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  1. Not having lived in Sheffield for over forty years, I couldn't recognize the photograph of Redgates at all. When I was a child in the 1950s the shop was in Fitzalan Square next to the bus station and opposite the General Post Office and the News Theatre.A marvellous shop where I used to buy additional bits for my Bayko set. Does anyone remember those? Happy happy days.
  2. No particular knowledge of a link between Sheffield and Ethel except that I remember as a child being terrified that Christie would come to Sheffield to murder me. Unbeknown to my parents I must have had sight of a newspaper reporting his crimes and his wife's connection to the city.
  3. Lots of Sheffield families on my A Gaggle of Geese website. Have a look - you never know what you might find. Link .. ancestry.com/~willgooseweb
  4. Check out my website A Gaggle of Geese. Although it is dedicated to the Wildgoose family it also contains hundreds of other surnames, many of them in Sheffield.
  5. I am looking at this painting right now as it hangs above my desk! It reminds me of very happy times. My father played in the orchestra pit at the Lyceum for over thirty years and I was the Production Assistant at the Crucible for seven years.