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  1. " Ooo waree we , waree we is sen ? " was a favorite enquiry of my grandmothers when I told her I had seen an old friend of hers .....unsure of the spelling !!! Barbara
  2. ​What wonderful news .......thank you !!!
  3. I agree,I come on everyday but nobody there to talk to .......but I will keep it up as you never know !!
  4. Thanks Steve ........they are just as I remembered them !!
  5. I have just had a look on street view & they are still there ......still flat roofed but I don't know how to transfer the image to this forum !!
  6. There was a few at the bottom of Hucklow Rd opposite the school , where it meets Barnsley Rd , I don't know if they have still got their flat roofs, not been round there recently but they had when I went to school in the early '50's !!
  7. A relation of mine kept the Lambpool in the 80's ......Derek & Brenda Vaughan .
  8. I remember it well, it was the universary students raising money for various charities, they got up to all sorts of capers & stunts including a boat race on the River Don. It usually took place begining of November for a week , if I remember rightly there was a Rag Bonfire on Nov 5th. I was only thinking the other day what happened to the 'Twicker ' ...the Rag magazine !!
  9. Put General Register Office into google & the certificate ordering service will come up, you have to open an account which is free. Then follow the prompts , it is quite easy & well worth the £9.75 I think it is now for a certificate. I have just realised you want the system for finding the referance numbers, I always got mine on the free website FREE BMD . Put your relations details into the Deaths , you can get away with Name, Age & Date of Death if you know it , & click on search , when you find it click on INFO & it should give you the death referance . Good Luck !!
  10. Wow vox.....what a great link , I didn't know this existed . Please thank the people concerned with compiling it , it must have taken a lot of work , I shall save this file for future referance. This is one of reasons why Sheffield History is so good ....all these hidden gems !!
  11. I know I keep waffling on about the Sheffield Indexers but there is so much info on their website, click on Site Map & scroll down to Sheffield Steelworks,there is quite a list of old manufacturing industries in Sheffield & much more !! Or you could try google under Works in Sheffield . Good Luck !!
  12. Barbara M

    5 Questions

    Have you tried Sheffield Indexers , there is a lot of info on this website re records etc . Good luck !
  13. Right fair enough Steve but the hook is not long enough to reach the catch in the middle of the door ,if it is a catch , looks like a spyhole to me , if you look carefully you can see where the hook has been banging against the door ......there is quite a mark . Also in the first picture there is a white edgeing up the right hand side , past the handle, and up over the top, this looks like a door edge to stop the door going inwards & to take an internal lock of some sort . I like the idea of Ukelele Ladys , is the hook nothing to do with anything & the doorway had a security grill at some time as the the " Doorway Thing " looks pretty old to me !! Anybody else got any ideas ?
  14. But the door looks as though it open's inwards........so how will it work as it is on the outside above the door?