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  1. Thanks Guys The footprint variance is what made me think the pub may have been rebuilt at some point, and the building in the rear yard may be a remnant from the previous pub, but again I can find no record of this
  2. Thanks Steve, I have highlighted the building in red, but was looking for a map before the pub was built, I have seen a few but they are too old, prior to the quarry, Having a second thought, I wonder if there was a previous version of the pub, that the outbuilding belonged to?
  3. As I passed the Hallamshire Hotel on Lydgate lane today, I noticed that it is to be demolished to make way for houses and appartments, on closer inspection there is a single story building behind the pub that looks much older than the actual pub, I know there was a quarry and ropeworks close by and wonder if this building could be a remnant from those days, does anyone have a pre 1900s map that shows the area? The Pub is on the junction of lydgate lane and Rygate Crescent.
  4. As a child I watched the mill dam and wheel restored, the dam was dredged and the wheel restored whilst we played football on the grass opposite or sledged / grass sledged down the hills opposite, this must have been in the late 60s, early 70s, once complete the wheel turning was a great time of excitement and working days were restored, with demonstrators working on the original grindstones. It will be great to see it working again.
  5. A great building in the Brutalist style, and a landmark as you enter Sheffield, leave it be, the castle remains can be revealed beneth it and the market building can become its housing.
  6. I seem to remember that in the early 80s Jarvis Cocker tried to walk the riverbed including going through some of the tunnels, told to me by a joint friend
  7. I have a copy of the attched picture that is supposedly a view towards Sheffield, but I have know idea where from, but suspect possibvly Brightside, can anyone shed any further light on the picture, please? Sorry cannot rotate the picture. I can lol
  8. My dad has been looking into our familly tree and has unearthed that Jonathan Sanderson, Quarry owner, Cross lane was a distant reletaive, this was really wierd as we now live on the site of said quarry.
  9. I have just found this Redgates advert from Sheffield Star, December the 12th, 1968, got the advert, but never the train. Redgates advert.pdf
  10. Looks like a simmilar style of store at Great Bowden, Market Harborough Society.
  11. Sorry I have no idea where branch 7 was, but the building is typical of a number older village type of co-op stores
  12. On closer inspection of the original sign, it looks like it may say handsworth and woodhouse Industrial co-operative Society, with a minimum of seven stores it looks like they were quite popular in the area
  13. I have just found this document refereing to the updateing of Woodhouse co-op society branch 7, does anyone know where branch 7 was and if the 'new' building is still standing, when was the old building demolished to make way for the new, as it looks as though the old building may be bomb damaged, as the display window appears to be plastic/ polythene? It must have been a fantastic update, from befor to after.
  14. A reconstruction picture of Sheffield Manor as it was in 1580? Sheffield Manor.pdf
  15. This could be a photo of his imagined painting of Sheffield Castle
  16. If you were cackhanded when i was a kid, you were left handed.
  17. just remembered the name of the chemist on Oakbrook shps was Thornes' Chemist
  18. Same building from the other side I think http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoom&keywords=Ref_No_increment;MATCHES;%28^|%20+%29s10657%28$|%20+%29&continueUrl=ZnJvbnRlbmQucGhwPyZrZXl3b3Jkcz1hbGwlM0JNQVRDSEVTJTNCJTI4JTVFJTdDKyUyQiUyOUZhcmdhdGUlMjglMjQlN0MrJTJCJTI5JmFjdGlvbj1zZWFyY2gmcGFnZT0xNg==
  19. Endcliffe park top pond has cobbles around the edge like in the picture, but the shape looks wrong. Having had a further look and compared it with some old photos. I am pretty sure it is the top pond in Endciffe park, where it meets Oakbrook/ Rustlings road Junction, the path as it splits is the same now as in the picture, but must have been taken prior to the houses being built on Rustlings Road.
  20. Does this relate to the Texaco petrol station above Napoleans casino?
  21. I remember going with my dad to a filling station on either Worcester rd or Peterborough Road at Lodge Moor, it was only a small station with a couple of pumps, but dad had a business account there. Sorry MIke, missed this bit of your post. In terms of remembering old stations though, the first one I remember was an independant on Worcester Rd directly opposite Worcester Drive and now four detached houses. It had a couple of fuel pumps a very small office and a repair shed with car lift where the owner repaired cars. I can still smell the oil?
  22. Full list of B&C stores as of 1929. B&C stores list.pdf