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  1. What's your source for this sort of info Richard? Got some old photos of shops in Doncaster that I'm trying to validate but can't find an online directory of occupiers.
  2. Thanks Richard but the building I'm looking for was there in the 1950's and, I believe, was part of Firth Browns.
  3. Does anyone know what was behind the wall in Carlisle Street East that you can see in this view on Google Maps? http://goo.gl/maps/LVuNV This map (#91) shows a building there... I'm trying to find out what the building was and whether it was at street level or raised up. A recce of the site has revealed plenty of brick walls and a floor (roof?) but it's not clear if there is something beneath (i'm hoping for something in the same vein as the "Medical Centre" just a little further down the street).
  4. Maybe someone on here has got a contact in the museums or council who could save it.
  5. Yes, the fireplace is in a boardroom/meeting room. Really deserves to be in a museum, or at least somewhere it will get looked after.
  6. I was recently lucky enough to get a chance to see inside Sheffield's old court house (and before that Town Hall) near Castle Market. It's a beautiful building, hopefully somebody will be able to renovate it sometime in the future. Follow the link to more details and pics from my visit. http://underbelly.posterous.com/sheffield-court-house
  7. I was just came along to post a couple of pics, but see Rusty's beat me to it and to be honest mine can't compete (brilliant work as always Rusty), but for what it's worth, here's a link to my pics and a few words http://underbelly.posterous.com/adelphi-theatre-attercliffe-sheffield
  8. mmm spamtastic try this link...http://www.csjfootballimages.uku.co.uk/directoryrevised.htm
  9. MrSheffield What info did you include in your application? It would be interesting to know some more about the history of the building - from the above all I can gather is that it is on Exchange Street, was built between 1925 and 1935, was the SYPTE office for a while and maybe had links to the corn or rope or twine industries. Hopefully your application has got more detail, if so it would be good if you could share. Who/what was Hambleton? Why was the building located where it was? Who has occupied it over the years? Who was the architect? What style is the building in?
  10. Thanks, noticed that grille when we walked down Porter Brook from Summerfield Street to the junction with the Sheaf earlier this year, but couldn't work out exactly where it was from beneath! I think THIS is the Little Don.
  11. Advice noted, was interested as I can't see anything on any maps plus it's a hell of a distance from Neepsend to Blackburn Meadows to tunnel, not to mention the geopgraphy between. Will certainly do some serious research before venturing in (assuming I can even find it).
  12. Hilldweller - this sounds interesting, have you got a link to the map you refer to? ta
  13. Hope you don't mind somebody from just up the road occasionally looking in and posting on here. I'm interested in local history and culture and a bit of an "urban explorer" (for want of a better description). I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute to your discussions and, if I'm honest, I'm here mainly to pick up leads and info about possible places to visit and photograph but I'll make sure I'll share the results with you. You can see some local Sheffield sites on my website underbelly. TT
  14. I think we'd best agree to differ History Dude as you have obviously got no concept of expanding your horizons and pushing the limits. I'm not a youngster by any means, am fairly well educated with a good job and a family and I'm perfectly able to make my own decisions as to what is or isn't safe. I've got experience of the environment and I would say that it is considerably less dangerous down there than it is crossing a quiet road. As for flash floods, the usual motto we follow is "When it rains, keep out of drains", although it would have to be a hell of a rainstorm to push that system to capacity. Please believe me that there is no need for training or safety equipment down there. But it is up to each individual to make their own informed decision of what is safe for them to do. I would certainly not recommend anybody do anything without considering all the risks, and that includes walking up Mam Tor, smoking a cigarette, using a sharp knife or exploring abandoned buildings. PS I don't suppose you condone THIS either. B)
  15. Thanks for the welcome, I'm actually based in Doncaster but seem to have exhausted most things round here so I'm casting my net a bit wider - hope you don't mind a "furriner" posting on here! There may be a few things on my website (link below) that may be of interest.