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  1. I was at SHJ! From 1983-1990, till I went to Meadowhead; Mr Driscoll was the head while I was there. Most of my memories of it are good, I seem to remember having a lot of fun, and most of the teachers were nice (with one or two exceptions). And having that huge field to play on was great, especially in the winter when it snowed and everyone was on it making snowmen, having snowball fights etc - happy days! I remember there being a huge tyre in the infants playground that apparently was made specifically to be played in. It was huge: you could get several children in (I’m sure one of the games we played was basically sardines, seeing how many we could squeeze in at once!). And then there were the concrete pipes in both playgrounds: smaller ones for infants and seemingly huge ones for juniors. Really enjoyed my time at SHJ, though it was only very recently that I found out who Sir Harold Jackson actually was! It’s a shame they changed the name to Bradway Primary, though I can understand why they did.