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  1. S&E Co-op, the Arcade, Ecclesall Road, Waitrose now on the same site S&E Co-op Hangingwater Rd, now Rafters Restaurant S&E Co-op, Bents Green, Now a hardware store S&E Co-op, Woolsley Road, on the site of the new Mosque, the store had trap doors in the floor, with the stock raised up three floors on an electrical hoist S&E Co-op, langsett road, oposite Jacks Sasparela bar.
  2. Some one has tried to get planning permission to change it into flats, but I think it was turned down.
  3. Another one for the list were 'In a Bell Jar' an offshoot of early Pulp, saw them a couple of time upstairs at the Hallamshire west street. the line up was jarvis, tim and a black guy whose name i canot recall
  4. The venue of a magnificent gig by the clash, not sure of the support act on the night though could have been the dammed or Richard Hell and the Voidoids Top gig
  5. and the scene of one of the great Joe Strummers final gigs. rock on Joe.
  6. Many happy hours spent in the Daisy, a friend took the sign, a big daizy when it closed, it adorned his flat for years. Saturday lunchtimes in the crazy daisy, was the place to be, after closing moving on to Rackhams cafe, regulars at the time were the Human League, Jarvis, Richard Hawley, and many people from the thriving Sheffield music scene. I think Tuesday night was Northern and Jazz funk, with regular trips to the twisted wheel, this must have been late 70s. happy days
  7. Remember it well, met the Jam there on the day 'In the City' was released, bought a signed copy, wonder if it is worth anthing now.