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  1. Hi The 1901 census info you sent matches the 1911 census info I have for Charles Edward Winter Charles Edward Winter.txt. He was born in 1896 so was 18 at the start of WW1. My Mum is now unsure if the photo from Dean is her Dad or not. She is 86 & has never seen a photograph of him as a young man so looks at it a lot. She knows nothing about his family as he never talked about them. (Interesting that the 1911 census shows a father present in the household but the 1901 census has the mum as head of the family). Regards Kevin
  2. Apologies Dean. Will try better next time. My Mum, Charles Edwards's daughter, looked at the photo & knew it was not her Dad. She doesnt know which regiment he was in but I will follow up the two you mentioned. Thanks Kevin
  3. Thanks Dean Unfortunately this is not the right Charles Winter. My grandad is Charles Edward Winter from Crookes, no idea which regiment but Green Foresters has been mentioned. He joined up in 1914 at age 16, went to Germany & Flanders & was in the trenches. Do you have any tips where else I can search? Regards Kevin