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  1. I was there for the Kinks. Ray Davis mentioned this in an interview some years later. How fainted girls were passed overhead to safety. Also I saw a fantastic group from Manchester called the Blue Giants. Never heard any more of them. Great times. Sunday night's. Living at Beighton I had to leave before the end to catch the last bus though.
  2. This was one of my trainspotting haunts from 1954 untill 1961. It was T.W. Wards. The chap next door worked there and used to bring home sections of wood about a foot long to chop into sticks, known as kindling nowadays. In those days there were 4 bays, now just the right side one is left. They had T. W. W. Ltd. on the gable ends. All I remember 'Tommy Wards' doing is cut up old wagons and as I finished trainspotting locos were cut up. I have a slide of Brittainia class, Earl Haig looking forlorn. There was always a small pond in the winter where we would punt on the curved end section of box vans. There was always a fire near the bottom of the footbridge and one day after I had a wellyfull when I fell off the punt I had the bright idea of putting my socks on a stick and holding them over the fire. They were not drying quick enough so I held them closer at which point large holes appeared. In summer if there was enough of us we would play football or cricket, stopping to jot down the numbers.