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  1. I can add a little about the shops at the top of Ridgehill Avenue as I lived on that road from the age of 4 in the 50s. Baumgart’s had a clean and bright feeling to the grocery shop, complete with the glass lidded tins of biscuits at the front of the counter. I always found it somewhat exotic as Mr Baumgart spoke English with his German accent. Next door was a hardware shop where I was once sent to buy extra squash glasses, decorated with coloured frosting, for one of my birthday parties. The wool shop also sold socks and stockings, even a few clothes. Priestly’s newsagaent also sold a few groceries. The parade across the road had the hairdresser, next a fruit and veg shop where you had your own shopping bag filled with your purchases, the muddy potatoes always going in first. The butchers was next and Billingham’s grocers at the end, complete with bacon slicer and I think the butter and sugar were loosely packed too. You could order your groceries before the weekend and he would deliver them to you.
  2. Replying, very late, to Athy. I’ve just stumbled across the forum again. Some of the names you mentioned as being in your class I knew too, though I think we were not in the same class. John Hall had a younger sister, Mary, who was in my class. Susan Morrell was a couple of years older than me and lived near the bottom of Ridgehill Avenue. Alec Dorling was in my class. He went to King Ted’s with John Clark and John Repon. More names from my class: Neil Dalton, Jeffrey Lake, John Youle, Richard Palnt, Sheryl Lewis, Jane Needham, Cynthia Gould, Anne Stevenson, Ann Brown, Pauline Hill, Barabara Ward, Elaine Gibbs, Elizabeth Coy. The hut on the left behind Miss Metcalfe was Mr Iosson’s class with the bank to the stream and park behind it.
  3. Back in the 1960s there was a large open fronted wooden hut on the area at the top of the steps. It had a bench round the interior of the hut, never much used as it was always a dark place.
  4. I have just found this thread, more than a year later. I went to Gleadless County and remember being in Mrs Bell’s class in the infants and, I think, Miss Anderson’s. In the juniors I had Mr Slater, J1, Miss Parkin, J2, and Mr Iosson for J3 and 4, in the huts. He liked to grow coleus plants in the greenhouse. I think we did a bit plant nurturing too. Michael Elliott was the post master’s son, in my class. I remember swinging on climbing bars just in front of the outside toilets at the back of the yard. In the front yard, we played rounders against other school teams, always trying to hit the ball over the wall into Ridgehill Avenue.