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  1. I have a brochure from 1929 that lists the funeral dept and florist dept as 3 Attercliffe commom. B&C.pdf
  2. Great picture, from before the S&E co-op was built
  3. Which corner, the corner above Freewheelin now the chemist, I think was a fishmongers late 60s, early 70s, I remember the open front with fresh fish displayed on sloping marble slabs. then later changed to a fruit shop, I remember being sent for a cabbage by my mum, got there and couldn't remember cabbage or Cauli, of course I got the wrong one and had to go back and swap it.
  4. HI I lived in the area from the arly 60s until mid 70s, during that time, Hangingwater stores was owned by and called Swansons, firstly Mrs Swanson, then her son Peter, Peter actuall commited suicide in the garage poisening himself with CO2 from his car exhaust. Round the corner on Oakbrook road was a shop named after a Bob Dylan album ' Freewheelin' that sold hippy type goods, there were also two hardware shops, one on each side of the road. Can anyone remember the shops further down at the junction of Oakbrook and Westwood Rds, I can remember the Chemist, but not the name, Woodhouses general store (later became Stirrings restaurant), Watchorn's newsagent and fruit shop on the corner.
  5. The houses in the link were originally on the site of the cinema. http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=u03090 Plus a picture of the roundabout being built infront of the cinema. http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s20737
  6. Hi Trefcon I have just noticed all the old registration plates in the barn roof, where are they all from, how far back do they date,, why are they there?
  7. Yes, early last year, now in the process of re-branding all stores
  8. Whatever happened to the quintessential sound of church bells chiming on a Sunday morning or for weddings on a Saturday afternoon, it seems years since I heard the bells of Ranmoor or Fulwood church. I am not a religious person but after returning from a holiday in Greece where bells are sounded regularly I realised that something had disappeared from the sound of Sunday
  9. I have a large ceramic tray, that has the name Empire Butter on the front, presumably to display a large slab of butter off which smaller portions would have been cut, the dish was made by H Hartley and Sons, Shopfitters, 45 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, but I cannot find any information about the company. This could be the premises http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s17931 http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s17930
  10. Remember it well, Monday night at the daisy.
  11. A few more of the grocery branches:- THe stores listed as Ecclesfield ( axcroos and up from the current store), Handsworth Hill (oposite IMO car wash) and Page Hall buildings all still exist but not as co-ops
  12. A few more scanned pictures from the B&C, the right way up this time, too much Fosters on Saturday.
  13. I have pictures of all the food stores that are listed and will scan them in as I get chance, maybe if some of the buildings exist in another form than a co-op they could be identified from the pictures , but they are from a souvenire booklet of the opening of the central premises in 1929, so I guess most will be long gone. In most cases you can generally tell a buildings past as a co-op from its style.
  14. Have we got all these on the list:-
  15. Pictures of B&C first branch in carbrook St and branches at Kirkedge Rd, Carbrook St, Darnal, Grimesthorpe, Staniforth RD and Brightside.
  16. When first married in the early eighties we looked at renting part of Basset cottage, but at the time they needed too much work doing to be close to habitable
  17. A couple of pictures from Picture Sheffield :- http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s05039 http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s06388
  18. The painted sign version of the tattood man http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=v00863
  19. I can vouch for Hagg Hill being very steep, I pushed a broken down motorbike up there in the mid 70s, bought for £5 from Fox Hill, seemed a bargin until we got to the bottom of Hagg Hill and looked up.
  20. I also picked up this one next to the old cinema on catchbar lane/ middlewood rd. looking at some of the gables around the area it looks as though painted signs were quite prolific around Hillsborough.
  21. Following on from my last post, this is Condor tobacco sign that has been revealed at Malin bridge, plus the Park Drive shop fron I mentioned.
  22. Hi I picked this one up today, did you notice the shop accross the junction with the shopfront advertising Park Drive? there is also a painted advert showing Condor Tobacco on a shop opposite the pub in the one way system at Malin Bridge. I also took pictures of that but havn't had chance to download them yet.
  23. A couple here from hillsborough corner, on Picture Sheffield. com, looks one was updated and painted over the other. http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s17914 http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=y01967