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  1. I agree facebook what a waste of time my nephew put me on it lasted a week before it was gone its full of people with no life's strangers want to be your friend my advice get of your backside go out and meet real people and talk to them face to face it really works you might even find a real friend
  2. I could say the pub I went in first was the sheffield arms upwell st I was about two weeks old I was born across the road but my first pint its one of a choice of three The sheffield arms ball inn and the beehive inn all excellent beer that's when beer was beer I think the older ones might agree but my first legal pint was at grimesthorpe working man's club when I joined if that counts
  3. hi can you tell me if thier a list of gang members as my grand father always change the subject when it was brought up is name was charlie wright who lived on alfred rd off brightside rd opposite coopers scrap yard i would just like to know either way


    hi if your looking for springs there was one on wincobank hill which then goes underground and then it emerges on upwell st and chambers lane and they call it bageley brook.but i dont know if the spring been covered over i do know iron age settlements was there so it could be very old unless someone has more information
  5. hi i found a weigh bridge you may not know about it is at the corner of carlisle st and upwell st at the traffic lights the weigh bridge office is also still standing hope this is useful to you
  6. Hi I used to have a Saturday job as a lad at the prince of wales pub I used to clean out the fires and get them ready for lighting again fill the coal bucket and do the bottling etc the landlady was called the Maureen suter
  7. the church on holywell rd is now circus circus but buried there are three graves but I was told that only two in the book of remberance can anyone tell me why they would omit one soldier just curious
  8. Can anyone name this school my memory not great but it was about 57years ago perhaps I should tell you a funny story about the school perhaps someone may remember this happening.on the first day back after the holidays we all had our new jumpers and blazers but as we left school there was a Turkish gentleman with a sack in the sack was little tortoises guess what he would swap you your jacket and jumper for a tortoise what a fantastic deal so I though sadly my mother didn't think so she showed no interest in my new pet but I didn't sit down for a while I was dragged back to school along with quite a lot of other pet lovers but he had scarpered surprise surprise
  9. Hi I'm trying to get some information on my father he was called James Arthur Yates nick name far far he used to fight to put food on the table he used to live on Alfred rd then on upwell st were I was born he died when I was five so I know very little about him any info would be gratefully received he was a furnace bricklayer for the steel works
  10. Hi Johnny I went to Owler lane I remember Mr hall headteacher he finished in a mental hospital after a breakdown.I also remember Mr craddock and that damn poem he would recite ever lesson under milk wood he was also handy with is cane .also Mr Francis who taught us lovely gentleman he used to play the violin during lessons.and science teacher Mr hooper he had three slippers and was very app at using them and Mr woods woodwork class he had a mean steak and two canes one called double diamond after the beer and stingray after the cartoon he also would throw a mallet at you to get your attention ho happy days.
  11. Hi I've got a first world 1 bayonet made by Sanderson's of Sheffield grimesthorpe I was told it was made by my grandfather and used by him and I also have the leather scabbard to go with it with I believe are very rare due to them being made of leather and perishable also I was told they made swords on Hollis croft it was called Ellis john Hewitt bought Ellis and it became footprint tools remains of swords was buried under the concrete floors I was told this by a hand grinder called harry armitage who worked there for over fifty years hope this helps
  12. Can anyone tell me if I am able to get my fathers war records if I can how do you go about it any help would be gratefully recieved
  13. Hi I can remember the teacher i think is name was Mr Winlow not sure of the spelling, he also used to smoke little cigs the size of matches i remember the sweets used to be torpedoes
  14. hi vox i also worked at footprint tools forthe last 33yrs i was a handgrinder i think we will know a few of the old workers such has lou priest on the spring hammer and harry armitage handgrinder
  15. if i remember the victoria was at the top of draper st