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  1. Can anyone kindly provide information about the 1867 & 1869 Hallam Steeplechase winner - J Strafford (Crookes). I'm trying to tie him down by identifying any of the following: - age, address, occupation and/or his full name. I understand that there is a Mr Malcolm Douthwaite who may be a good source of information regarding foot races/running clubs in the Sheffield area but despite my best efforts I cannot find any contact details for him.
  2. Hi - sorry for delay in my thanking everyone for their input - I'm out of the UK at the moment and internet service is dependant upon where I'm staying. Unfortunately I'm unable to determine the correct address but if I find out I'll make a posting. Once again, many thanks
  3. Hi, Can anyone please tell me the address of the 'Yellow Lion' - I know there are probably quite a few pubs with this name but it is given as Alfred's address in a Sheffield Independent Newspaper article (dated 30 Aug 1844). It states that Alfred Hukin, landlord of the Yellow Lion, was accused of assault on two servants of a Mr Timm (maltster). I know that the 1841 census shows Alfred as being a 'silver plater' living at Daisy Bank but he changed occupation to become a landlord sometime between 1841 and 1844 (business directories and a later census show him as the landlord of the Parrot, Button Lane). Thanks
  4. Hi Edmund & RichardB, Sorry I didn't reply as quickly as you both did (currently out of the country with limited access to internet) but thanks to your investigative skills and time, I now begin to understand why the anomaly arose. Thanks once again, AndyS
  5. Hi, Can anyone put forward a reasonable aswer to this anomoly. A relative of mine (Mary Jane Watson) is shown on the 1911 census as living at '16 Rangeley Road, Sheffield' ... or at least that is the address she has given on the original document and which seems to have been verified as correct by the enumerator. The problem is that the enumerators list shows shedule 168, which refers to the address for this returned census, as being that of '247 Ben Lane, Wadsley, Sheffield'!! Why would the enumerator accept an incorrectly completed return if Rangeley Road wasn't the true address? An 'ancestry.co.uk' search only shows the census but the 'Find My Past' search engine shows both the original images of the census and the enumerators list. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Hi SteveHB & RichardB, I've just been to the Sheffield Archives office in order to view the magistrates records for 'Beerhouse' at 23 Corporation Street. It shows it as 'Corporation Stores' and that the beer supplier is 'John Smith's - Tadcaster' . The licence was 'confiscated' for some unstated reason on the 13th Dec 1913. Rgds, AndyS
  7. Thanks SteveHB, Yes the photo from the 50's does appear to show a building sporting a pub frontage and the description of 25 Corporation Street (Mrs Mary Ann Mooney) as being a 'Beerhouse' tends to make the point. I'm not sure if I'm right but I remember my grandparents referring to some pubs as being 'Three Ale Bars' which I think meant that they only had a licence to sell beers or porter and not spirits - I was wondering if the term 'Beerhouse' meant the same or if it had some different connotation? I may have to visit the Sheffield Archives and look through their magistrates records to see if there was a licence granted to Mary and if so this may hopefully provide the pub's name. Thanks once again for your valuable info. AndyS
  8. Hi , I'm in the process of tracing my wife's family and have found that her great grandfather was Patrick Mooney. After being released from Wakefield Prison (described as 'inmate' in 1891 Census) he was shown to be living with his sister-in-law (Marry Ann Mooney - widow) at 23 Corporation Street, Sheffield in the 1911 Census. This was described as a 'Public House' and stated that she was the 'Publican' - does anyone know the name of the pub? Thanks in anticipation.