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  1. Anyone remember the Sheffield Shares board game released in 1989 I think, there are currently 2 copies available on e-bay.
  2. That wheel has not turned for a long time.
  3. The history of Marsh Brothers - first edition copy presented at the tercentenary dinner in 1954. not sure how to insert link - eBay (Regards, Link Fairie)
  4. for Sale Souvenir brochure from the opening of the Brightside and Carbrook new city stores.
  5. Hi can anyone shed any light on the item pictured below, it is a box of soap powder made by CWS (co-op wholesale society) found in our loft but cannot find any information on dates etc,
  6. While sorting through loads of old documents and book collected over the last 35 years I can across this cutting from the Sheffield star from Friday March the 2nd 1956, it was found in the middle of a copy of Motor Cycle magazine from a similar date. On the rear are the TV and radio listings for that date, interesting in the days of 24 hour multi channel TV that there only appears to be one channel with programmes running 5pm until 11pm.
  7. Hi JohnO we are moving house and I have just found a copy of the book you quote, this was given to my grandma at a dinner at the cutlers hall on the 28th of May 1954, the invite is from The Chairman and Directors of Marsh Brothers to celebrate the tercentenary of the Firm. in the back of the book is a photograph of the last melt at the shoreham street works, whit week 1953.
  8. 1971 Kelly directory for Sheffield and Rotherham. cannot get the link to work, sorry. ------------------------------- Edit: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kellys-Directory-Sheffield-and-Rotherham-1971
  9. I am guessing this is from Crookes Brick Works, found in our garden on Lydgate lane, I know there were a number of quarries on Lydgate lane
  10. so because Jessops went everything is fair game for the developers!
  11. As a volunteer myself at the wheel I can fully recommend the experience, 2 hours a couple of times a month flies past and you get to meet some really interesting people. As Bayleaf says, most weeks the visitors will teach us something, only the other week I learned that the swarf from Sheffield grinding industry was separated and used to make swarfega (Hand Cleaner) and the iron filings to make sparklers. I have never volunteered for anything before but this is both an interesting and rewarding way to give something back to the community
  12. An interesting film re the gang wars past and present.
  13. a great film about the art of signwriting. www.signpaintermovie.blogspot.co.uk/
  14. Do you think it is home made?
  15. I'd guess that it was to pull cable through a wall or something for a similar task
  16. Thanks Saw119, the only query is that our understanding is that Thomas died in a Sheffield hospital in 1919, whereas this record shows that he died, rather than served, we have a burial record for Burngreave cemetery. the search goes on. thanks for your help.
  17. Yes they are local, from Sheffield.
  18. Hi I wonder if anyone can help identify either of the uniforms below, I know there is little to go on, they are from around the time of WW1, the 1st pictures appear quite decorative, whereas the second set of pictures look very plain
  19. Hi My mum has now found the two photos attached, which show my great granddad Thomas and wife Clara, both look as though they are in uniform, but we cannot trace any war record or regiment, the only thing I can find is a Thomas Rycroft from Goole / Hull.
  20. Thank you Moira, you have been a big help.
  21. Its interesting that the marriage entry was crossed out, I wonder if the death occurred around the time census was completed?
  22. Jen, Edmund, Vox. That's great information, thank you for your help. the work on the belt is very intricate and must of taken lots of patience, the photos don't really do it justice.