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  1. Not that there is a link here, but would the Sunbeam at Fir Vale be next to where Esso garage was until recently, prehaps now a WMC called the Companions club (my granny used to go there in the 90's) . Anyways the Sunbeam chippy used to be opposite this building..... I reiterate that I am in no way a knowledge on chip shops, just a coincidence honest!
  2. Saw my first film there late seventies/very early eighties either a Disney or may have been "The Time Bandits" Remember one thing that is sadly lacking from todays cinema however, the interval with the ice ream lady!
  3. Crumbs, being a seventies child but living at Firth Park I didn't even realise that a cinema was situated there. I suppose in the sixties with TV being ever more affordable, people simply stopped going to the cinema. Tell you what though, the chippy across the road was very well thought of thoughout the eighties. Yum!