FG&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Bakewell,+Derbyshire,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.212763,-1.67604&spn=0.000683,0.001668&z=19&layer=c&cbll=53.212706,-1.676192&panoid=wwWqmUmQY36cXBKg5DCPNA&cbp=12,115.9,,0,4.57 Sorry I don,t know how to copy pictures from street view but this is URL
  8. the glass bus shelter and police box at Nethergreen http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=s15976
  9. Yes it is a Co-op, but initially it was neither a B&C or an S&E, it was one of the Co-operative retail societies forays into Sheffield. CRS merged with CWS (co-op wholesale society), S&E merged with Yorkshire society, who then merged with United Co-operatives, Sheffield Society (originally B&C) then joined the United Co-operatives, finally United co-operatives joined the co-operative group and all in Sheffield became one. Getting back to the point CRS aquired the store on Mansfield road as part of their expansion, prior to this the store was owned by Argyle stores, as a Lo-Cost store.
  10. It was a B&C, although it was actualy in S&E territory, and was promised to the Co-op when the S&E on Langset road was demolished as part of the langset estate, but the S&E had no money to invest in new builds
  11. I think Marsdens still have offices in the building next to the Plough, if not they did a couple of years ago as I had an interview there.
  12. I thought it was Darren Goughs, the cricketers parents who ran it. may have something to with him winning strictly come dancing.
  13. was the building that used to be Hitchins a Woolworths prior to Hitchins, it has a woolies looking frontage
  14. I thought I had contacted yourselves, my Mcaffe picked up the potential Trojan, so no harm done, but worrying that it apeared so simple to infiltrate the site.
  15. This morning, I received this message and e-mailed the forum to check it's validity, dissapointingly I am still waiting for a reply, why, whewn this breach of your security could have serious implications to our PC's integrity?
  16. 1712 >Farmhouse No2 Clough Fields, Back Lane Crookes http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=y02234
  17. I have just been round the one way system at Malin Bridge and the hardware shop next to the old mill building looks suspiciously like a co-op style building. Regards<br><br>Updated List - Dunsbyowl<br>
  18. As a child my grandma living in Ringinglow village, I remember her telling me that another relation lived in the roundhouse, in the hose there was a top floor that had no way of accessing it, and although there was no way up into the room, footsteps on the floor could often be heard.
  19. There was another S&E on Walkley, but I cannot remember the name of the road, it was a road that ran paralel with the main road Howard Road/ South Road, Could have been Walkley Street.
  20. There was another S&E on Walkley Lane, opposite the end of Bole Hill lane.
  21. I think Bakewell is the furthers S&E, but there was a B&C in Tideswell, both could have been independant societies that merged with their larger neighbours
  22. And there are more S&Es Bakewell, Derbyshire Valley Road, Heeley Bocking Lane
  23. And there are more S&Es Bakewell, Derbyshire Valley Road, Heeley Bocking Lane<br><br>Updated list Dunsbyowl<br>