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  1. Just had a walk around the cemetry, what an absolute disgrace to the city. It would be great to get this back into trust or public ownership, the grave yard cleared and a booklet written about the history of some of the occupants, such as the housekeeper of Thomas Pitt of Wimpole Street, London, Sheffield flood victims and many others that look as though they have a story to tell The building would make a great civil wedding venue, for the ceremony and reception. On a brighter side, it was nice to see a few of the white war graves that are dotted around are being looked after http://mick-armitage.staff.shef.ac.uk/sheffield/maps.html
  2. The building is on Mappin Street just round the corner from the Cavendish building on West street, the writing is above the entrance to a bar. My wife speaks and reads a little Greek and she cnnot make it out as modern Greek, although as Richard states it could be ancient Greek as Richard notes, although for no reason I know, I have allways thought of it as Russian.
  3. Not sure what this says or if it is an advert, any clarification greatfully recieved
  4. I dont think this one has been featured before, any ideas?
  5. Has anyone seen the photographic display in the window of Castle House, there are some great pictures of old sheffield.
  6. as kids we used to get our fare in as many coins as possible to try and get the longest ticket available.
  7. Starter for 10 J Lo......... ................. & Corn Stores .....................
  8. At High Storrs School in the 70s there was a home economics teacher called Ms Kitchen
  9. No idea why the sun is missing from one side, but the paintings on either side are the same, but very different in many ways.
  10. There was a house a New Orleans, twas called the Rising Sun, a famous song by, the Animals I think, not sure about the razors connection, but seam to remember something about Sun Razors, but could be well off the mark.
  11. Rising sun, maybe Abbey lane?
  12. In these days of promoting energy self sufficiency if the flow of water was good enough the wheel could have been utilsed to provide electricity for the new flats, a great opportunity missed on two parts. sorry, didn't see the post from hilldweller above........................
  13. I though it was because the prices were high and payments reasonably small so you never stoped paying for the item.
  14. Hi hilldweller Lots of places of work used to run simmillar schemes, such as shoe clubs, where you paid in a small weekly amount from your wages, and when your turn came around, you got your new shoes or whatever the club was for. imagine being desperate for shoes and being the back of the queue.
  15. If you look on Google earth, the area around Crookes, Walkley and Hillsborough is classed as Norton, it also appears as Norton on some old maps, so it could refer to Bole Hill in Crookes.
  16. A few pictures of a B&C dairy, not sure which one though, I think the one with the horse drawn carriages is broughton lane
  17. as you come out of the top of Wyming Brook and turn towards Lodge Moor, in the 60's the first house / farm on the right used to serve pots of tea and ice creams, calling for an ice cream used to be the final treat of the day as we headed on the long walk home.
  18. My Gran worked in the Chippy in the 40's and the story is the the row of shops and houses below were demolished due to subsidence, and if you walk on it now there are numerous dip and hollows, I understand a stream runs under this area
  19. Cheers Mike. It would appear that the buildings were built between the two map versions, although I am not sure how accurate and to scale the maps are. If they are accurate and the building is the same as the current building, on the 1893 map the space between the pub and outbuildings is far greater than the current outbuilding and current pub building. The wall that borders Cross Lane / Rygate Crescent which now sits back from the line of the pub wall, is also wrong with the current pub, looking at the pub footprint it is certainly different to the footprint of the current pub, as per attached picture. This looks like the pub was extended or re-built at some point but the outbuilding belonged to the original building, although looking at the current gable there is no sign of it being an extension, i.e change of stonework. Great work Mike at least we are making progress and the fact the buildings were part of the quary can be ruled out
  20. They haven't started demolition yet, and the good thing is that they are using the stone to face up the new building, You not have they started pulling down, made me think I ought to get some pictures before it too late, the first one being the first view I had of the building to the rear.