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  1. And there's more! Further down at Oakbrook shops was Thornes' Chemist, Watchorns' newsagent, Woodhouses' general store where the restaurant is now, and a fruit shop on the corner.
  2. I used to walk past the shop on nether green road on my way to Nether Green School, when there was only one Nether Green School, I use to spend my daily allowance in the sweet shop on my way to school, but on decimalisation day I saved the money until my on my way home, then spent as little as possible on a couple of Black Jacks, so I could get my change in 'new money' There was a wool shop and coblers in the same row if memory serves me right, if I close my eyes I can still smell the leather. There was also a sweet shop at Hangingwater called Ushers, also down there were a couple of hardware shops, Bush's deli/grocer a fresh fish shop a couple of greengrocers a bakers who baked in site where the cleaning contractors is, a small grocer where the pottery shop is, a chip shop, a dress shop, Swansons Grocers a co-op where Rafters is, a hippy type clothing shop called Freewheelin after a bob Dylan album, I am sure more will come to mind.
  3. hi i walked past the alms houses on Hangingwater rd on my way to Nether Green school from the mid 60s to early 70s, when they were knocking the almes houses down we would watch the ball and chain demolish the old alms houses, we were enthralled as young boys. The building of the new ones became a great adventure playground for us, playing tag, war and many other adventures. The health and safety police would have a heart attack these days. The circular window from the chapel was used in the new building, it can be seen from Nether Green Rd.
  4. There are 2 very simmilar looking constructions in Ireland on this document www.doeni.gov.uk/niea/04_ecp_monuments_co_down.pdf
  5. This looks very simmilar to the ones at Brock Holes, is it possible the 2 semi circular ones have lost their other halves to farming?
  6. Looking at the 1850 and more so the 1890 map and how the walls to the enclosures interject with the field boundry that runs parallel with the road, it looks to me like the circular enclosure was there prior to the field boundry.
  7. Yes I notice the ones you highlighted whilst looking on Google Earth, will check them out more closely next time I am out that way.
  8. Although not quite Sheffield, it is on the outer limits of South Yorkshire and has intrigued me for a while, when travelling towards Penistone I came across what apeared to be two circular store enclosures (picture attached from Google Earth), within fields built from stone and looking the same age as the dry stone walling to the sorounding fields and about 40 meters in diameter. There is one on each side of the road, one pretty much intact and full of mature trees which may indicate its age, the second is only part still standing and on quite a slope. The one on the slope looks as though it may have the remains of a building in it, and on the outside of the circle to the right appears to have a couple of mounds just outside the circle to the right. When looking from above via Google earth the enclosures appear to be exact circles. Has anyone any ideas, what they are or why they were built
  9. Sorry, but I swore I would not squeal.
  10. I am sure the one in the field was a kidney shape. the one at abbeydale had straight sides and curved ends
  11. There used to be a horse trough in a field up near mayfield valley, i think this one had been removed from the city centre some time ago. Just looked on picture sheffield and it is shown as the original trough from Hunters Bar. picturesheffield t02239
  12. Its niggling me and I posted the picture in the 1st instance, but cannot for the life of me remember where!
  13. Could it be the Northern General hospital, I know there are pieces of old machinary scattered around the grounds, but dont recognise this one
  14. Are we turning this thread into a private club?
  15. Hi Syl When was your dad a manager with the S&E co-op, I was a trainee manager in late 1976, getting my own store in 1978 ot 79?
  16. The people in each picture look quite different, is it the same band?
  17. I remember getting all togged up to go and see the lights, Downtown, by Dusty Springfield (yes was Petula Clarke) was on the radio just before we left, and hearing that song 40+ plus years later still brings back the memories.I can remember getting off the bus on High Street and walking presumably up fargate and down the Moor finishing off at the santas Grotto on the piece of waste land at the foot of the Moor, the grotto was a walk through real christmas trees to santa sat in a shed. On Christmas eve, Grandad would pick us up and take us to see Father CHristmas in the S&E co-op at the bottom of Ecclesall Rd, cant remember ever going anywhere else with grandad, but we went to the S&E every Christmas eve.
  18. My brother David, also worked as there as trainee manager, probably about 79/80, later moved onto manage stores in Dewsbury and Lime Strret, Liverpool.
  19. Still no adition of In a Bell Jar on the list, why? PULP - ACRYLIC AFTERNOONS - The Secret History of Pulp www.acrylicafternoons.com/rch.htmlCached - Similar The line-up was completed by keyboardist Tim Allcard (ex-In A Bell Jar) and drummer Magnus Doyle (ex-Midnight Choir). Pete was a good mate of Magnus, and Jarvis