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  1. Must be 36.43 then -just before it goes back to the mayor . have managed to grab a screen print of myself.. wait for it.... bother how do I upload a image from my hard drive? It was my weeks wages come 1977 - in Sheffield that was ...so I jumped a train/moved 'darn sarf' and earned a fourtune - £40 a week - my friends thought I was rolling in it ;)
  2. oOOOOo I was there and in the choir, and appeared on TV. we got paid £15 for being extras- which seemed like a fortune then - mine was spent at Harrintons in Castle Market on a Blue Travia [sp?] suit!! - A girls one - very Mod! The play was shown again in early '76 - to my embarassment and many friends raucaous laughter Just looked at it, and I am the sad morsose face at 36.44 - OH says nothing much's changed!
  3. hi, I hink it's going to be a/the new doctors suregery and chemist - the signs on the side say NHS ... we shall have to wait and see.
  4. I sort of remember those days- especially the cheap pernod.. on a Saturday lunchtime we would then stagger across to Walshs/Rachams for a cuppa !
  5. I couldn't find my mum's for ages, then found out that they had registered at the very last minute they could, which had taken then into another year. The reason being my nan was 6 months pregnant when they married.
  6. Glad I am not the only one - forget the street names, just the pub names on the pub crawl we use to do in out 'yuf'
  7. we had left the area by the 1980's I'm afraid, though nearly moved back - we went to buy a house, across from the Green, but was gazumped *laughs* - That must be over 7 years ago.
  8. thanks for that Guys, so it's not in the Beech Hill, as I was told my a resident of one of the other other Lodges . Fascinating.
  9. Further up the road than the Lodge I am interested in.... as an aside I was wondering if anyone knew much about the chapel in what was the Duke of Norfolk's lodge for his guests.. which is next door to the park. I was told that there was once a rather lovely chapel there,. but have looked up the drive and can't see anything that resembles a small church etc...
  10. use to go the Sammy's and the Northern Soul All Nighter's there.. had some wonderful and interesting times there to say the least! :)
  11. I think it may have done. The last time I went up there to have a look, i noticed that 113 had taken some of 115's garden. When I was a child our garden[115] went across the top of 113 and we owned the rights to access as well as the gate to the park. My great uncle who had lived there since the house was built, had kept chickens and so there were a number of chicken runs, as well as a number of fruit trees.. apples and plums. We thought we had an a orchard as kids.
  12. I would be interested to see where on a map the house was....
  13. I remember, one of the reason it may not have been changed , was that you had to pay to be in Kelly's and my dad refused!
  14. I have to say that Priestly's didn't live at 138 in 1970/1, they sold the shop in 1968, and they had a bungalow built just behind it. The shop was owned by the Horsfield's Barbara and Brian, though it was Barbara who worked in the shop. It was the Newsagents as well as a general store. And yes the bacon machine was still there... Kelly directory is wrong- the reason I know is I was one of the Horsfield girls, and my youngest sister was born in April 1970 and we were living there by then. The next one down was the Porter's which was run by a mother and daughter, and the flat above was let out to a family, you had to get to it by going round the back- ie. via Newlands road, and the down a small path. . The next one down was in the late 60's early 70's a general shop that sold nails, locks etc... and a bit of everything else, and then there was Baumgart's who is my memory was correct was a Polish gentleman and his wife, - I seem to remember that they were Jewish.
  15. Hi, I was born on Ridgehill Avenue at number 115, and then in around 1968 we moved up to 138, which was the top shop, the Newsagents, where we lived until after my mum sadly passed away in 1976 - though we were there till around 1979. It was after that it became a house. .