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  2. my grandad had three shefflexs, one flat front two with bonets, said they where not very good, had to keep half shafts under seats ,for spares,they where built not far from s harrisons yard
  3. 722 was the home of j g osborne transport ,lawson osborne ,wife dolly osborne , son eric,twins joan and ada ,and the young one wendy the last to survive today , sheflex lorrys , erf's albions , leylands ,
  4. 74 1960 the year that rose cottage was to be davys car park
  5. lawson osborne died 1962 , his younger daughter is still alive , and lives in warsop . wendy osborne ,
  6. 722 was the home of J G Osborne ,rose cotage , haulage,
  7. driving with the tilt frame as we called it into London, a london bus decided to try and see how strong the tilt frame was ,he lost , , and nicked for ignoring the cops,
  8. you one of sids ex's. peter is still there , we got 4 of his trucks in our museum sytm