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  1. I have been trying to find records of the people who were responsible for the repairs of the Town Hall Clock, my wife's great aunt says her brother in law, my wife's granddad was responsible for repair and service of the clocks, probably some time between 1948 and early 1960s. but so far struggling to find anything.

    The name was Charles F Whiting he was a watch and clock repairer with premises at Hunters Bar and Attercliffe.


    entry from Kellys Directory 1963

  2. I remember the place well, firstly because my dad had a business account there and we used to go and get the van filled up at a weekend and secondly because in the 70s they were one of the few places that actually personally filled up you fuel and my mum was a new driver and not confident to fill her own fuel.


  3. While walking around Rivelin Cemetery I came across the grave of Maurice John Madden, aged 10, instantly killed by motor car on July the 2nd 1915, could this be the first child to be killed by a car on Sheffield's streets? has anyone access to any press articles relating to the accident?