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  1. Hi Dan Just picked up your posting. You mention that you have written an article about patients of the war hospital at Lydgate School. My interest is a patient at Wharncliffe War Hospital. Do you know how/where I can get any information on this hospital, please? Thanks John
  2. Thanks smiths565. I find it amazing that you have come up with a picture that, it seems possible through the numbering, was also taken around the same time. I will need to study it closely to see if there is anybody who appears in both. I believe my father to be at the end of the back row on the right in mine. May I ask what the occasion was for the fancy dress in your pic? I have another better picture of my father with 11 other 'inmates' all wearing the white wide collars. I cannot match any faces in my two pics except my father (I am not good at face matching, I know that). The backround seems to be a fence, so not easily identifiable where it is. You do not say what your interest is so I do not know whether you want to explore further. I understand that bits of Wharncliffe War Hospital are still standing. Can you confirm that? If so, I may make a trip to see it when I am up in that area. Thanks once again (and to others who responded if they see this message). John
  3. I am new to posting messages on sites like this so please forgive any errors. I hope the above will help you to see the image. I found this thread by Googling W R Moore. I have a photo taken by this photographer of the 'inmates' and nurses outside what I believe to be a military hospital. My father is in the picture after being wounded. His army dates seem to tie in with July 1917 at Ypres. I was originally thinking that the hospital was near Brasted in Kent because a W R Moore had a chemist/photographic shop in that town. However, I understand the picture is unlikely to be of around there. It looks like Sheffield may be a possibility. I would be very pleased if anyone could possibly identify the hospital or provide a link to getting any further useful information