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  1. Leonr2z

    Josephines Nightclub Sheffield

    One of the glass collectors when I was there (84/85) was called wee pipe. He'd be about 20-22 at the time stocky short blonde hair, big Blades fan. Same guy?
  2. Leonr2z

    PAULDENS Department Store in Sheffield City Centre

    Paulden's was bought out by Debenhams c 1970 (give or take a year or so). My Mum worked there from 1968 to 1980 and it was definitely Paulden's when she started (think the store opened in 1965). Another place with a decent enough eatery (on the ground floor at the back of the store) called the "Derwent Restaurant". There was also a posh cafe type place on the second floor where the Dore and Totley mob used to go!
  3. Leonr2z

    COCKAYNES Department Store in Sheffield city centre

    They used to have a more than decent restaurant upstairs, ate there as a kid many a time when Mum took us shopping downtown. Was also next to the ABC cinema which could be handy! Interesting because the picture shows it as being rebuilt in 1955, but I always thought it was rebuilt in the 60's unless I'm getting confused with Walsh's (later Rackham's and House of Fraser) across the road.
  4. Leonr2z

    Help needed - what was the name of this record shop?

    There used to be a greasy burger type place there! Can't remember a record shop.
  5. Leonr2z


    Wasn't there a place called Curtis Records at the top of the Moor next to what used to be Redgates then Lonsdale Universal? Whatever it was called I bought my first few chart singles there. Also just to be Pedantic don't recall Violet May's being on the Moor, though it was on the corner of Matilda Street and Earl Way (back of the Moor).
  6. Leonr2z

    BEATTIES toy and model shop

    Didn't they have a store in Meadowhall in the early days? As far as the Pinstone Street shop was concerned several of the members of the SMRE worked there back in the 80's (Charlie Foster and Peter Heath for starters).
  7. At the time that the Romans arrived wasn't Sheffield Brigantes territory ........just?
  8. Leonr2z

    Sheffield Steel Workers

    My Dad worked at Firth Vickers for 20 years, but he was Polish and nicknamed Ray.
  9. Leonr2z

    Campo Lane

    Yep, got it too. Cathedral churchyard on left of picture looking a little shabby.
  10. Leonr2z

    Fargate in Sheffield

    No, that was "Cornell Furs" on the corner of Norfolk Row and Fargate. The type of sale got changed every few weeks and they had: Fire Damge Flood Damage Stock Clearance End of Season Closing Down Grand Re-Opening Any excuse to try and con the public that the goods were a bargain, although everyone knew they were trying it on. Finished up being featured on "That's Life" c 1979.
  11. Leonr2z

    Duncan Gilmour wine & spirit merchants

    What a fantastic thread this is! My mum always told me we were related through my Great Grandmother to the Gilmour family and I've finally established a link. My Great Grandmother was Annie Blanche Toyne and her aunt was Lizzie Blanche Toyne who married Duncan Gilmour (the son). Wish we were more closely connected because they were loaded! Funny thing is I used to be a regular at the White Lion at Heeley back in the late 70's and early 80's. If only I'd known!
  12. Leonr2z

    Is this an air raid shelter?

    Would love to see that 1890 map for the section of Wostenholm Rd from Ventnor Place to Sharrow Lane. Lived at 37 for 17 years and curious to know what it was called then as all the houses seem to have names.
  13. Leonr2z

    Is this an air raid shelter?

    In that case it looks like the house that actually makes the corner with Crescent Road and Wostenholm Road (with the small porch and the green door on Google Maps). Presumably there would be something in the Archives at the library that would say whether or not there was a public shelter at that spot or if it were a sub-station for the old Tram network?
  14. Leonr2z

    Is this an air raid shelter?

    Are we talking north end (opposite Thornsett Rd & Kenwood Park Rd) or south end (Junction with Rundle Rd & Moncrieffe Rd)?
  15. Leonr2z

    Is this an air raid shelter?

    Are you sure that is the right location? Only I've wandered around there on Street View in Google and the stonework just doesn't match. Am particularly interested in this as I was raised on Wostenholm Rd so definitely my neck of the woods!