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  1. Memories:- As A Child Visiting Santa in the Sheffield and Ecclesall Co-op with my Grandad on Christmas Eve. Grannies Christmas lunch cooked on the range Going in the frontroom at grandparents house, this room was reserved for Christmas and Christenings and eventually funerals Snowball drinks Eating too many chocs and not beeing able to eat dinner The men coming in from the pub late for dinner Falling asleep at family parties and waking up in a strange bed, then being carried home to bed. As A Teenager Christmas kisses Teenage house parties Slade/ Mud/Roy Wood Party Seven
  2. I remember my dad using the name "John Willy Hatband" his family were also from Crookes, so maybe it was a localised name, but he has no idea as to the derivation of the word. There was also the name "Sunny Jim" which was often used. Mark
  3. Cheers Steve, that helps rest my inquisitive mind
  4. The stones in the walls on city road are between 4 and 6 feet long and about 12 to 18 inches high, so it is doubtfull they were quaried for a garden wall. Mark
  5. I wondered if the ones on City road were from Sheffield Manor, as it is only a few 100 yards away. Mark
  6. HI I noticed as I was sat at the traffic lights on City Road, just above the juntion with Granville Road, that the front gardens of some houses on the right have walls made of MASSIVE stone blocks, has anyone any knowledge as to why these stones are so large, they must have taken some moving into position? Mark
  7. Hi We had simmilar adventures in houses around Ranmoor, many were empty but intact and some were just ruins. I remember one house had a lake in the garden and we made a raft and played on the lake, another house had a 9 hole golf course in the garden, which we used often during the summers of 1971/72 i think. We slid down banisters, explored enormous cellars and atics, made dens in the garden and swings in the trees, and lived off fruit from the vegetable gardens. All of these houses were obviously haunted, especially in the fertile minds of a group of 12/13 year olds. These were the houses of the old steel magnates and I think one belonged to one of the brothers who founded Cole Brothers. Great days, great adventures. Most of the houses are still there, restored to offices or appartments, but they bring back fantastic memories of adventure when I drive past. Mark
  8. HI I cannot see any mention of Hallam Methodist church that stands at the junction of Nether Green Road and Fulwood Road, just below nether green school. See the web site below for full history, pictures and other details:- http://www.hallammethodistsheffield.org.uk/ Mark
  9. that list looks like the good basis for a pub crawl he he
  10. Hi I think City Limits are relocating or have relocated to new premises on Penistone Road. If so it may be possible to get into the old building for a look around. If not you could always join a dance class! Mark
  11. Hi I was listening to radio sheffield at lunchtime today, it featured a local historian talking about pub names, he stated that in pub name terms Ball is a derivitive of Bowl, and I think he said that a bowl was a type of furnace that was built on a slope that faced the westerly winds, the hill behind the old Ball inn at Neepsend would fit the bill, as would the Bollhills and the Ball in at Crookes. Mark
  12. Hi I have been in the Milestone recently and there is a MASSIVE picture of the building on the wall in the upstairs restaurant, but not sure when the picture was taken. by the way the food was excellent. Sando
  13. The Simpkins factory is still in existence, just off Middlewood Road, opposite Proctor Place, I sure someone must have further information. I wonder if it is still a family firm and if so, are Simpkins still the owners. Sando
  14. Dont forget Cunninghams Pickles!!
  15. I have a copy of the documentary on VHS video, but no way of copying to DVD, if any one knows where this can be done at a reasonable price, I could get you a copy. Please advise. Regards Mark
  16. Hi Just a thought, but as two of the occupants were listed as Managers, could the property have belonged to a business in the area?
  17. I think the Hallam ground at Sandygate is the oldest ground in the world that is still being used as a football ground. Mark
  18. The petrol station on Arundle gate was on a lay-by that was lower than street level opposite the Crucible, I think the lay-by is still there although it may be blocked off. If I remember correctly there were only a couple of pumps. Mark
  19. S6lad I had quite a few dealings with Rav at Empire garage, first went to buy accessories and spares probably around 1976/77 then used Empire along with the guys at Armandos. Had some great photos on the wall. Mark
  20. Hi I went to cubs in the grounds of Endcliffe Hall late 60s, early 70s, at the time it housed the army, I had my picture in the Star, cleaning some sort of artillary gun to highlight Bob a Job week. Sando
  21. Star Jumpers Satin Jackets Oxford bags 32" bottoms High Waisters Slade socks Two tone trousers jumbo collar shirts button down ben shermans They had the lot for the glam 70s kids, but climbing the ladder to the changing room was a trial in your 4" platforms
  22. Yes it was the 69, we used to catch it outside the Wimpy bar, just round the corner from Fitzalan Sq, I think it took us to Rotherham bus station and the market in Rotherham was just up the hill from the bus station.
  23. Swisskit advertising slogan ="Are you willing for a shilling Will you risk it for a swisskit" Nutty Bar A caramel log with peanuts stuck to the outside, never really took off, probably because it looked like a turd after you had eaten too many peanuts. ;-)