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  1. It’s a long time since I have crossed this bridge, but as a child we used to hang a rope from the cast iron railings, shin down it to save walking round, then use it as a rope swing in the middle of the road that is STorth lane. Also as you go across the bridge uphill, just over the bridge on the right there were the gardens of a house that was on Carsick hill, in the gardens was a 6 hole golf course and a lake, the fun we had secretly playing golf, building rafts and fishing in these ponds, often being chased away by the gardener
  2. Crosses above Storth Lane at Nethergreen, but not sure of the road name, could it be Belgrave road?
  3. Like wise I struggled to find much info on the net, especially as Kenneth appears to have been quite a prolific artist, with watercolour paintings ranging from local to mediterianian. My hope was that, with him being local someone may have some family history other what appear to be published. Thanks for trying.
  4. I have found a little bit more information about Kenneth including prints and his picture at www.travellingartgallery.com/landscape/print/artist/A054.html Also found a copy of this painting of Derby School of Transport by KS, which looks very much like High Storrs school Sheffield.
  5. Hi I am looking for information on the Sheffield artist, Kenneth Steel, I have found the limited information below, but would be greatfull for anything else. Painter in watercolour, engraver & lithographer of landscapes & street scenes; poster designer. Born Sheffield 9/7/1906, son of G.T.Steel, an artist and silver engraver. Studied at Sheffield College of Art under Anthony Betts. Represented in several public collections. Achieved a prolific output of artwork for the railways. Based in Crookes, Sheffield for years. Produced posters for LNER & BR. Produced artwork for LNER Post-War, LMR Railway Architecture, Scottish Region series.
  6. My Grandma went to school there, she used to take us to the harvest festival in the chapel behind when we were kids.
  7. VOX has it, where are the old Union Grinding Wheel premises?
  8. Could it be the photographers car, habit ensuring he parked in the same place each time?
  9. Vox Yes they are, and you are spot on with your PM, I seem to fin something different everytime I wander around the place.
  10. Ah, the circular bus. A while after my Gran died my grandad got a date via an agency (I think), and for the date he took the lady on the round trip on the No2, needless to say this was the first and last date.
  11. How about this one? and who or what was Stanch?
  12. Dunsbyowl The website you have highlighted is very interesting but is asking the same question, I wondered if it could be the grade of steel used. Thanks
  13. Hi Does anyone know the significance of the number/ date of 1066 on the Wardonian razor blades that were made by Thomas Ward at the Wardonia Works, Countess Street, Sheffield?
  14. There are a couple of pictures on Picture Sheffield, but it is listed as a boys home. Picture Sheffield Image Another Picture Sheffield Image The building is still at the bottom of Lydgate lane, but is now offices.
  15. Another soon to gone, for sale for redevelopment Meersbrook Park Methodist church and Tin Chapel
  16. More of the same Glazier wanted!
  17. on a road that runs paralel to St Phillips Road, was there last week, hoped to gain entry before it is demolished, the gates at the top and bottom were open but all doors were secured. I followed the instruction but could not open the door
  18. Three more:- The old co-op building at the junction of Oakbrook and Hangingwater roads shows S&E 1915 There is an extension on a building on Tom Lane with a date stone of 2000 The building on the site of the Ecclesall non political club has the date stone of 2006
  19. The picture was taken last week on Baslow road, Totley about 500 meters above the co-op on the opposite side, just below Grange road which could be a clue. There is only one post that I can find. The reason I thought it may be Greenoak house was the profile of the wall to the right of the post comapred with the profile of the wall in the picture.
  20. Baslow Road,Totley, looking at the wall profile pictured on Picture Sheffield .com, it could be Greenoak House http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=s06087
  21. Now I am getting confused the picture above is Baslow Road, Totley, opposite the co-op. The post above was moved from the thread "Only the gate post are left" which is also Baslow Road, Totley.
  22. Baslow Road,Totley, looking at the wall profile pictured on Picture Sheffield .com, it could be Greenoak House Not sure if I am allowed to use this picture so I have added the link as well. http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=s06087
  23. Cheers Steve I think the house is still there and forms part of Notre Dam school. This house was/ is on the next corner, but the extensive grounds have been built on. http://www.picturesh...n=zoom&id=33922 www.picturesheffield.com/o=t03587