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  1. Since the early 1930s he lived just down the road from the farm at Nether Greeen and spent many hours playing in the Mayfield Valley, his mum was born and raised in the valley so I doubt he is getting it mixed up with Hesley Woods as he has never been there. He is still at my house and says he can deffinitly remember huts, and playing in the pool lots of times as they trecked up the river bed from Forge Dam to play in the pool. He never stayed at the camp but can clearly remember it, and the long huts, could the huts have been other farm buildings.
  2. I have just shown this item to my dad, he remembers the scout camp, it had wooden sleeping huts, and the stream was damed to form a swimming pool, bet that was a bit bleak. Boys were obviously tougher in those days
  3. http://www.risingsunsheffield.co.uk/
  4. At a guess this would be the Rising Sun Public House on Fulwood road at Nether Green, there is also a Rising Sun at Whirlow, but the one at Nether Green is only 10mins walk to Whitley Woods. There was a sanitorium at Whitley Woods plus a number of water mills, can you tell us what the letter relates to?
  5. Great picture, so much to take in, what was the OXO building in the background
  6. Bayleaf Great Picture thanks, any idea of a date? It looks like those are are the houses on Hangingwater road, with Fulney or Oakbrook road in the background, prior to the building of Frickley and Westwood roads. the big house to the right of the picture is still there just above the flats. My nan lived on Glen view which was down the side of the top terrace (not yet built on this picture), it was a yard of about 5 terrace houses. At the top of the yard was a tall wall with ceramic bricks that was part of the farm. I am sure some of the farm outbuildings are still standing behind her old house. Will have to go and look at the weekend.
  7. Hi I have a lot of interest in this area, my grandma lived in the Mayfield Valley prior to marrying, she was called Martha Lidster (the Lidster family appear to have moved to Ringinglow from Haxey, Lincolnshire around 1875) in 1901 they lived in Andrew lane (now Andwel lane). Martha married a decendant of the quarry owners of Lydgate/ Crookes an Albert Sanderson. As children my gran took us to the harvest festival and carol concerts held in the chapel at mayfield. My nan (Elizabeth Leigh) delivered milk for the owners of Hangingwater Farm, and lived in a house close by.
  8. I think the no parking may be a more recent addition
  9. I think you are probably refering to Dave Godin, the father of Northern Soul (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Godin) Dave first coined the phrase Northern Soul to describe obscure American Soul. Dave died in 2004 (http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/dgodin.htm) and had strong Sheffield connections. untitled.bmp
  10. Excelsior Works • Station Road • Ecclesfield • Sheffield • S35 9YR
  11. I think I saw them at Psalter Ln arts college, still have the single. What part bin Corrors did Ray play?
  12. "Then I think a butchers with the post office next The first supermarket in the area was next Tesco I think then another Barbers Alec Anson (smashing bloke Polish) then a newsagent and at the far endwas a Drapers and across the road Eversley House." Where was Tesco at uperthorpe?
  13. watched again last night, but cannot recognise any of the locations.
  14. Remember it well, me and bruv matching new shorts and T shirt from M&S and off to the whit sing in Encs park.
  15. I agree, it would be great to save them all, and surely if finances were directed in the right direction we could do a lot better. As for one to live in I think I would choose Wressle Castle Breighton Road, Wressle East Riding of Yorkshire (UA)
  16. If money was no object, which of these at risk sites would you save ? http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/upload/...Humber_2007.pdf Rothwell Castle Church Street (off), Rothwell, would make an interesting project.
  17. Just driven past the Bower Spring site, it looks as though someone has gained entry by removing a section of the temporary fence. On another note what a great site (http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/upload/pdf/BAR_Yorkshire_Humber_2007.pdf), Which one would you rescue if you had the money? or maybe this should be a new thread. Mark
  18. Maybe it is the light from the glass bricks above that makes the exposure difficult.
  19. Just found a couple more. and here's one I made earlier.
  20. A brilliant enamel sign, in excellent condition
  21. A few more pics of the same site. Looks some really interesting archeology just under the surface
  22. Spot On, the upper floors are now closed, I wonder if this 'modern art' sculpture will dissapear when the building does, if it has not gone already.