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  1. peterinfrance


    There is someone!! I attended Dinnington Tech in the late 50's early 60's. I have a few memories in particular the chemistry teacher who's nickname if I remember correctly was Fez. He walked around the Lab dictating which we had to copy down in our notebooks. He carried a length of rubber tubing around and if he saw anyone not up to date with the dictation he swiped them round the backside with the tubing. since we were sat on stools it hurt ! I also remember an algebra exam. now algebra was my favorite subject then and if I do say, I was good at it. Anyway I finished the paper in half the time allotted and handed it in. I was asked had I checked it to which I said yes, and left. When the papers were returned with the results of the marking, I had got all the answers correct but instead of the 100% I was expecting I received 95%, with the comment 5% deducted for untidy work !! What a way to motivate and there was no allowance given for completing the task in half the time. That lesson in how to motivate people has stuck with me all my life. I certainly learned something from the experience. Which is more than I can say for the teacher.
  2. I am told this is a picture of the staff at Rowlinson School in the 1950's. Although I went to Rowlinson it is just before my time there. Can anyone confirm that it is Rowlinson staff and if so identify them
  3. peterinfrance

    Paul Fisher

    Hi Tony Sorry for the delay, I just noticed your reply. Sadly I do not know his fathers name but Paul and I went to Greystones school in the mid/late 50's and if my memory is correct he lived somewhere near Brocco Bank. What information have you about him as I would like to contact him as he was a good friend. kindest regards
  4. peterinfrance

    This is what made Sheffield great

    Fantastic photographs which just make you proud to be a Sheffielder. My Grandfather, Roy Bownes, was a heavy crane driver at English Steel Corporation in Sheffield and it would be wonderful if anyone has any photographs of ESC.
  5. peterinfrance

    SHEAF MARKET Sheffield

    Hi Jane Your story about the cigarettes reminded me of the time after the 2nd World War late 40's early 50's. Cigarettes were scarce and the favorite brand was not always in stock. I would only be about 5 or 6 years old and my mother sent me to the local grocers shop at the corner of Anns road and Myrtle road I had to ask for 10 Woodbine, Park Drive or Star cigarettes in that order. As long as the shopkeeper knew the parent, no questions were asked about age etc. Those days are long gone.
  6. peterinfrance

    Did you play shove hapeney?

    I don't know if the spelling is right but I remember playing a game pronounced Shove Hapeney when I was at Rowlinson school. It was played on a desk top and as in football there were 2 goals at each side and we used a Halfpenny as the ball and pennies (old) as the player. A ruler end was used to propel the man (penny) to hit the ball (halfpenny) and try to score in the goal by taking turns. I can't remember all the rules but we were mad about this game and played it at every opportunity.
  7. peterinfrance

    School Class Photos

    I do not have even one school class photograph to look back on. Perhaps there are others who are in the same boat as me. But there may be others who have some class photographs which they would be willing to share! Wouldn't it be nice to find yourself in a group photo with your old classmates. Perhaps someone would be good enough to index them to a list of schools should there be a big enough response. So dig out the old shoeboxes, the old albums and don't forget to search the attic! Sharing is caring.
  8. Hi Jenns The point I was making with regards to the empty seats is the way they are allocated. So many Wednesday fans could not get tickets to go to the match and yet there were so many empty seats which could have been filled. I was not judging Hull by how many seats they fill it was not their fault it is the system of allocation that needs to be addressed.
  9. peterinfrance

    The Heeley Coliseum

    You are spot on with the 7old pennies for the "pits" and if memory serves me it was 9 old pennies in the posh seats. I also seem to remember entering round the back down a passageway, but I could be mistaken about that. ........Memories !!
  10. peterinfrance

    Sheffield Fun-Fairs

    Norfolk Park Fair was I think the largest fair in Sheffield. I can remember the traditional sideshows which were there not just the rides. The boxing booth, where all comers were taken on. The bearded Lady ! Strange beings in preservative jars ! Motorcycles in the globe. Magic shows. Coconut shy There were lots more can you add to the list ?
  11. peterinfrance

    Paul Fisher

    Does anyone know of a Paul Fisher. His father owned a butchers shop on Chesterfield road in the 50's.
  12. peterinfrance

    Help needed with this photo

    After posting my reply I did some digging, Checked out the Heeley Baths website and I have attached a picture of the present establishment. Check out the roof supports. I am gobsmacked to see the update of the "baths" it is fantastic and a long way off the 1950's version.
  13. peterinfrance

    Help needed with this photo

    It looks to me like the Public Baths on Broadfield Road. I can remember the diving boards were the same as those in the photo and the changing cabins were the same as well. There was a little "slipper bath" just off the bottom right of the photo Mind you it is some 60 odd years ago when I went swimming there
  14. peterinfrance

    Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    Didn't they also sell frozen Jubbly's. they were orange flavoured drinks packaged in what I think is a tetrahedron shape. (see picture)
  15. I am not certain but I seem to remember that this was one of the "penny drinks" available at a local sweetshop near to Heely Bank School which I attended in the 1950's. I have never heard or seem of it since so maybe I am mistaken. I am sure that someone will shed some light on this.