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  1. I have often wondered the same, and I presume they are some sort of silo/ hopper. If you look closely there is a row of individual doors halway up the building and a second row along the top, the parts sticking out of the bottom of the building appear to funnel shaped?
  2. A couple of close ups :- Does anyone know the significance of the imagery on the panels, JC obviously for Jonas A Colver Ltd, but what about the spectacles?
  3. I think the addition is the university arts tower , so at a guess this must be somewhere off the bottom of St Phillips road
  4. Yes, the brown glaze gives it away a little.
  5. Another one from a recent outing.
  6. The hall is on the junction of Rutland Road and Hicks Street, Just off Rutland Road, just prior to the railway bridge. It is quite an impresive building that looks very out of place in its current context.
  7. Spot on Syrup. Has anyone any idea of the halls history and previous uses?
  8. I remember it well. I can remember waiting at home ready to get the bus to see the illuminations then onto the santa's grotto at the bottom of the Moor with Mum and Dad, and Downtown, by Dusty Springfield came on the radio, whenever I hear it now it takes me back to the moment.
  9. Been here, but no chocolate smoking set or games compendium with blow football this year
  10. Sky light at top of spiral staircase.
  11. Does anyone remember the testing of the air raid sirens, this was probably around the mid sixties, and as kids playing in the street it would frighten us half to death, imagining the bombers flying over the city.
  12. Remember em all, and what about the 'knocker upper' banged on your bedroom window with a long stick to get you up for work. Rag and bone man gave us balloons if we gave him any rags, can't remember him collecting any bones though. Knife sharpener Sharpened knives on an adapted pushbike. Two different coal lorries, one with the coal bagged up and ready and the more modern one that dispensed the cole into bags at your house.
  13. Top of Barnsley Road, next to the pheasant, about where the co-op now stands
  14. I have seen it whilst in the car, but cannot place it, is it above the building that is next door to the new tesco express on Barnsley Rd, the old working mens club
  15. The picture was taken around March this year, I am sure the Woollens sign is still in place on the old Woolens buildings, but for how long who knows? Woollens was owned by Sheffield co-op over the last few years, but did not operate out of this building
  16. And a view from the balcony at the top of the building:-
  17. I think these are the remaing building from Hangingwater farm Hangingwater_farm_doc2.doc Hangingwater_farm_doc2.doc
  18. I have a brochure from the B&C co-op, printed in 1929 to celebrate the opening of original central store at the junction of Waingate and Exchange St and listing all contractors. It has a photo of their first store in Carbrook street which was opened in 1869, it also has photos of all 39 grocery branches operating at the time. This picture shows the Page Hall branch, selling drapery, boots and shoe sales, boot and shoe repairs, tailoring and outfitting and confectionary but no groceries. telephone number 41906. There were grocery stores close by at Fir Vale and Dykes Hall road.
  19. You didn't make it up i've got one in the shed. The information on Neepsend Huts was straight for the horses mouth, hope I can get some clarification.
  20. Hi From what I understand there were around 100 of these dwellings, all lived in, they could have been nissan huts, but were at Neepsend somewhere. I have sent my mum off with a list of questions for when she meets this lady again, hopefully this will clarify things.
  21. It would appear that these huts were lived in and had a kitchen cum bathroom where a cover was hinged to the wall and folded down to make the bath into a table.
  22. Hi My mum was talking to someone who lived in Neepsend Huts, does anyone have any information nabout these huts, life there and there location?
  23. The photo must have been pre 1900, because the photo below is taken from the top of Hangingwater road, just to the left of the house on the the right of the main picture. the houses on the left of the picture below are not seen on the original picture. Over the weekend I went to have a look and a number of the farm buildings are still standing including the house to the right of the original picture and a cottage along what is now Glen View, the houses directly in the middle of the picture below do not appear in the original picture.
  24. Mike I have just spoken to dad again and he thinks it was probably around the early to mid 40s when he was in his early teens. the dam could have been a mill dam but he thinks it was built for the camp as it seamed small compared with the other dams. Hope this helps, he is convinced he is correct.